Where Did Body Pillows Come From?

Key Takeaways

Popularity in JapanDakimakura are loved for their connection with otaku culture, emotional support role, and decorative prowess.
Common MisconceptionsDakimakura aren’t just for women or otaku, and aren’t only meant for sleeping or erotic purposes.
Health BenefitsThese pillows can improve sleep quality, reduce lower back pain, and provide emotional support.
Choosing the Right DakimakuraConsider your sleep preferences, sleeping position, pillow size, fabric choice, and potential for customization.
FAQsBody pillows were not invented in a specific place but are popular in Japan. They are called ‘body pillows’ due to their role in supporting the body during sleep.

Do you ever wonder where that comforting body pillow you’re clutching originated? Get ready to journey with me, Lewis, your friendly Dream HQ sleep expert, to discover the history of body pillows!

Origins of Body Pillow: A Hug From Japan

If you thought body pillows came from just anywhere, think again. These friendly sleep companions originate from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. In the local parlance, they’re called dakimakura, which translates directly to ‘hug pillow’.

Fun fact: Body pillows aren’t identical to dakimakura. While the former are for physical support, the latter cater to emotional needs.

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Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Dakimakura: A Leap To Otaku Culture

A leap from their medical origin, dakimakura have now become a part of the vibrant Japanese Otaku culture. Often these are adorned with covers displaying popular anime characters.

First there were dakimakura, and then came along Rina Makuraba – the first talking body pillow in 2015.

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A c shaped body pillow on a sofa

Body Pillows: Beyond Comfort

Body pillows are much more than just comfort objects. They’re a solution to many health-related issues:

  1. Snoring
  2. Blood Circulation
  3. Muscle Problems

Have a look at this table for a better comparison:

Health IssueBody PillowNo Body Pillow
Blood Circulation✔️
Muscle Problems✔️

Check here for more on how body pillows can help your back. And if you’re wondering if they’re worth it, the answer is a resounding yes!

What is a Dakimakura? Unraveling the Cosy Mystery

Dakimakura! The term that has been rocking the pillow world with its oriental charm. It’s a word that originates from the Land of the Rising Sun – Japan. Let’s break it down, Daki translates to “to embrace or cling”, and Makura simply means “pillow”. We’re talking about a body-length pillow that you can cling onto in your sleep^1^. Now, how’s that for a literal translation?

Fun Fact: Dakimakura are sometimes referred to as “Dutch wife”, though the original meaning is closer to “bamboo wife” or chikufujin. A bit of a linguistic conundrum, eh?

In the world of dakimakura, size matters! These cuddly creatures come in two main sizes: 160 cm (63 in) or 150 cm (59 in) in length, and 50 cm (20 in) width^2^. In simpler terms, they’re big enough to spoon without feeling ‘pillow-sad’. Yes, that’s a term we just coined.

You might be wondering, “Lewis, are all dakimakura the same?”. Well, allow me to debunk that myth for you. Dakimakura often come adorned with pillow covers showcasing anime characters^3^. For the uninitiated, this may seem a tad unusual. However, for Japanese youth, this is as common as a teapot in a British household. They’re considered “comfort objects”, and let’s face it, who doesn’t like a bit of extra comfort?

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more interesting, they did! Koichi Uchimura, a researcher from the Kyushu Institute of Technology, put his inventive hat on and birthed the first talking body pillows back in 2015^4^. These aren’t your ordinary pillows, no sir! With Ita-Supo and its mascot Rina Makuraba, you’ve got a pillow that talks back. If that’s not a leap in pillow tech, I don’t know what is!

The Dakimakura Phenomenon: Why Japan Can’t Resist

Ever wondered why dakimakura or “hugging pillows” are a rage in Japan? Let’s uncover the mystery behind this cushy obsession!

1. Wrapped up in Otaku Culture

Big newsflash: Dakimakura is the golden child of otaku culture. What’s otaku, you ask? Picture people who are die-hard fans of anime, manga, and everything else about Japanese pop culture. For these folks, dakimakura is the perfect way to wear their fandom on their…well…pillows!

2. Your Very Own Emotional Support Pillow

Here’s the heartwarming bit. Dakimakura aren’t just about anime love. They also double up as emotional support. They’re like your favourite teddy bear or blanket – something that keeps you snug and secure at night. Talk about feeling the love, eh?

