Unlock the Secret: Best Mattress Thickness For Side Sleepers

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You might be asking what is the best mattress thickness for side sleepers?

Embarking on this in-depth journey, you will unveil the significance of mattress thickness in acquiring restful slumber, customised just for side sleepers. Delving into crucial elements like body weight, alleviating pressure, and maintaining spinal alignment, we’ll arm you with the knowledge for a well-informed mattress selection.

Surprisingly, side sleepers account for approximately 74% of the population. Indeed, side sleeping stands as the reigning sleep posture! Forge ahead, and you’ll stumble upon valuable insights designed to accommodate this large demographic, guaranteeing superior comfort and support for your repose.

The Benefits Of A Thicker Mattress For Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, opting for a bulkier mattress delivers multiple essential perks that contribute to a rejuvenating slumber. Here are some noteworthy advantages to consider:

  • Alleviating pressure: Naturally, side sleepers place increased pressure on their shoulders and hips, which can cause uneasiness and aches if not suitably cushioned. Generally, heftier mattresses excel at pressure relief by conforming comprehensively around these areas.

  • Supporting spinal alignment: Ensuring accurate spinal alignment is imperative for side sleepers. A more substantial mattress can supply the required support and contouring to preserve ideal alignment, evenly distributing weight and minimising stress on the spine.

A man sleeping on his side, he look comfortable
  • Enhanced durability: Generally, thicker mattresses boast superior longevity due to their layered construction and use of premium materials. This implies that a bulkier mattress can consistently offer support and cosiness over a prolonged duration.

The Body Weight's Impact On Mattress Thickness Selection For Side Sleepers

One’s body weight undeniably contributes to pinpointing the most fitting mattress thickness for side sleepers. Here’s a handy guide illustrating the general framework:

  • Petite sleepers (under 130 lbs): A mattress measuring 8 to 11 inches in thickness delivers ample support and pressure point relief, contouring suitably to those within this weight bracket.

  • Average-sized sleepers (130-230 lbs): Selecting a mattress falling within the 11 to 13-inch thickness range would be optimal, presenting an ideal blend of support, contouring, and durability.
  • More substantial sleepers (exceeding 230 lbs): For this weight category, a mattress boasting a thickness of 13 inches or more emerges as the ideal option, furnishing the necessary depth and support for proper spinal alignment while also ensuring extended durability.

How Mattress Thickness Affects Spinal Alignment For Side Sleepers

Preserving accurate spinal alignment proves to be paramount for side sleepers’ pain-free, cosy slumber. To prevent unwarranted tension on your spine, selecting a mattress with sufficient thickness is of the essence, allowing it to gently embrace your hips and shoulders without provoking a spinal curvature. Offering enhanced pressure alleviation, a more substantial mattress lets your hips and shoulders sink in freely, while still maintaining alignment.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to opt for a mattress featuring zoned support, which delivers a firmer backbone for hips and a softer embrace for shoulders to ensure an impeccably neutral spine posture.

A woman is side sleeping on a mattress in a dark room

Different Types of Materials Used in Mattresses with Varying Thickness

While deliberating mattress thickness, it’s equally crucial to assess the diverse materials employed in crafting these sleep surfaces. Two prevalent mattress categories, each boasting distinctive thickness ranges, encompass memory foam and hybrid mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Famed for their exceptional body-conforming prowess, memory foam mattresses deliver unparalleled pressure point alleviation. Commonly, these mattresses span from 8 to 14 inches in thickness, featuring robust, dense layers at the base for enhanced durability, while a cushiony top stratum ensures sublime comfort.

Hybrid Mattresses

Melding innerspring coils and foam strata, hybrid mattresses ingeniously fuse support and comfort, forging a superior sleep surface. Typically, their thickness spans from 11 to 14 inches, allowing ample latitude for various foam configurations and nestled coils that adeptly balance body weight and nurture optimal spinal alignment.

Recommended Mattress Thickness Range for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers rejoice! When seeking the idyllic mattress thickness, cast your eyes upon options measuring between 10 and 14 inches. Expertly tending to requisite support, timely pressure relief, and impeccable spinal alignment, this spectrum appeals to diverse body types. Bear in mind, though – unique preferences, peculiar requirements, and individual body weights are crucial determinants in forging your bespoke sleep sanctuary.

Comparing Memory Foam And Hybrid Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Pondering the quintessential mattress thickness for side sleepers necessitates evaluating the merits and drawbacks of memory foam and hybrid mattresses alike. Undeniably, both alternatives boast distinct benefits, and an individual’s preferences markedly impact the ultimate verdict.

