Why Are Ottoman Beds Called Ottoman?

Key TakeawaysInsights
Historical RootsOttoman beds have a rich history, dating back to the Ottoman Empire, and have evolved significantly to suit modern needs.
Types of Ottoman BedsFrom gas lift to foot-end opening, there are various types of ottoman beds to fit your specific needs.
Unique BenefitsOttoman beds are not just for snoozing; they offer incredible storage solutions and space optimisation features.
Personalising Your ExperienceWith the right styling and maintenance tips, you can make an ottoman bed the centrepiece of your bedroom.

Hey there, snooze aficionados and bedtime explorers! Ready to dive into the cushiony world of Ottoman beds? Of course, you are. But first, ever wonder why they’re called Ottoman beds? Well, get comfy because I’ve got a bedtime story that’s more exciting than counting sheep.

The Ottoman Empire’s Cosy Contribution

Let’s jump into our snuggly time machine and head to the Ottoman Empire. You see, the ottoman was more than just a piece of furniture; it was the star of the living room, a low wooden platform piled high with cushions. Imagine lounging on that after a long day, right?

The ottoman was the central piece of residential seating in the Ottoman Empire, generally designed as a low wooden platform intended to be piled with cushions.

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

Interested to know what is an Ottoman bed? Well, it’s named after this plush sensation. The Ottoman bed is a modern twist, adding not just comfort but also functionality to your sleeping space. For more about the basics of Ottoman beds, swing by our comprehensive guide.

The Evolution of the Ottoman

Originally, these Ottomans were sectional pieces of furniture wrapping around three walls. Later, they evolved into smaller versions fitting into room corners or even becoming circular padded seats in public spaces. By the 20th century, the term ottoman had come to include both low seating and footstools.

The earliest known instance of the use of the name is ‘ottomane’ in French in 1729.

Now, if you’re wondering is an Ottoman bed strong, given its history? Oh, you bet. Check out our strength test article to ease your mind.

A Footstool and Beyond

Speaking of footstools, let’s not forget the ottoman footstool. This cozy little number was often found near fireplaces, adorned with carpets or embroidery. You may ask, what’s the difference between a divan and an Ottoman bed? Well, unlike divans, Ottomans offer a luxe combo of comfort and storage. Yep, they’re the real deal. For more on that, check out our comparison.

By the 20th century, the word ottoman had come to encompass both forms.

The Modern Ottoman Bed

Modern-day Ottoman beds are a dream come true for the storage-starved among us. Ever wondered why your Ottoman bed isn’t going down? It’s likely because of the gas lift mechanism, an evolution that makes lifting the bed a cinch while revealing ample storage space. Need a guide on that? Find it right here.

If you’re still on the fence, asking should I get an Ottoman bed, here’s your answer: Yes, especially if you love both form and function. And if you’re worried about the cost, explore is an Ottoman bed worth it for some budget-friendly options.

The Ottoman bed is a blend of history, comfort, and utility, making it a timeless piece for any bedroom.

DIY and Style Tips

For the hands-on dreamers, you can even make your own Ottoman bed. Yep, you read that right. Get the complete guide on how to make an Ottoman bed and add a personal touch to your bedroom. And hey, don’t forget to fit a fabulous headboard for that extra splash of style.

Further Reading

Still got questions? Here’s a little extra bedtime reading for you:

The Diversity Of Ottoman Beds: A Style For Every Dreamer

The Bounty of Choices

Ottoman beds are the unsung heroes of the bedroom, offering not just a cosy nest for your nightly slumbers, but also clever storage solutions for those of us challenged by space. The good news? There’s an Ottoman bed for every sleeper, thanks to a variety of types, materials, and designs.

Types of Ottoman Beds

  • Gas lift ottoman beds: These marvels use gas lift struts, making it a breeze to lift the mattress and unveil a secret storage chamber.
  • Foot-end opening ottoman beds: Want to feel like you’re unlocking a treasure chest? These beds open from the foot end or one side, your choice!
  • Drawer ottoman beds: For the compartment enthusiasts among you, these beds come with built-in drawers at the base.
Ottoman bed in a stylish room
  • Divan ottoman beds: A solid base with a lift-up lid, these beds are the swiss army knives of the Ottoman world.
  • Fabric ottoman beds: Love a pop of colour? These beds come upholstered in a range of fabrics to match your mood.
  • Wooden ottoman beds: If you’re after a classic look, these wooden beds come in finishes from natural to painted.

Material and Design Variations

Ottoman beds come in materials as diverse as their designs. Whether it’s a luxe fabric finish or a sturdy wooden structure, the material often dictates the bed’s overall aesthetic. For instance, fabric ottoman beds can range from plush velvets to durable cotton, each with its own colour palette and texture. Wooden ottoman beds, on the other hand, can have a rustic, natural look or a sleek, painted finish.

