What Is An Ottoman Bed?

Key Takeaways

Topic Key Points
Ottoman vs Divan Ottoman beds offer more storage space but can be bulkier. Divan beds are compact but offer less storage.
Buying Guide Consider factors like storage capacity, size, material quality, and gas-lift hydraulics.
Organising Tips Use storage boxes, avoid overloading, and consider the depth of storage space.
Niche Concerns Options available for small rooms and allergy sufferers, and beds that serve as functional art.
Top Picks John Lewis & Partners, Happy Beds Phoenix, and Kaydian Walkworth are some of the top-rated options.
Maintenance Regular cleaning, using a mattress protector, and not overloading the storage are key for longevity.

Hey there, dreamers and snooze aficionados! Lewis here, from Dream HQ. Are you tired of bedrooms that scream clutter? Of course, you are. So, let’s lift the lid on ottoman beds, the hidden gem of bedroom storage solutions.

The Ottoman Bed: More Than Meets the Eye

“An ottoman, you say? Isn’t that like a fancy footstool?” Well, yes, but in the bed universe, it’s a different beast altogether. You see, an ottoman bed is a sly magician of the sleep world. It doubles as a bed and a storage unit. Imagine lifting your mattress like the bonnet of a car, revealing a treasure trove of space underneath. It’s all powered by gas-lift hydraulics, making it a breeze to access that secret compartment.

“An ottoman bed lifts up the base through the use of hydraulics to reveal storage space underneath. The entire area can be used, making it a space-saving sensation, especially for smaller homes and apartments.”

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

Why You’ll Love It: The Storage Saga

Let’s talk turkey, or in this case, storage. If you’ve been coveting divan or drawer beds, you might want to shift gears. Ottoman beds take storage to a whole new level by using the entire space under the bed. Trust me, that’s more room than you’d think. Ever had a mild panic attack while hunting for your winter wardrobe? Well, the ottoman bed is your new best mate.

For more about beds that save space, check out our article on what is a bunk bed.

The Nitty-Gritty: What’s Under the Hood?

Now, not all ottoman beds are created equal. Some come with a simple fabric base, allowing you to pile up your belongings without the floor caving in. That’s a big win if you’re the type who hoards like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, you can choose your style: side-lifting, foot-lifting, you name it. There’s an ottoman bed to fit your needs.

“They come in a variety of styles, colours, fabrics, and opening options. They’re suitable for a wide choice of mattresses.”

Perfect for Small Spaces

Living in a cubbyhole? No worries. Ottoman beds are compact wonders that take up no extra space than a standard bed. Your room will breathe easier, and so will you.

“Perfect for small rooms because they don’t take up extra space.”

To explore other beds that are great for tight spaces, dive into our guide on how to assemble a metal bunk bed.

The Ottoman vs. The World

While ottoman beds are an undeniable godsend for storage, how do they stack up against other beds? Well, compared to divan beds, they’re the Usain Bolt of bedroom storage. And against a standard bed frame with no storage? Don’t even get me started.

For a deeper dive into bed types, you won’t want to miss our piece on the advantages of a triple wooden bunk bed.

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Comparing and Contrasting: Ottoman vs Divan Beds

Ah, the age-old question that’s been boggling the minds of sleep enthusiasts everywhere: Ottoman or Divan? Let’s dissect this cozy conundrum, point-by-point.

Similarities: More Alike Than You Think

  1. Practical Under-Bed Storage: Both ottoman and divan beds give you that sweet, sweet under-bed storage.
  2. Variety is the Spice of Life: Whether you’re into modern chic or rustic charm, both types come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs.
  3. Mattress Mayhem: Got a specific mattress in mind? No worries, both types are compatible with a wide choice of mattresses.
Ottoman bed in a stylish white room

Differences: The Devil’s in the Details

  1. How the Lid Lifts: Ottoman beds come with a hinged lid on the base that swings open. Divan beds, on the other hand, are the drawer aficionados of the bed world.
  2. Storage Galore: If storage were a game, ottoman beds would be the reigning champs. They utilize the entire under-bed space.
  3. Ease of Access: Ottoman beds come with gas-lift hydraulics for effortless access, while divan beds make you work for it—you’ve got to pull out those drawers.
  4. Room Dynamics: Ottoman beds are the space-savers, ideal for smaller rooms. Divan beds, however, bring a contemporary feel and are great for minimalist interiors.
  5. Cost Factor: Quality comes at a price, folks. Ottoman beds are generally more expensive due to the added storage features.

The Final Verdict

So, what’s it going to be, sleepers? Both options bring their own flair to the table. Your choice boils down to personal preferences, storage needs, and bedroom aesthetics.

Summary Table

AspectOttoman BedsDivan Beds
StorageMore storage capacity due to full under-bed space usage.Limited storage with built-in drawers.
Ease of AccessGas-lift hydraulics for easy lifting.Manual drawer pulling required.
Room SuitabilityPerfect for small rooms.Great for minimalist, larger rooms.
CostGenerally more expensive.More budget-friendly.

Buying and Organising Your Ottoman Bed: A Shopper’s Guide

So you’re sold on the idea of an ottoman bed—fabulous choice, daydreamer! But hold your horses, what should you look out for when shopping for one, and are there any red flags?