Memory Foam Mattresses


  • Stellar pressure alleviation, meticulously cradling hips and shoulders

  • Unrivalled motion confinement, ideal for sharing sleep spaces while curbing disruptions spurred by partner movements

  • Extensive assortment of firmness possibilities, effortlessly catering to side sleepers’ distinct inclinations


  • Heat entrapment potentiality, owing to diminished air dispersal amid foam tiers

  • Diminished periphery fortification relative to hybrid counterparts, potentially curbing exploitable dozing domains

  • Scanty elasticity or receptiveness for aficionados partial to more buoyant berths

Hybrid Mattresses


  • Artfully melds the boons of shapely foam strata and fortifying coils

  • Breathable architecture curbs heat conservation while fostering thermal regulation

  • Augmented periphery reinforcement furnishes a more expansive exploitable sleep surface

  • Frequently proffers zoned sustenance, aptly catering to side sleepers demanding softer shoulder and sturdier hip reinforcements


  • Typically commands a heftier price tag relative to memory foam counterparts

  • Inferior motion seclusion, potentially compromising slumber stability for duo doze aficionados

The Effect Of Mattress Firmness On Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, mattress firmness wields considerable influence in ensuring cosy slumbers and impeccable spinal alignment. To avert the discomfort caused by hips and shoulders sinking too profoundly or insufficiently into the mattress, side sleepers necessitate a harmonious medley of comfort and support. 

Generally, medium or medium-soft firmness as the sweet spot is proposed, with the ultimate choice dictated by an individual’s body weight, unique preferences, and sleeping posture.

The Importance Of Pressure Relief For Side Sleepers

As side sleepers exert heightened pressures upon particular body loci, such as hips and shoulders, facilitating pressure alleviation is indispensable in guaranteeing a snug, rejuvenating respite. Opting for bulkier, premium-grade mattresses can bestow this supreme pressure relief, adeptly thwarting discomfort and nocturnal distress.

Proper Pillow Thickness For Side Sleepers

While mattress thickness takes centre stage for side sleepers, the significance of pillow thickness mustn’t be eclipsed. The crux of proper spinal alignment and head/neck reinforcement lies in choosing the ideal pillow thickness.

Side sleepers ought to gravitate towards more voluminous pillows, adeptly bridging the chasm between their neck and shoulders, thereby securing unwavering support.

Best Mattresses For Combination Sleepers

Combo sleepers, ever-shifting throughout the night, demand adaptability in their dreamy abodes. The consummate mattress for such a versatile sleeper ought to lavish support and solace in assorted postures, with medium firmness habitually deemed optimal. 

In the realm of thickness, a 10 to 14-inch spectrum remains favoured, handily tending to both side and combination sleepers. Albeit, the ultimate verdict must consider individual facets, such as body heft, dozing postures, nuanced inclinations, and particular requisites.


What are the benefits of a thicker mattress for side sleepers?

Bulkier mattresses bestow upon side sleepers superior pressure alleviation, tenderly cradling shoulders and hips, whilst pervasive cosiness averts unwarranted sinking and meticulously preserves spinal alignment throughout the slumbering odyssey.

What role does body weight play in choosing mattress thickness for side sleepers?

Body weight exerts a notable influence on mattress thickness – more substantial side sleepers necessitate thicker mattresses, delivering apt support, pressure respite, and indulgent comfort, whereas their lighter counterparts might incline towards a slender mattress.

How does mattress thickness affect spinal alignment for side sleepers?

The mattress thickness profoundly influences spinal alignment for side sleepers, offering ample cushioning with support to preserve the spine’s innate curvature, thereby forestalling uneasiness or potential anguish.

Are there different types of materials used in mattresses with varying thickness?

Yes, mattresses of diverse thicknesses boast a medley of materials like memory foam, latex, innerspring, or hybrid amalgamations, individually proffering distinct strata of solace, sustenance, and springiness.

What is the recommended mattress thickness range for side sleepers?

Ordinarily, side sleepers find the fitting mattress thickness spectrum amidst 12-14 inches, adeptly furnishing steadfast sustenance, unburdening pressure relief, and impeccable spinal alignment throughout their nocturnal repose.


To encapsulate, discerning the quintessential mattress thickness for side sleepers emerges as a cardinal aspect of procuring sublime slumbers and unwavering spinal alignment. Side sleepers should heed their body heft, mattress constituents, and firmness predilections in conjunction with mattress thickness to reach an enlightened choice. 

By contemplating these facets, side sleepers venture ever closer towards that elusive, impeccable mattress, bestowing rejuvenating nocturnal repose.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for perusing our article! And as a parting gesture, we cordially invite you to immerse yourself in our artfully woven exploration of the enthralling domain of firm mattresses for side sleepers. Embarking on this edifying escapade, you’ll unravel the exhilarating nexus of mattress rigidity, body sustenance, and tension alleviation – all vital constituents for attaining that ever-elusive, transcendent sleep.

Allow us to escort you through the salient merits and possible pitfalls of selecting a firm mattress, skillfully enhancing your acumen and equipping you to make the consummate decision, bespoke to your distinctive side-sleeping proclivities. Join us on this captivating quest and unveil the enigmatic key to refreshing, life-enriching nocturnal repose.

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