Why There’s an Ottoman Bed for Every Sleeper

The best part? The sheer diversity ensures there’s an Ottoman bed that fits your needs like a glove. Whether you’re a minimalist who loves the clean lines of a wooden ottoman bed or a maximalist who can’t get enough of fabric finishes, you’re covered.

Summary Table

Type of Ottoman BedKey Features
Gas lift ottoman bedsEasy lift mechanism for storage access.
Foot-end opening ottoman bedsOpens from foot end or one side.
Drawer ottoman bedsBuilt-in drawers at the base.
Divan ottoman bedsSolid base with lift-up lid for storage.
Fabric ottoman bedsUpholstered in various fabric choices.
Wooden ottoman bedsAvailable in natural to painted wood finishes.

The Ottoman Bed: More Than Just a Sleeping Spot

Why an Ottoman Bed is More Than a One-Trick Pony

Let’s get this straight: Ottoman beds aren’t just for catching some zzz’s; they’re the multi-tool of the bedroom world. Here’s why owning an Ottoman bed is like hitting the bedroom jackpot.

Unique Benefits of Owning an Ottoman Bed

  • Hidden storage capacity: Just like a magician’s hat, but better. These beds come with a gas lift mechanism, making it child’s play to lift the mattress and reveal a secret world of storage. This is a game-changer for those with small living spaces. Whether it’s extra bedding or your secret chocolate stash, there’s room for it all.

  • Space optimisation: Let’s talk geometry. Ottoman beds are practically a lesson in space optimisation. The under-mattress compartment is nothing short of a storage cavern, freeing up your closet and making the most of your room’s square footage.

  • Versatility: Whether you’re a fan of modern chic or classic elegance, there’s an Ottoman bed that’s just your style. With options ranging from wooden frames to fabric finishes, the world is your oyster.

  • Multi-functionality: These beds have a secret identity. By day (or whenever you fancy), they can morph into footstools or pouffes. Pop a nice tray on top and voila, you’ve got yourself a mini dining table.

The Ottoman Bed at a Glance

Unique BenefitsWhy It Matters
Hidden Storage CapacityMaximises storage, especially in small spaces.
Space OptimisationMakes the most of your room’s square footage.
VersatilitySuits various tastes and room aesthetics.
Multi-functionalityCan be used as a footstool or pouffe.

How to Make the Ottoman Bed Your Own

Finding Your Dream Ottoman Bed

Alright, dreamers, listen up! If you’re on the hunt for an Ottoman bed that’s just as unique as you are, here’s your cheat sheet.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Needs

  • Size Matters: Make sure the bed fits your space and satisfies your storage cravings.
  • Mechanical Genius: Think about the kind of magic you want — gas lift or foot-end opening. Each has its own charm.
  • Design Diva: Choose a style and finish that make you go, “That’s so me!”

Styling and Decorating Ideas

  • Tidy Kingdom: Use that hidden storage to keep your boudoir looking like a palace, not a garage sale.
  • Pillow Talk: Dress up your Ottoman with decorative pillows and throws. Make it an eye-candy as well as a dream factory.
  • Matchy-Matchy: Choose bedding that vibes with your Ottoman’s style. It’s like pairing wine with cheese but cozier.

Maintenance and Common Troubleshooting

  • Clean Dreams: Follow the manufacturer’s advice for keeping your bed spotless.
  • Lift Check: Regularly test the gas lift. It’s the heart of your Ottoman’s secret compartment.
  • Help Line: If your bed acts up, don’t try to be a hero. Call the manufacturer.

The Evolution of the Ottoman Bed

From Ottoman Empire to Your Empire

These beds have come a long way, baby. They went from being the centre of social life in the Ottoman Empire to the centre of your modern-day sanctuary.

Innovations and Modern-Day Popularity

Today’s Ottoman beds are the Swiss Army Knives of the bedroom. Thanks to innovative designs and materials, they’re more than just a pretty face.

Time-Tested and Fabulous

Believe it or not, some Ottoman beds are practically celebrities. They’ve graced the pages of design magazines and have even popped up in a few historical dramas.

Ottoman Bed Essentials at a Glance

CategoriesKey Points
Choosing the Perfect FitSize, mechanism type, and style.
Styling and DecoratingUtilise storage, add decorative elements, and match bedding.
Maintenance and TroubleshootingFollow cleaning guidelines, check mechanisms, and consult the manufacturer for issues.
Evolution and PopularityFrom Ottoman Empire origins to modern-day versatility and fame.

The Ottoman Bed and You: A Match Made in Dreamland

Personalising Your Ottoman Bed Experience

Let’s talk about how to make that Ottoman bed of yours a cosy cocoon of dreams, shall we?

