What Is A Feather Pillow?

Key Takeaways Feather Pillows
Benefits Durability, affordability, and breathability
Common Complaints Lack of consistent support, noise, and potential quill escape
Care Tips Invest in high-quality shell and pillow protector, fluff regularly, and avoid excessive compression
Feather vs Other Pillows Feather pillows offer a different comfort and support level compared to foam or spring-filled pillows

Hello there, sleep enthusiasts! This is Lewis from Dream HQ, your virtual guide through the dreamland of slumber essentials.

Today, we’re sailing to the feathery shores of a rather plucky resident of our bedding universe – the feather pillow. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fluffy ride!

What’s all this Fluff About, Anyway?

Feather pillows, my dear sleep-seekers, are those cushy chaps stuffed with back and wing feathers from our birdie pals, typically ducks or geese.

Unlike their down pillow cousins who prefer the fluff from a bird’s underbelly, feather pillows sport a bit more structure with a distinct quill.

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Durability, Plushness, Affordability – the Feather Pillow Triad

“Are feather pillows any good?” you ask. Good? They’re brilliant! Renowned for their durability and plushness, these feathered wonders could just be the cost-effective comfort you’re after. Now, they might not contour to your noggin like down pillows, but their firm support has its own set of loyalists.

Feather versus Down – The Epic Pillow Battle

Pillow TypeFeather PillowDown Pillow
Fill MaterialStiffer back and wing feathersFluffy underbelly feathers
CharacteristicsAffordable, durable, less moldableSoft, moldable, slightly pricier

The choice between the two ultimately floats on the seas of personal preference. Some may lean towards the downy softness and moldability of down pillows, while others might be swayed by the affordability and durability of feather pillows. Here at Dream HQ, we don’t play favourites – we love all pillows!

Feather Pillows: Watch Out for the Quills

Now, if you’re pondering over a feather pillow purchase, keep your eyes peeled for a quality shell to encase those feathers. Remember, no one likes a prickly wakeup call from an unruly quill! And oh, be ready to fluff these babies more often than their down counterparts.

What Makes Feather Pillows A Dream Come True?

Akin to superheroes, each type of pillow comes with its own set of powers. Let's break down why feather pillows could be your sleep superhero:

1. Durability

We're talking decades here, folks. Yes, you heard it right, your feathery pal could stick around for a good ten years, far outlasting synthetic fillings.

2. Affordability

If your bank account cringes at the thought of splashing out on a down pillow, consider a feather pillow your financial knight in shining armour.

3. Firm Yet Forgiving Support

If you lean towards the firmer side of the pillow spectrum, feather pillows are your trusty allies. They're firm, yet pliable enough to offer a sound sleep.

A white pillow on a grey sofa

4. Breathability

Feather pillows champion airflow, preventing that dreaded sweaty, clammy feeling. Trust me, your skin will thank you for this!

5. Moldability

A boon for side sleepers, feather pillows fold like a dream, nestling comfortably under your neck.

6. Softness

Despite their firmness, feather pillows deliver a plush, soft feeling that’s akin to resting your head on a cloud.

7. Customisable Loft

Fancy a little DIY? Feather pillows let you customise your loft! Just add or remove feathers until you find your “just right” comfort level.

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Still here? Well, Lewis has a little bedtime story for you – the tale of feather pillows, summarised in one nifty table!

BenefitsFeather Pillow
DurabilityLong-lasting; can wear well up to 10+ years
AffordabilityMore affordable than down pillows
SupportProvide firm support; great for those who prefer a firmer pillow
BreathabilityAllow more airflow; less likely to induce sweating or feel clammy
MoldabilityEasily folded to fit under the neck; ideal for side sleepers
SoftnessDeliver a soft, fluffy feeling
Customizable LoftCan be customized to preferred loft by adding or removing feathers

The Flip Side of Feather Pillows

Like every bedtime story, feather pillows have their ‘once upon a time…’ moments, but they also have a few ‘ogres’ lurking. Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Great Deflate

Feather pillows, oh so plush! Until the morning comes, and they squash! Feather pillows may flatten under your head’s weight, causing a dip in support. Not exactly the happily-ever-after you might be after.

