Where To Put An Ottoman In The Bedroom?

TopicKey Takeaways
Choosing the Right OttomanConsider the size, material, and features like storage and wheels when selecting an ottoman.
Small Bedroom SolutionsOttomans can make a small room appear larger and can double as storage units.
The Extras for the Curious DreamerSpecialized ottomans cater to specific needs like accessibility and can convert into beds or tables.

Hey there, Snooze Masters and Daydream Believers! Lewis here to talk about that unsung hero of the bedroom: the Ottoman. Ah yes, the Ottoman, that versatile piece of furniture you’ve been overlooking. Let’s fix that, shall we?

The Nightstand Revolution

First off, who said nightstands have to be, well, stands? Time to rethink that age-old tradition. Why not opt for ottomans on either side of the bed? This setup gives your bedroom a softer, more relaxed visual vibe.

Top Tip: Go for a pair of ottomans that have a bit of height, so your bedtime book or alarm clock is within easy reach.

Curious about what type of Ottoman bed would suit this arrangement? Check out what is an Ottoman bed to get the lowdown.

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

The Foot of the Bed Fiesta

Next up, let’s talk about the foot of the bed. Ever thought of placing an ottoman there? This isn’t just for show; it’s a functional masterpiece. It’s the perfect place to pile on your extra pillows or even to perch upon as you tie your laces.

For the best snuggly effect, choose one with an upholstered seat that either matches or complements your bed linen. Want to know more about the mechanics of these beds? Here’s a guide on what is a gas-lift Ottoman bed.

The Dressing Room Diva

Move over vanity stools, here comes the Ottoman! Place one in your dressing room or vanity area and feel like a star. For that extra oomph, choose a fully upholstered piece in glossy metallic hues or deep-set button tufting. Trust me; you’ll feel like you’re in a Hollywood dressing room.

Learn more about the luxe side of Ottomans at 6 ways to use Ottoman.

The Cosy Reading Corner

Now, who doesn’t love a good reading corner? Pair up a wing-chair or comfy sofa with an ottoman, and you’ve got your own little reading nook. Plus, it doubles as a perch for your pets. Talk about a win-win!

Paw-sibility Alert: If you’ve got a furry friend, go for an ottoman fabric that’s easy to clean!

Wondering if this piece of furniture is even worth the investment? Dive into is an Ottoman bed worth it to find your answer.

The Unconventional Coffee Table

Say goodbye to that boring wooden coffee table next to your bedroom sitting area. Bring in an ottoman with a tray and see how it transforms your space. It adds a softer, more plush look that’s just irresistible.

Get some more creative juices flowing with these Ottoman ideas for the bedroom.

Extra Seating Sans the Clutter

If you’re all about minimalism, the Ottoman is your best friend. It serves as extra seating without cluttering your room with chairs. Simple, yet effective.

Storage Galore

Here’s the kicker: an ottoman with built-in storage. Yes, you heard me right. It’s the perfect spot for your extra linen, shoes, and even your secret stash of midnight snacks. You can also use it as a makeshift filing cabinet for important documents.

Space Saver: If you’re tight on space, consider a divan Ottoman bed.

Choosing the Right Ottoman

Ah, the art of selecting the perfect ottoman for your sleep haven. There are many factors to consider, so let’s jump right in.

Size Matters

  • The function of your ottoman is crucial. Will it be a footrest, extra seating, or perhaps a coffee table?
  • Measure the space where you plan to place this versatile piece. You don’t want it to overpower the room or look like an afterthought.
  • Proportions are key. The size should complement the space and serve its intended purpose, be it extra seating, footrest, or storage.

Material World

  • When it comes to material, think about the overall decor of your bedroom. If it’s leaning towards traditional or rustic, go for an ottoman with classic details and rich fabric upholstery.
  • Durability is essential. Leather is your friend if you’re looking for something durable and easy to clean. On the flip side, velvet screams luxury and comfort.
Ottoman bed in a stylish white room

Feature Rich

  • What features are you after? Storage? Wheels for easy movement? Or perhaps a tray for dual functionality?
  • Ottomans with built-in storage compartments are lifesavers for storing extra linens, shoes, or even purses.
  • If you’re leaning towards an ottoman with a tray, remember, it can double as a coffee table. So, why not use a tray to display some books, vases, or candles?

A Quick Tray Tip

Opt for a tray about 2/3 the size of your ottoman. It shouldn’t overwhelm the ottoman but should be substantial enough to hold whatever you’re displaying.

