What To Store In An Ottoman Bed?

TopicKey Takeaways
Maximising SpaceUse storage boxes, dividers, and vacuum-sealed bags to keep your items organised.
Common Items to StoreIdeal for storing extra bedding, shoes, and accessories, as well as children’s toys and books.
Unique Storage IdeasConsider thematic storage based on seasons or special compartments like hidden pouches.
Extraordinary UsesStore emergency supplies, sentimental items, and even important documents securely.

Hey there, sleepyheads and dream weavers! If your bedroom’s starting to look like a scene from Hoarders, I’ve got the solution: the marvellous Ottoman bed. We’re not just talking about a bed for dreaming; it’s a bed that dreams bigger, offering you the magical kingdom of under-mattress storage.

What’s the Big Deal with Ottoman Beds?

First thing’s first, let’s get acquainted with this unsung hero of bedroom furniture. Ottoman beds are nothing short of a storage sorcerer. They make use of the entire area under the mattress, floor to slats, giving you more room than you’d get with those puny storage drawers. Ideal for space-starved spots like small bedrooms and loft conversions. Heck, they’re even perfect for spare rooms where you could stash household supplies.

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

If you’re pondering what exactly an Ottoman bed is, or why they’re called Ottoman in the first place, click those links to enlighten yourself.

What to Stash in That Secret Compartment

So, you’ve got this massive cavern under your mattress. What should go in there? Glad you asked! Here are some suggestions:

  • Extra Bedding: Blankets, sheets, and duvet covers. You can never have too many, and an Ottoman is the ideal spot for ’em.
  • Shoes and Coats: Especially the ones you don’t wear daily. Why clutter your hallway when they can be out of sight?
  • Memory Boxes: Ah, the keepsakes of yesteryears. Store them neatly without taking up valuable living space.

Note: For the love of good sleep, don’t put daily-use items in there. Lifting the mattress every day? Nah, too cumbersome.

Curious how to organise these treasures in your Ottoman bed? I’ve got you covered.

Special Mentions: The Unusual Suspects

  • Out-of-Season Clothes: Winter coats in summer or beachwear in winter? Vacuum-pack them to save even more space.
  • Guest Towels and Beach Towels: Because, let’s be honest, how often do you actually go to the beach?
  • Festive Clothing: Those ugly Christmas sweaters deserve a home too.
  • Sentimental Clothes: Baby clothes, graduation robes, you name it. Store them without guilt.
  • Luggage: Empty suitcases are a no-no, but filled with craft supplies or Christmas decorations? Genius!

I know what you’re thinking. Is this even worth it? Trust me, it is.

For the Tiny Tots and the Crafty Lots

  • Children’s Toys and Books: Stop those toys from invading your child’s room like it’s a Pixar movie.

Expert Tip: If you’ve got a DIY streak, why not try making your own Ottoman bed?

A Word to the Wise

Alright, listen up. As fab as Ottoman beds are, lifting that mattress daily can get old real quick. Keep the daily-use stuff out. And while we’re on the subject, empty suitcases? Missed opportunity, my friends. Use that suitcase space for extra goodies.

For a different take, check out these external resources on how to organise your under-bed storage and what to store in a storage bed.

The Allure of the Ottoman Bed: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Ottoman beds are the Swiss Army knives of the bedroom world—primarily a spot for dreamy slumbers, but open them up, and voila—storage galore! These beds are the perfect solution for those of us who need to make every inch of space work. Let’s delve into how you can make the most of your Ottoman bed.

Maximising Your Ottoman Real Estate

Tips for Optimising the Space You Have

  • Invest in Storage Boxes and Bags: Look for containers that fit the dimensions of your ottoman bed. This could be anything from plastic bins to fabric boxes, or even vacuum-sealed bags. The key is to keep your stuff organized. A pro tip? Label each box or container for easy retrieval.

  • Divide and Rule: Why dump everything in a jumbled mess when you can create neat compartments? Use dividers or storage boxes to section off space for different items. It makes your life so much easier.

Ottoman bed in a stylish and well lit room
  • Sort and Declutter: Before your Ottoman bed arrives, do a Marie Kondo on your existing storage. The deep, flat layout of the Ottoman is perfect for larger items, as well as smaller objects that you keep in boxes or bags.

