Which Way Does An Egg Crate Mattress Topper Go?

“Which way does an egg crate mattress topper go?” If you’ve ever wondered about the proper installation of an egg crate mattress topper, you’re in the right place.

These unique bedding accessories have gained popularity for their ability to enhance comfort and improve sleep quality.

Did you know that egg crate mattress toppers get their name from their resemblance to an egg crate design?
With their convoluted surface, they offer a range of benefits, including pressure relief, breathability, and added cushioning.

Did you know? That egg crate mattress toppers has the best cooling properties making them perfect for hot sleepers!

In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up your egg crate mattress topper correctly to maximize its effectiveness. You’ll learn the key steps to ensure a snug fit and optimal performance. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Understanding the benefits of egg crate mattress toppers.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to place the topper on your mattress.
  • Tips for maintaining and cleaning your topper to prolong its lifespan.
  • Common misconceptions and FAQs about egg crate mattress toppers.

By the end of this article, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to set up your egg crate mattress topper properly, allowing you to experience the full potential of its comfort-enhancing features. Let’s dive in!

Setting The Scene: The Correct Orientation

The first question most people ask is: “which way does an egg crate mattress topper go?” The answer is rather straightforward.

The textured surface with its characteristic little peaks and valleys should face upwards.

Why, you ask? The design is intentional to maximise the benefits:

  • Improved airflow: The bumps or points on the egg crate topper are not just for show. They are designed to facilitate air circulation, providing a cooler and more comfortable sleeping surface.
A pair of hands placing a mattress topper on top of a mattress
  • Pressure relief: The distinct “hills” of an egg crate topper can help alleviate pressure on your hips and shoulders. This feature makes these toppers a popular choice among side sleepers.

  • Comfort: The unique texture provides a cushioning effect that many find incredibly comfortable.

However, do remember that the egg crate mattress topper should be placed under your bottom sheet. Doing so keeps the topper in place and increases its lifespan.

Best Practices: Caring for Your Topper

Now that you know how to place the topper, it’s also essential to learn how to care for it to ensure it serves you for a long time. Here’s a handy link to how to clean a mattress topper, one of our in-depth guides on maintaining your bedding investments.

More on Egg Crate Mattress Toppers

Egg crate mattress toppers are a versatile addition to any bed setup, but they offer many more benefits beyond the points mentioned above. Dive deeper into the world of egg crate toppers with these recommended reads:

You might also want to check out this insightful article by Krostrade on egg crate mattress topper orientation.

Unveiling The Benefits Of Using An Egg Crate Mattress Topper

1. Promotes Airflow

The standout feature of an egg crate topper is its unique design. Resembling an egg carton, this topper comprises open or closed cell foam that allows air to circulate freely. This feature aids in maintaining a comfortable sleeping temperature, warding off any discomfort caused by overheating.

2. Provides Pressure Relief

With the little hills on the egg crate topper acting as cushioning, there is a significant decrease in pressure on your hips and shoulders. This pressure relief is particularly beneficial for side sleepers, who often experience discomfort in these areas.

3. Prolongs the Life of Your Mattress

By acting as a protective layer, an egg crate mattress topper can extend the lifespan of your mattress. It shields the mattress from dust, dirt, and spills, thereby preserving its quality and hygiene. For more tips on mattress care, refer to this guide on how to clean a mattress topper.

4. Affordable

Cost-effectiveness is another appealing factor of egg crate mattress toppers. They offer a host of benefits without breaking the bank, making them an affordable upgrade for your bedding setup.

5. Easy to Use

Setting up an egg crate topper is a breeze. Simply place it on your bed underneath your regular sheets and voila! You’re all set for a night of improved sleep.

The Flip Side: Are Egg Crate Toppers Suitable for Everyone?

While the advantages of egg crate mattress toppers are abundant, they may not be for everyone. Some sleepers might not like the distinct texture of the topper, and over time, these toppers can lose their shape and offer less support.

