What Is The Purpose Of A Double Bed If Two People Do Not Sleep In It?

Key Takeaways:

Double Bed Benefits
Extra room to spread out
Under-bed storage solutions
Comfortable leisure activities
Customization and personalization
Canvas for design and décor

What’s the Point of a Double Bed for One Person?

Hey Snoozers, Lewis here! When you think of a double bed, you probably imagine a cozy space for a couple to sleep side by side. So why would someone choose a 54-inch wide double bed just for themselves? While these full-size mattresses were once the most popular option for partners, nowadays they can serve many purposes for solo sleepers too.

As we have explored, the terms “double bed” and “full bed” refer to the same thing – a mattress measuring 54 by 75 inches. Back in the day, before options like king and queen sizes became widely available, double beds were the most common choice for couples. However, Victorian doctors actually recommended separate twin beds for better sleep and health.

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.

Today, personal preferences play a bigger role in choosing bed sizes. While some couples opt for larger mattresses, others find a double bed meets their needs just fine. And when it comes to solo sleepers, doubles can provide ample space, comfort, and versatility.

Sprawling Out

One of the best perks of a double bed for one is the ability to stretch out. Starfishing across the mattress can be comfy and relaxing. Those who change positions or sprawl at night have plenty of room to get cozy. You can really maximize the generous proportions of a double bed when you have it all to yourself.

Customizing Your Space

A double bed also allows you to customize each side just how you like it. Maybe you want to lounge against some pillows on one side while keeping the other clear for getting in and out easily. Or designate one area for you and one for pets or an occasional guest. With your own double bed, you can create the layout that works for your needs.

Extra Storage

Don’t forget about all that under-bed real estate! A double mattress has plenty of space for storage bins to tuck away extra belongings. You can also utilize nightstands on both sides for lamps, books, and other bedside items.

Maximizing Your Double Bed

A double bed offers ample room to lounge comfortably or accommodate temporary guests. With some creativity, you can really make the most of your extra mattress space. How will you utilize your solo double bed? Share your tips in the comments!

Extra Space and Comfort with a Double Bed

A double bed offers ample room to spread out and get cozy, even for solo sleepers. Here are some of the key benefits of all that extra mattress real estate:

  • Spread Out and Relax – Starfish to your heart’s content! A double bed gives you plenty of space to find your optimal sleeping position and stretch out.

  • Luxury of a Huge Bed – Having an entire double bed to yourself provides a sense of indulgence. You can revel in the spaciousness.

  • Sleeping Positions – With a wider surface area, you can comfortably switch up your sleeping style. Curl up or splay out without ever feeling crowded.

  • Accommodate Guests – The 54-inch width easily fits an occasional guest, child, or pet. Share your double bed without compromising comfort.

In summary, the perks of a double bed for one include:

Extra roomSpread out and sprawl across the surface
LuxuryFeel pampered by the generous space
VersatilityChange sleep positions and styles
AccommodationsFit a guest, child, or pet comfortably

So while double beds were originally designed for partners, they can optimally accommodate solo sleepers too! The spacious surface area allows you to sleep and lounge exactly how you want.

Maximizing Storage and Organization with a Double Bed

A spacious double mattress allows for ample storage solutions to keep the bedroom tidy. Here are some great ways to utilize all that extra space:

  • Under Bed Storage – Lift your bed with risers to create storage space below for things like:

    • Extra bedding and blankets

    • Out of season clothing

    • Memory boxes and special keepsakes

  • Bedside Tables – A nightstand on each side of the bed provides room to store:

    • Lamps and alarm clocks

    • Books, e-readers, tablets

    • Glass of water, coasters

    • Journal, pen, magnifying glass

  • Over Bed Racks – Install overhead storage racks or cubbies to store items like:

    • Hats, purses, backpacks

    • Folded clothes and sweaters

    • Extra pillows and stuffed animals

In summary, double beds allow you to:

Storage SolutionItems to Store
Under bedBedding, clothes, memory items
NightstandsLamps, books, alarm clocks
Overhead racksClothes, bags, pillows

With double the space, you can stay organized and keep clutter from taking over the bedroom! The storage potential is an added perk.

Enjoy Leisure Activities in Your Double Bed

A spacious double mattress provides plenty of room for lounging and leisure when you’re not sleeping.