3. Decked Up Decor

Dakimakura ain’t just for hugging, folks. They’re also quite the eye-catcher. With vibrant anime character designs, these pillows add a pop of colour and dash of fandom to any room. Who said you can’t sleep in style?

4. Companions in the Fight Against Loneliness

Life can be tough, and socializing isn’t always easy. That’s where dakimakura step in. These fluffy companions help keep loneliness at bay, providing a sense of comfort and emotional connection. A friend in need is a friend indeed, right?

5. Riding the Pop Culture Wave

Japan’s anime and manga industry is booming, and dakimakura are riding this wave of popularity. They’re the go-to merch for fans to express their adoration for favourite characters. One might say, dakimakura are the pillows of pop culture!

Wrap-Up: Dakimakura’s Popularity Unravelled

Reasons for PopularityDakimakura’s Role
Otaku CultureExpression of fandom love for anime and manga characters
Emotional SupportProvide a sense of security and comfort
Decorative ElementAdd vibrant designs and colour to rooms
Loneliness PreventionOffer a sense of companionship and emotional connection
Popularity of Japanese Pop CultureAllow fans to express their love for favourite characters

So, why are dakimakura so popular in Japan? They’re more than just pillows. They’re companions, comforters, pop culture symbols, and stylish decor all in one. No wonder Japan can’t resist a good dakimakura hug!

Debunking Dakimakura Myths: Get the Facts Straight!

Pillow talk can get really misunderstood. Especially when it comes to dakimakura pillows! Time to debunk a few of these tall tales.

1. Ladies Only? Think Again!

Some reckon dakimakura are just for the gals. Nope, not true! Gents can also snuggle up to these huggable cushions. Equal comfort opportunities, people!

2. Just for Otaku? Don’t Bet On It!

Sure, dakimakura and otaku culture are tight. But these pillows are no otaku-exclusive club. They’re open for everyone to enjoy. Get comfy, folks!

3. All About Erotica? Not Really!

Some dakimakura showcase hentai characters, but let’s not paint them all with the same brush. Plenty of them are about comfort, emotional support, and keeping loneliness at bay. No naughty business here!

4. Only for Anime Enthusiasts? Nope!

You’ll find anime characters aplenty on dakimakura, but that’s not the whole story. Some are adorned with animals, landscapes, or abstract patterns. So, they cater to all aesthetic tastes!

5. Just for Snoozing? Incorrect!

Dakimakura do make great sleep buddies, but they’re not one-trick ponies. They’re also perfect for lounging, reading, or binge-watching your favourite shows. Multitasking at its finest!

Busting Dakimakura Myths: The Truth Unveiled!

Common MisconceptionsThe Real Deal
Only for WomenBoth men and women can enjoy dakimakura
Only for OtakuNot just otaku, everyone can enjoy these pillows
Only for Erotic PurposesMany use dakimakura for comfort, emotional support and loneliness prevention
Only for Anime FansDakimakura come with various designs, not only anime
Only for SleepingCan be used for lounging, reading, watching TV

pillows are not just for a niche group. They are for everyone and for every mood. So, whether you’re a man or a woman, an otaku or not, an anime fan or not, there’s a dakimakura waiting just for you!

A Dakimakura Pillow: Your New Health Guru?

Surprise, surprise! These huggable pillows come with a heap of health benefits. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty.

1. Dreams Just Got Better

No more counting sheep! Dakimakura pillows give you the comfort and support your body craves for top-notch sleep. The result? Boosted physical health and rock-star posture!

2. Backache, Be Gone!

Snooze on your side with a dakimakura in your arms. It helps to spread your body weight evenly across your joints, making your shoulders and knees say “thank you” and zapping that pesky lower back pain.

3. Stress? What’s That?

Cuddle up to a dakimakura, and it’s goodbye stress, hello relaxation. The secret? The magic release of Oxytocin, the hormone that gives you the warm fuzzies!

4. Your Emotional Buddy

Dakimakura are more than pillows. They’re a snug blanket, a treasured teddy bear, and a comforting friend rolled into one. They give you that priceless feeling of security and companionship.

Your Dakimakura Health Check

Health BenefitsDakimakura’s Magic Touch
Improved Sleep QualityOffers comfort and support for better sleep
Reduced Lower Back PainHelps distribute body weight evenly
Stress ReliefTriggers the release of Oxytocin
Emotional SupportProvides a sense of security and companionship

So, the dakimakura is not just a pretty pillow. It’s a health guru, offering a raft of physical and emotional benefits. Quality sleep, less back pain, stress relief, and emotional support. Now, who wouldn’t want that from their bedtime buddy?