The benefits of an egg crate mattress topper

Benefits Description
Promotes Airflow Allows for better ventilation and temperature regulation during sleep.
Provides Pressure Relief Helps alleviate pressure points and reduces tossing and turning.
Prolongs the Life of your Mattress Acts as a protective layer, preventing wear and tear on your mattress.
Affordable An economical option compared to purchasing a new mattress.
Easy to Use Simply place the mattress topper on top of your mattress and secure it with elastic straps or fitted sheets.

Understanding The Types Of Foam Used In Egg Crate Mattress Toppers

When you think about egg crate mattress toppers, what comes to mind? Likely, it’s the unique design, emulating an egg carton structure. However, beneath this distinctive shape lies a world of intricacies – particularly the types of foam used.

Let’s embark on a journey to understand the various foams utilised in these toppers and how they can affect your sleep quality.

The Different Types of Foam in Egg Crate Mattress Toppers

From polyurethane foam to super soft foam, egg crate mattress toppers employ a diverse range of materials. These differing foams have their own unique properties that contribute to the topper’s comfort, durability, and overall performance.

1. Polyurethane Foam

This synthetic foam is the most commonly used type in egg crate mattress toppers. Durable, lightweight, and affordable, polyurethane foam comes in two sub-types – memory foam and reflex foam.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a denser and more supportive version of polyurethane foam. Known for its conforming properties, it adjusts to your body shape, providing unparalleled pressure relief and support. While these traits make it a superior choice, memory foam egg crate mattress toppers are often priced higher than traditional foam variants.

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is more supportive than traditional foam, offering robustness and longevity. Toppers made from reflex foam are ideal for those seeking a durable and supportive sleeping surface.

2. Super Soft Foam

For those yearning for a plush, cushiony feel, super soft foam delivers. Egg crate mattress toppers made from this foam type provide a luxurious sleeping surface that envelops the sleeper in comfort.

3. Poly Foam

Poly foam strikes a balance between firmness and softness. Primarily used in mattress toppers intended for occasional use or guest rooms, this medium-feel foam offers reliable comfort without breaking the bank.

Quality Matters: Foam and Longevity

The quality of foam used in an egg crate mattress topper directly impacts its comfort and longevity. A topper made from high-quality foam provides superior comfort and lasts longer than one made from lower-quality foam.

A comparisons of the different type of foam

Types of Foam Description
Polyurethane Foam A synthetic, durable, lightweight, and affordable foam. Can be memory or reflex foam.
Memory Foam A denser and more supportive type of polyurethane foam that conforms to body shape.
Reflex Foam A supportive and durable type of polyurethane foam.
Super Soft Foam A plush and comfortable foam providing a cushiony feel.
Poly Foam A medium-feel foam suitable for occasional use.

Egg Crate vs. Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: What To Consider?

Choosing the right mattress topper can significantly enhance your sleep quality. With the vast options available on the market, it might be a challenge to decide which type suits you best.

We’ll delve into two popular options:
egg crate and memory foam mattress toppers. We’ll explore what factors to consider when choosing between these two, ensuring you make a decision tailored to your sleep needs and preferences.

Comfort Level

The comfort offered by a mattress topper can greatly influence your sleep experience.

  • Egg crate toppers are designed to provide a cushiony, comforting sleep for someone struggling with minor aches and pains. Its unique design allows the topper to contour to your body, providing ample support.

  • Memory foam toppers, on the other hand, feel more plush and pillowy to the touch and provide optimal pressure relief consistently over time. They mould to your body shape, cradling your body contours and providing superior comfort.

For more insights on the comfort level of egg crate toppers, read Are Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Comfortable?


Both types of toppers offer different levels of support:

  • Egg crate toppers contour to the body to provide support, reduce pressure points, and help you sleep comfortably.

  • Memory foam toppers are more resilient and will offer pressure relief and comfort for a longer time, regardless of your body weight. They ensure your body maintains a neutral alignment, alleviating stress on your spine and joints.

To understand how egg crate toppers support your back, check out Are Egg Crate Mattress Toppers Good for Your Back?


Durability is a critical aspect to consider, especially if you’re looking for a long-lasting investment.

  • Egg crate toppers are usually thin and not very durable. They may not withstand prolonged use and can wear down faster over time.