At a Glance: Your Perfect Ottoman

SizeFunction is key; measure your space and choose proportions that fit well.
MaterialMatch it with your bedroom decor; consider durability.
FeaturesStorage, wheels, or trays; choose based on your needs.

Small Bedroom? No Problem!

Maximising Space

  • Colour Coordination: Choose an ottoman that matches your walls or curtains. This creates a seamless look, making your room appear larger.
  • Lift and Tuck: Pick an ottoman that can be easily moved to different spots in your bedroom, giving you the freedom to rearrange as needed.

Storage Solutions

  • Double Duty: Ottomans that also serve as storage units are small-space saviours. Store your extra blankets, pillows, or even clothes in them.
  • Clutter Be Gone: Having storage options within your ottoman can help you keep your room tidy, making it feel more spacious.

Pet-Friendly Spots

  • Snuggle Zone: Ottomans can serve as excellent perches for your pets. They get their own cozy spot, and you get to have them close by. It’s a win-win!

Spice It Up: Unusual Uses of Ottomans

The Ottoman Coffee Table

  • Elegance and Functionality: Use your ottoman as a coffee table by adding a tray. It’s a practical surface for drinks or books and adds a touch of class to your bedroom.

The Green Ottoman

  • Eco-Friendly Choices: Consider sustainable options like bamboo, recycled plastic, or organic cotton.

Odd but Gold

  • Unconventional Genius: Ever thought of using your ottoman under a piano? Or maybe under a table? How about as a baby supplies holder? Yep, the sky’s the limit!

Quick Summary: Ottomans in Small Bedrooms

Maximising SpaceChoose colour-matching ottomans and versatile placements.
Storage SolutionsOpt for storage units and declutter.
Pet-Friendly SpotsCreate cozy spots for your pets.
Unusual UsesThink outside the box for innovative uses.

The Extras: For the Curious Dreamer


  • Adjustable Heights: Some ottomans come with adjustable heights, making it easier for everyone to use, especially those with mobility issues.
  • Easy to Move: Look for ottomans with wheels or lightweight materials, which can be easily moved around the room, catering to various accessibility needs.

Multi-Functional Marvels

  • Bed in Disguise: Believe it or not, some ottomans can be transformed into full-size sleeper sofas, chaises, or day beds. Talk about a space saver!
  • Table Turners: Multi-functional ottomans can also serve as coffee tables. Just add a tray and you’ve got yourself a stylish and functional table.

Summary Table: The Extras

AccessibilityAdjustable heights and easy mobility options.
Multi-Functional MarvelsConvertible into beds or tables.


Where should an ottoman be placed in a bedroom?

The placement of an ottoman in a bedroom largely depends on your needs and the room’s layout. It can be placed at the foot of the bed, used as a nightstand, or serve as a coffee table. The key is to ensure it complements the room’s aesthetics.

Can you put an ottoman in a bedroom?

Absolutely, yes! An ottoman can be a wonderful addition to a bedroom. It serves multiple purposes such as extra seating, a footrest, or even additional storage. It adds a layer of comfort and texture to the space.

Where is the best place to put an ottoman?

The best place for an ottoman depends on your specific needs. If you’re looking for extra storage, placing it at the foot of your bed is ideal. For a reading nook, you might place it beside a comfy chair. Ultimately, it’s about what serves you best.

How do you style a bedroom ottoman?

Styling an ottoman involves considering its function and choosing materials that blend with your bedroom décor. You can also decorate it with a stylish tray to hold books, vases, or candles, making it a functional and aesthetic piece.

What is the purpose of an ottoman in front of a bed?

An ottoman in front of a bed serves as a versatile piece of furniture. It can provide extra seating, act as a storage unit, and even be a spot to pile extra pillows. It’s all about adding comfort and functionality to your bedroom.

Wrapping It Up, Snoozers!

Well, there we have it, daydreamers and snooze enthusiasts! We’ve delved deep into the dreamy world of bedroom ottomans. From choosing the right size and material to maximizing space in a small bedroom, we’ve got you covered. We even went the extra mile to explore ottomans that cater to specific needs like accessibility and multi-functionality.

  • Choosing the Right Ottoman: Size, material, and features (like storage and wheels)
  • Small Bedroom Solutions: How ottomans can make a small room appear larger and offer storage solutions.
  • The Extras for the Curious Dreamer: Ottomans for special needs and multi-functional marvels that convert into beds or tables.

Sweet dreams and happy ottoman shopping!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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