  • Use the Vertical Space: Don’t just spread out; stack up. Use storage boxes or baskets to make use of the vertical space. Vacuum storage bags can be a lifesaver for bulky items like comforters and pillows.

Items That Should Take Up Residence in Your Ottoman

  • Extra Bedding: Because you can’t have too many sheets or blankets.

  • Shoes and Accessories: Keeps these out of the way and not sprawled out around the house.

  • Children’s Toys and Books: An excellent way to reclaim your child’s bedroom from the toy invasion.

  • Guest Towels and Beach Towels: For the occasional guest or rare beach day.

  • Festive Clothing: Because where else will you store that ugly Christmas sweater?

  • Sentimental Clothes: Baby clothes or other items that you can’t bear to part with.

  • Out-of-Season Clothes: Vacuum-pack them to save even more space.

Items to Banish from Your Ottoman Realm

  • Empty Suitcases: They take up space and offer nothing in return.

  • Perishables: Unless you want your bedroom smelling like last week’s lunch.

  • Daily Use Items: Trust me, lifting the mattress every day loses its charm fast.

Storage ContainersInvest in well-sized and sturdy containers.Avoid containers that don’t fit well.
Items to StoreExtra bedding, out-of-season clothes, children’s toys.Perishables, daily-use items.
OrganisationUse dividers, and stack vertically when possible.Avoid just tossing items in haphazardly.

Beyond the Basics: Creative Storage Ideas

Unique Compartments and Hidden Gems

If you thought ottoman beds were just for stashing away those not-so-frequently used items, brace yourself for some game-changing info.

  • Hidden Storage Pouches: Some beds come with hidden compartments perfect for storing smaller items like jewellery or accessories. It’s like a secret treasure trove under your mattress!

  • Roll-Out Drawers: Save on floor space by opting for roll-out drawers. Easy access and a cleaner room? Yes, please!

  • Woven Baskets: Add a touch of rustic charm with woven baskets. Great for storing shoes, toys, or even seasonal clothing.

Thematic Storage Ideas Based on Seasons or Occasions

Seasons change, and so should your storage strategy.

  • Holiday Decorations: Keep your holiday spirits high and your clutter low by stashing away those seasonal decors.

  • Out-of-Season Clothing: Use vacuum-sealed bags to compress bulky winter clothes or summer beachwear.

  • Festive Clothing: That Halloween costume or Christmas sweater? Perfect candidates for ottoman storage.

Common Items People Store and How to Do It Right

Let’s talk about the usual suspects—shoes, clothes, and toys.

  • Shoes: Clear shoe boxes or hanging shoe organisers are your best bet for keeping those kicks in pristine condition.

  • Clothes: Fold and categorise off-season clothing in labelled containers.

  • Toys: Keep ’em in labelled bins or baskets. Makes both playtime and cleanup time a breeze for the little ones.

  • Bedding and Towels: Vacuum-sealed bags aren’t just for clothes. Use them for extra sheets, blankets, and duvet covers. And when it comes to towels, fold and tuck like you’re running a five-star hotel.

Specialty Storage Solutions

For those of you looking to go the extra mile in your storage game, here are some pro tips.

  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags: These are a game-changer for bulky items like comforters and pillows.

  • Vertical Space: Don’t just think horizontal; vertical storage can add new dimensions to your space-saving efforts.

  • Colour-Coordinated Toy Storage: Elevate your ottoman bed to create room for additional storage baskets below. Use coloured bins and organise them by their contents. Makes for a visually pleasing and highly functional setup!

Storage TypeCreative IdeasPro Tips
Unique CompartmentsHidden pouches, Roll-out drawersGreat for jewellery and floor space
Seasonal ItemsHoliday decorations, Festive clothingUse vacuum-sealed bags for bulky clothes
Common ItemsShoes, Clothes, ToysLabelled bins and clear shoe boxes
Specialty StorageVacuum-sealed bags, Vertical spaceIdeal for bulky items and maximising space

Extraordinary Uses for Your Ottoman Bed

Emergency Supplies: Where and How to Store Them

Alright, my savvy Snoozers, let’s talk about the unsung hero of the bedroom: the ottoman bed. Not only is it your nightly retreat, but it’s also a nifty storage unit for those just-in-case items.