  • Memory foam toppers are more resilient and will last longer. They can withstand wear and tear and provide consistent comfort and support over the years.

Get insights on the lifespan of egg crate toppers here.

Cooling Properties

Sleeping hot can interrupt your sleep cycle, making cooling properties an essential factor to consider.

  • Egg crate toppers promote airflow, which keeps the topper feeling fresh while also regulating the temperature of the bed. They are a better choice for hot sleepers due to their breathability.

  • Memory foam toppers can retain heat and may not be as cooling as egg crate toppers. Some memory foam toppers come with gel-infused or open-cell technology to counteract the heat retention.


Last but not least, cost plays a significant role in the decision-making process.

  • Egg crate toppers are cheaper than memory foam toppers. They can be an excellent choice for those on a budget or need a quick fix for a firm or uncomfortable mattress.

  • Memory foam toppers are more expensive than egg crate toppers. However, their durability and high-quality comfort make them worth the investment.

When it comes to choosing between an egg crate and memory foam topper, it’s vital to consider your sleep needs and preferences. If you need a long-term solution to back pain and aches, memory foam may be the better option. If you’re a hot sleeper, an egg crate topper may be more beneficial due to its breathability.

Comparison of Egg Crate Toppers and Memory Foam Toppers
Feature Egg Crate Toppers Memory Foam Toppers
Comfort Provide cushiony, comforting sleep for minor aches and pains. More plush and pillowy, providing optimal pressure relief over time.
Support Contour to the body to provide support and reduce pressure points. More resilient and offer comfort and pressure relief regardless of body weight.
Durability Usually thin and not very durable. More resilient and last longer.
Cooling More breathable, promoting airflow and temperature regulation. Can retain heat and may not be as cooling.
Cost Cheaper but may break down faster. More expensive but last longer.


What’s the difference between an egg crate and memory foam topper?

The primary difference lies in their design and feel. Egg crate toppers provide a cushiony feel with their distinctive peak-and-valley design, while memory foam toppers mould to your body shape for a plush, pillowy experience.

Which topper is more durable: egg crate or memory foam?

Memory foam toppers are generally more resilient and durable than egg crate toppers. They maintain their shape over time, providing consistent comfort and support, making them a worthwhile investment.

Are egg crate toppers good for hot sleepers?

Yes, egg crate toppers promote airflow due to their unique design, which helps regulate the temperature of the bed. This makes them a good choice for hot sleepers, as they keep the sleep surface cooler.

Is a memory foam topper worth the extra cost?

Although memory foam toppers are typically more expensive than egg crate ones, their superior comfort, support, and durability make them a worthwhile investment, especially for those seeking long-lasting pressure relief and body contouring.

Does the thickness of a topper impact its comfort and support?

Yes, the thickness of a topper does influence its comfort and support. However, the type and quality of foam used are more important factors to consider when assessing a topper’s comfort and support levels.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up our comprehensive guide to egg crate mattress toppers, it’s clear that whether you choose an egg crate topper or a memory foam topper comes down to your unique needs and preferences. Remember, comfort is subjective, and what works best for one person may not work as well for another.

Our deep dive into the world of egg crate mattress toppers has touched upon several key areas:

  • The benefits of using an egg crate mattress topper, such as its ability to promote airflow and relieve pressure points.

  • The different types of foam used in egg crate mattress toppers, from polyurethane to super soft foam.

  • The comparison between egg crate mattress toppers and memory foam toppers in terms of comfort, support, and durability.

  • Factors to consider when deciding which topper is the right choice for you, such as your budget, sleep style, and personal comfort preferences.

To learn more about egg crate mattress toppers, we invite you to explore what an egg crate mattress topper is or understand how to use an egg crate mattress topper. If you have concerns about the longevity of these toppers, read our guide on how long egg crate mattress toppers last.

Our friends at Krostrade have an excellent blog on the correct placement of an egg crate mattress topper. If you’re still unsure about the orientation, check out Southern Living’s guide, which helps settle the debate on which side of the egg crate foam should face up.

Remember, the most important thing is your comfort and the quality of your sleep. Happy snoozing!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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