  • Pillow Pizzazz: Jazz it up with decorative pillows and throws. Make it your cosy nook.
  • Storage Sensation: Use that under-bed vault to keep your secrets—well, mostly linens and off-season clothes.
  • Bedding Harmony: Let your bedding sing in tune with your bed’s style and colour.
  • Statement Time: Go big or go home. Pick a design that screams “you” and make it the room’s centrepiece.

Creative Styling Tips

Now, let’s get those creative juices flowing, shall we?

  • Decorative Display: Your Ottoman’s storage isn’t just for hiding stuff. Why not show off some fancy books, candles, or even a cute succulent?
  • Headboard Hero: Add a headboard for that classic vibe.
  • Colour Splash: A vibrant bedspread can instantly add oomph to your room.
  • Rug Love: Add a rug to make your bedroom feel like a warm hug.

Making the Most of a Small Space

Space a bit tight? No worries, Ottoman beds are space-saving ninjas.

  • Gas Lift Genius: Choose a bed with a gas lift to make the most of your storage space.
  • Hidden Treasures: Store seldom-used items under the bed to free up more room.
  • Focal Point: Make your bed the star of the room to distract from its size.
  • Minimal Magic: A simple design can make your room feel more spacious.

Budget-Friendly Options and Luxury Splurges

Whether you’re pinching pennies or rolling in dough, there’s an Ottoman bed for you.

  • Sale Surfing: Look for sales or clearance events to snag a deal.
  • Pre-Loved: Consider a second-hand beauty to save some quid.
  • Living Large: Splurge on a high-end model if you’re feeling fancy.
  • Wow Factor: Choose something unique to make your bed the room’s showstopper.

A Glimpse Into Other Ottoman Wonders

Curious about other Ottoman-style furnishings? You’re in for a treat.

  • Ottoman Footstools: Perfect for propping up those tired feet.
  • Ottoman Coffee Tables: Double-duty furniture at its finest.
  • Ottoman Chairs: Sit or kick back, these chairs have got you covered.

Interesting Ottoman Bed Facts

Here’s some pillow talk for you.

  • Historical Roots: The name ‘Ottoman’ harks back to its origins in the Ottoman Empire.
  • Lift and Reveal: The gas lift mechanism is like a magic trick—now you see clutter, now you don’t!
  • Design Galore: From modern chic to classic elegance, there’s an Ottoman bed for every taste.

Ottoman Bed Sum-Up

SectionKey Takeaways
PersonalisingPillows, storage, bedding, and bold designs.
Creative StylingDecorative displays, headboards, colours, and rugs.
Small Space OptimisationGas lifts, hidden storage, focal points, and minimal designs.
Budget and LuxurySales, second-hand options, high-end splurges, and unique features.
Other OttomansFootstools, coffee tables, and chairs.
Interesting FactsHistorical origins, gas lift mechanism, and design variety.


What does ottoman mean in beds?

An ottoman bed is essentially a bed with a built-in storage compartment. The mattress lifts up, thanks to a gas lift or other mechanism, revealing a generous storage space underneath. It’s a space-saver’s dream, ideal for stashing bedding, clothes, or even secret chocolate stashes.

What does the name ottoman mean?

The term “ottoman” originated from the Ottoman Empire. It referred to a low wooden platform decked out with cushions, often used as a main seating area in homes. The term “ottomane” first appeared in French in 1729 and quickly became a household name.

What is an ottoman called in the UK?

No fancy or confusing names here! In the UK, an ottoman bed is simply called an “ottoman bed.” It’s a straightforward name for a bed that offers both comfort and practical storage solutions.

What is the history of the ottoman bed?

The ottoman bed has historical ties to the Ottoman Empire but evolved significantly over the years. The modern-day version, complete with gas lift mechanisms for hidden storage, emerged in the 20th century. It’s now a popular choice for savvy sleepers looking for both style and function.

When was the term ottoman first used?

The word “ottomane” made its debut in the French language around 1729. The term crossed into English after Thomas Jefferson purchased a velvet “ottomane” in 1789 during his Paris sojourn. It’s been a part of our furniture vocabulary ever since.

Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Guide to Ottoman Beds

Whew, what a journey, dream chasers! We’ve dived deep into the fascinating world of ottoman beds, covering everything from their historical roots in the Ottoman Empire to the diverse types available today. We looked at:

  • The meaning behind the name “ottoman” in beds and its historical significance.
  • The diverse types of ottoman beds, including gas lift and foot-end opening designs.
  • The unique benefits of owning an ottoman bed, like hidden storage and space optimisation.
  • Tips and tricks for personalising and maintaining your dream ottoman bed.

Not just a fad, but a functional marvel, ottoman beds offer a luxurious sleep experience while doubling as storage sanctuaries. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of hidden compartments or simply need to make every square inch count in a cramped flat, there’s an ottoman bed that’s just right for you.

That’s a wrap, sleep enthusiasts! Until next time, may your nights be as restful as your ottoman bed is spacious!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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