  • First Aid Kits, Flashlights, and Batteries: It’s always a good idea to have emergency supplies within arm’s reach. Use small containers with dividers to store these essentials.

  • Hooks and Clips: Install small hooks or clips on the inner lid of the ottoman bed. These can be used for hanging items like keys or scissors. Safety first, always!

Sentimental Items and Their Special Place

Nostalgia Alert! Who doesn’t love a trip down memory lane?

  • Old Photographs, Letters, and Keepsakes: Store these priceless treasures in labeled containers to keep them safe and easily accessible.

Important Documents: Keeping Them Safe Yet Accessible

Ah, the adulting part of storage. Let’s get into it.

  • Passports and Birth Certificates: You never know when you’ll need these crucial documents. Store them in a fireproof and waterproof container for that extra layer of security.

The Curious Corners of Your Ottoman Bed

For the adventurous at heart, your ottoman bed is practically a treasure chest waiting to be filled.

  • Wedding Dresses and Sports Gear: Yep, you read that right. Vacuum-sealed bags are not just for preserving food; they’re also fabulous for storing bulky items like wedding dresses.

  • Shoe Organisers: Clear shoe boxes or hanging shoe organisers are not just for the wardrobe. They can be tucked neatly into the corners of your ottoman bed too.

Extraordinary UseItems to StoreStorage Tips
Emergency SuppliesFirst Aid Kits, FlashlightsUse dividers and small containers
Sentimental ItemsPhotos, LettersLabelled containers
Important DocumentsPassports, CertificatesFireproof and waterproof containers
Innovative IdeasWedding Dresses, Sports GearVacuum-sealed bags, Shoe organisers


What is best to store in an ottoman?

The ottoman bed is a storage marvel. It’s perfect for storing extra bedding like sheets, blankets, and duvet covers. You can also keep shoes and accessories like belts and scarves, as well as children’s toys and books. Don’t forget about out-of-season clothing, festive attire, and sentimental items like old photographs and keepsakes. Lastly, it’s a great spot for guest towels and beach towels.

What do you put in an ottoman storage?

Ah, the power of the ottoman bed. In it, you can store shoes and accessories, children’s toys and books, and out-of-season clothing. It’s also ideal for stashing away festive clothing like Halloween costumes or Christmas jumpers. Sentimental items like old photos and letters find a special place here, as do guest and beach towels and extra bedding.

How do you organise storage in an ottoman bed?

Organising an ottoman bed is a bit like a game of Tetris. Use dividers or storage boxes to divide up the space. Make the most of vertical space with storage boxes or baskets. Before your bed arrives, sort and declutter to decide what deserves the space. Label your storage containers and use vacuum-sealed bags for bulky items like comforters.

What should be stored under bed?

The space under the bed is prime real estate. It’s perfect for shoes and accessories, children’s toys and books, and out-of-season clothing. It’s also a great storage spot for festive clothing, sentimental items, guest towels, and extra bedding. Essentially, it’s a sanctuary for items you don’t need daily but want within arm’s reach.

What should you not store under bed?

Ah, the no-go zone. Avoid storing perishable items like food or plants, as they can attract pests and cause unpleasant odours. Items that you need to access daily are not ideal, as lifting the mattress every day is a hassle. Empty suitcases are a waste of space; fill ’em up instead!

Wrapping Up: The Hidden Treasures of Ottoman Beds

Ah, Snoozers and Day Dreamers, we’ve reached the end of our journey through the cavernous wonders of the ottoman bed. From basic essentials like extra bedding and out-of-season clothing to more thematic items such as festive attire and sentimental keepsakes, the ottoman bed is your trusty sidekick in battling clutter. We’ve dived into:

  • Maximising space: Tips and tricks for organising your ottoman bed.
  • Common items: From shoes to toys, what most people store.
  • Unique storage solutions: Innovative ideas for the extra adventurous.
  • Extraordinary uses: Emergency supplies, important documents, and even wedding dresses—yes, really!

But wait, we’ve got one more treat for you: a neat table that wraps up all this goodness. It’s your one-stop-shop for all things ottoman-bed-storage-related.

So, go forth and maximise that under-the-mattress real estate, you savvy storage maestros!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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