Master the Dakimakura Hunt: Your Ultimate Guide

Let’s spill the beans on finding your perfect dakimakura pillow. It’s all about knowing your comfort zone and playing by the rules.

1. Sleeping Preferences: The Soft or Firm Debate

First off, ask yourself: are you a soft pillow dreamer or a firm pillow fanatic? Knowing what sends you to snoozeville will guide you to your ideal dakimakura firmness.

2. Your Sleeping Position: The Spinal Alignment Code

Next up, your favourite sleeping position. Side-sleepers, listen up! A thicker, more supportive dakimakura will keep your spine on point. Back or stomach sleepers, you’re in the thinner pillow camp.

3. Size Matters: Pillow and Bed Harmony

Remember to measure up! You want a dakimakura that buddies up with your bed and your body. The standard size is usually 160 cm × 50 cm, but feel free to explore other options.

4. Fabric Face-Off: Cotton, Polyester or Satin?

Now, pick your fabric. Cotton is breathable, polyester is durable, and satin screams luxury. So, pick what tickles your fancy.

5. Hypoallergenic Heroes: Allergy-Safe Options

For the allergy warriors out there, consider hypoallergenic dakimakura options. They’re designed to keep your sneezes at bay and your nights peaceful.

6. Customisation Corner: Your Personal Touch

Finally, make it your own. Look out for customisable dakimakura pillows. You choose the design, the character, or the artwork. So, you can dream with your favourite anime characters!

Choose Your Dakimakura Checklist

Tips for Choosing DakimakuraHow to Get It Right
Determine Your Sleeping PreferencesKnow your firmness preference
Consider Your Sleeping PositionPick a pillow that aligns with your position
Choose the Right SizeMeasure up and match your bed and body
Select the Right FabricPick from cotton, polyester, or satin
Check for Hypoallergenic OptionsGo for materials that don’t trigger allergies
Consider CustomisationLook for personalised design options

When you hunt for your dakimakura pillow, bear in mind your sleeping habits and personal preferences. Whether you love soft or firm, hypoallergenic or satin, your perfect dakimakura is waiting for you. Happy hunting!


Where were body pillows invented?

Oh, the birthplace of body pillows! Well, it’s not quite a specific location. These cuddly chums have been a big hit in Japan for ages, known as dakimakura or ‘hug pillow’.

Why is it called a body pillow?

Curious about the name, huh? Simple. It’s long, it’s narrow, and you snuggle it between your legs when you’re sleeping on your side. It supports your body, so ‘body pillow’ it is!

Who made the body pillow?

Looking for the body pillow genius? Well, there isn’t one. Body pillows evolved over time, morphing into a favourite sleep accessory, especially for the side sleepers among us.

Why do body pillows exist?

Why not? Body pillows are your trusty night-time allies. They fend off pesky problems like snoring, poor blood circulation, and muscle issues. Plus, they offer that extra sprinkle of emotional comfort.

Is it OK to have a body pillow?

Absolutely! Having a body pillow is like having a secret sleep weapon. It can boost your sleep quality, ease that gnarly lower back pain, and melt away stress. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

Wrap Up – That’s the Long and Short of It!

So, we’ve had a cosy chat about dakimakura, or body pillows. Not just a trend from Japan, but a pretty nifty bedroom addition that’s been capturing hearts worldwide. With their deep roots in otaku culture and undeniable emotional support perks, dakimakura are much more than a decorative trinket. They’re a part of our bedrooms, our culture, and our hearts.

Dakimakura aren’t bound by stereotypes either. They’re not just for anime fans, not just for women, and definitely not just for sleeping. Whether it’s helping you drift off into dreamland, easing that pesky lower back pain, or serving as a great lounging partner while you catch up on your favourite series, dakimakura are truly the unsung heroes of bedtime.

  • Covered why dakimakura are a big hit in Japan
  • Discussed some common misconceptions about dakimakura
  • Dived into the health benefits of snuggling up with a dakimakura
  • Shared tips on choosing the perfect dakimakura for you
  • Answered some burning FAQs about body pillows

So, next time you’re on the hunt for a bedtime upgrade, remember: dakimakura are more than just a pillow – they’re a passport to better sleep and a cosier bed. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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