2. Sky-High Loft

When it comes to loft, feather pillows reach for the stars. Literally! An overzealous loft may lead to a strained neck or back, turning your sweet dreams into a midnight maelstrom.

3. The Quill Crunch

Quiet as a mouse? Not quite! Feather pillows have been known to make a crunching sound due to their sturdy quills. Not music to your ears if you’re a light sleeper.

4. A Quill Too Far

Be warned, sleep seekers, the quills have a mind of their own. They might venture out of their cosy shell, giving you an unexpected prick. Opt for a high-quality shell to keep these adventurous quills in check.

5. Feather Flattening

Feathers like to play follow-the-leader. Over time, quills can line up, causing your pillow to flatten. Regular fluffing can help, but it might turn into a nightly ritual.

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Before we wrap up, here’s a quick snapshot of our feathery friend’s drawbacks:

ComplaintsFeather Pillow
Lack of consistent supportFeather pillows can flatten under the weight of your head during the night
Too much loftFeather pillows may have too much loft, potentially causing neck and back pain
NoiseFeather pillows may make a crunching noise due to hardy quills
Quills poking throughFeather pillows may have quills that can poke the sleeper; a high-quality shell is recommended
Flattening over timeFeather pillows may flatten over time as the quills line up

Prevent Feather Escape Artists

Ah, feathers! They may be soft, but they can be prickly customers when they try to escape. Here are a few tricks to keep them in check:

1. High-Quality Shell – Your First Line of Defence

Invest in a shell made of tightly woven fabric. The higher the thread count, the better the quill-proofing. It’s the pillow equivalent of a fortress!

2. Pillow Protectors – The Unsung Heroes

These special pillowcases work undercover (literally!). Slipped under your regular pillowcase, their tight weave keeps feathers in their place. It’s like having a secret service agent for your pillow!

3. Fluff and Puff

Make a date with your feather pillow. Fluff it once a day to redistribute the feathers and stop them from lining up and breaking free. Plus, it helps maintain your pillow’s loft. What’s not to love?

4. Easy Does It

Feathers don’t like pressure, and too much of it can cause them to shift and poke through. So, resist the urge to use your pillow as a cushion or sit on it.

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A quick roundup of feather pillow care in one neat table:

TipsPrevent Feathers from Poking
High-Quality ShellA shell with high thread count fabric is essential to prevent feathers from poking through
Pillow ProtectorA tight weave pillow protector helps contain feathers and prevents them from escaping
Fluff RegularlyFluffing the pillow daily helps redistribute feathers and maintain loft
Avoid Excessive CompressionAvoiding excessive pressure on the pillow prevents feather shift and potential escape


What are feather pillows good for?

Feather pillows offer durability, affordability, and firm support. Their breathability makes them less sweaty, plus they’re foldable and customisable to your preferred loft.

Is feather pillow better than foam?

It’s a personal choice! Feather pillows are durable, breathable, and mouldable. Foam pillows, particularly memory foam, contour to your shape for pressure relief.

Are feather pillows good or bad?

Feather pillows are good for their durability, affordability, and breathability. However, they can be bad if you’re allergic to feathers or dislike the occasional quill poking through.

What is the difference between down and feather pillows?

Down pillows use fluffy underbelly feathers of waterfowl and are soft and mouldable. Feather pillows, on the other hand, contain stiffer back and wing feathers.

What are the disadvantages of feather pillows?

Feather pillows can flatten, causing inconsistent support. They may have too much loft, produce noise, or let quills poke through. They may also flatten over time.


And there we have it, our deep dive into the world of feather pillows! We’ve taken a peep under the pillowcase, explored the pros and cons, tackled common complaints, and even shared some top tips on feather pillow care.

  • We discovered that feather pillows offer durability, breathability, and affordability, making them a solid choice for those on a budget.
  • We tackled some common complaints, like the occasional errant quill, but don’t fret – we’ve got you covered with our handy tips on how to keep those feathers contained!
  • We also answered some burning questions you may have had – is a feather pillow better than foam? What’s the difference between down and feather pillows? And of course, are feather pillows good or bad?
  • Finally, we’ve had a peek at other types of pillows like the memory foam and highlighted some external resources for you to continue your sleep journey, such as this informative piece on whether dogs like pillows.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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