  • Reading and TV Watching – Prop yourself up with pillows against the headboard for optimal book reading or TV viewing comfort. The width allows you to assume the perfect relaxed position.

  • Laptop Workspace – Use a lap desk or small table to create an ergonomic workstation on your double bed. The mattress provides ample support as you browse, type, or video chat.

  • Playtime for Kids – Children will love building forts from sheets or having pillow fights in the expansive play space of a double bed.

In summary, a double bed offers room for activities like:

Leisure ActivityDescription
Reading & TVProp on pillows against headboard
Laptop useUse lapdesk for ergonomic workspace
Kid playtimePlay games and build forts

A double bed serves as far more than just a sleeping space! With room to spread out, you can comfortably relax and be entertained from the comfort of your mattress.

Design and Décor Possibilities with a Double

The expansive surface area of a double mattress allows for ample design and decoration opportunities to create a stylish, inviting bedroom oasis.

  • Bedding Layers – A double bed provides plenty of real estate for creatively layering and showcasing pillows, throws, blankets, and comforters. Play with textures, patterns, and colors!

  • Statement Headboard – Draw the eye to an impressive upholstered or wood headboard. This anchoring furniture piece makes a dramatic style statement.

  • DIY Touches – Personalize your space with DIY elements like an upholstered or painted headboard, accent pillows, or framed wall art above the bed.

In summary, double beds enable you to:

Design ElementDescription
Bedding layersShowcase pillows, throws, blankets
HeadboardDraw eye to anchoring furniture piece
DIY touchesAdd personalized, creative elements

With ample mattress space, you can craft a bedroom oasis that really reflects your personal style. A double bed serves as the perfect design canvas.

Versatile Options with a Double Mattress

One of the advantages of a double bed is the versatility it provides in customizing and adapting the space.

  • Adapting Layout – A double bed can be adapted for different needs, like:

    • Creating two twin beds

    • Pushing together to form a bigger surface

    • Rearranging furniture placement

  • Customizing Sides – Each side of a double bed can be personalized to suit individual preferences with choices like:

    • Different bedding, pillows, lighting

    • Unique decor elements

    • Specific mattress firmness

In summary, double beds offer versatility through:

Creating twin bedsBedding, pillow, decor options
Pushing togetherMattress firmness preferences
Furniture rearrangementLighting, accessories

While historically seen as ideal for couples, today double beds provide versatility in usage whether sharing the space or solo sleeping. The size lends itself well to custom layouts and personalization.


Is it odd for couples to sleep in separate beds?

It’s not considered odd, as around 25% of American couples choose to sleep separately. Partners may prefer their own space due to differing sleep schedules, snoring issues, or personal comfort preferences. Separate beds allow couples to maintain their individual sleep routines.

Is a double bed OK for 2 people?

Yes, a double bed is designed to comfortably fit two average-sized adults sleeping side by side. The 54-inch width provides most couples enough room to sleep comfortably together throughout the night.

Why do some couples sleep in separate beds?

Couples may sleep separately to accommodate different sleep patterns, minimize disruption from snoring, or maintain different sleep/wake schedules. Some partners simply prefer having their own private sleeping space customized to their preferences.

Why do I need a double bed?

You may want a double bed if you need to fit two people, like a couple or parent and child. Doubles offer a balance of space and affordability. The roomy surface can also be enjoyed solo with space to stretch out.

Is it OK to have a single bed?

It’s okay to have a single bed if it meets your individual needs, like sleeping alone in a small space. But for two people or if you want more room, a single bed may feel too cramped, so a double or larger size may suit you better.

In Conclusion: The Many Purposes of a Double Bed

While double beds were originally designed to accommodate couples, they can serve many purposes when used by solo sleepers as well. Here are some key highlights covered in this article:

  • Discussed the dimensions and history of double beds, which used to be the most popular choice for partners before larger mattress sizes were introduced.

  • Explored the ample space and comfort a double bed provides, allowing you to stretch out and relax.

  • Explained how doubles allow customization and storage through under-bed containers and separate nightstands on each side.

  • Covered the leisure possibilities like lounging, working, or playing that the expansive surface enables.

  • Reviewed design and décor options with space for layered bedding and impressive headboards.

  • Looked at the versatility of adapting the layout or customizing each side.

While commonly associated with couples, double beds can optimize comfort and functionality for solo sleepers in many innovative ways. The spacious surface enables both rest and productivity.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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