Factors to Consider While Shopping

  • Storage Capacity: How much stuff do you have? Ottoman beds are practically caverns under a mattress, so think about how much you need to stow away.

  • Size Matters: Measure twice, buy once! Make sure the bed size is a snug fit for your room.

  • Material World: Ottoman beds come in a variety of materials used in ottoman beds, like faux leather, fabric, and velvet. Pick one that tickles your fancy and suits your style.

  • Quality Check: Don’t skimp on quality. A good-quality ottoman bed from a reputable retailer is a long-term investment in sweet dreams.

  • Going Deep: How deep is the storage space? Ensure it’s deep enough for those bulky winter coats or that embarrassing stuffed animal collection.

  • Gas-Lift Hydraulics: This is what makes the magic happen. Ensure the bed has gas-lift hydraulics for that easy breezy access to your hidden treasures.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

  • Shoddy Construction: If it looks like it was put together by a toddler, steer clear.

  • Safety First: Lack of safety features like gas-lift hydraulics is a no-go.

  • The Shallow End: Limited storage and inadequate depth are just not worth your time or money.

Organising Tips: Making the Most of Your New Space

So you’ve got your new ottoman bed. Now what? How do you prevent this spacious new storage area from becoming the junk drawer of your life?

  1. Box It Up: Use storage boxes or vacuum bags to keep your items neat and tidy.

  2. Seasonal Stashing: Perfect for hiding away your winter woollies or even Christmas decorations until you need them again.

  3. Divide and Conquer: Use dividers or compartments to keep your belongings separated and easy to find.

  4. Label Love: Slap some labels on those boxes or bags. Trust me, future you will thank you.

  5. Safety First: Do not—I repeat, do not—overload the storage space. Let’s keep that bed as a dreamy spot for sleeping, not a safety hazard.

Summary Table

ConsiderationsWhat to Look ForRed Flags
StorageAmple storage space for your needs.Limited storage capacity.
MaterialsQuality materials that suit your style.Poor quality materials.
Safety FeaturesGas-lift hydraulics for easy access.Lack of safety features.

Niche Concerns: Ottoman Beds’ Lesser-Known Superpowers

Ever thought about how an ottoman bed can cater to your unique needs? Whether you’re tight on space, battling allergies, or just fancy a bed that doubles as a work of art, we’ve got the lowdown.

For Smaller Rooms: How Do Ottoman Beds Cater to Petite Bedrooms?

  • Space-Saving Wonders: Ottoman beds are like the magicians of the bedroom world. They don’t take up extra space, yet provide an Aladdin’s cave of storage beneath. Ideal for small rooms!

  • The Size Spectrum: They come in all shapes and sizes, from the small singles to double beds, ensuring they fit snugly even in compact spaces.

  • Multi-Functional: Some ottoman beds are like the Transformers of the furniture world—chairs that convert into beds. Perfect for a studio flat or a guest room.

Allergy-Friendly Options: Are There Ottoman Beds Designed for Allergy Sufferers?

  • Material Matters: If you’re a sneezer, you’ll want to look at the material of the bed frame and mattress. Go for hypoallergenic options to keep those sniffles at bay.

  • Allergen-Free Mattresses: Some beds come with mattresses that have kicked allergens to the curb. Achoo-free nights await!

  • Easy-Clean: Materials like faux leather and certain fabrics are easier to clean, reducing the chance of allergens setting up camp.

Artistic and Functional: Can Ottoman Beds Be a Functional Piece of Art?

  • Style Galore: Ottoman beds aren’t just functional; they’re fashionable. With a range of styles, colours, and designs, they can be a centrepiece in your bedroom.

  • Unique Features: Looking for a dash of elegance? Some come with chic wooden frames or decorative stitching.

  • Decor Harmony: Choose an ottoman bed that complements your existing decor for a cohesive, Instagram-worthy bedroom.

  • Pop of Colour: Use the under-bed storage to stash decorative items like cushions or throws, adding texture and colour to your room.

Summary Table

Niche ConcernsBenefitsTips
Small RoomsSpace-saving and available in smaller sizes.Consider multi-functional options like chair-beds.
Allergy ConcernsHypoallergenic materials and easy to clean.Look for allergen-free mattresses.
Artistic ValueStylish and can be a room’s centrepiece.Choose designs that complement your decor.

The Crème de la Crème: Ottoman Beds That Are A Cut Above

Let’s talk high-end, daydreamers! You’ve got questions about the best of the best when it comes to ottoman beds, and we’ve got answers.

Top-Rated Beds: A Round-Up of the Market’s Finest

If you’re in the market for a top-notch ottoman bed, here are some options that have received standing ovations:

  • John Lewis & Partners Montreal Storage Bed Frame: Sleek, modern, and available in an array of colours.

  • Happy Beds Phoenix Ottoman Bed: Equipped with a gas-lift mechanism for that effortless storage access. Available in various sizes and colours.

  • Birlea Castello Ottoman Bed: Elegance is the name of the game here. Comes in a selection of mood-setting colours.

  • Dreams Wilson Ottoman Bed Frame: A timeless classic that never goes out of style. Pick your favourite colour!

  • Kaydian Walkworth Ottoman Bed: If you’re after luxury and style, this is your go-to. Variety of sizes and colours available.

Maintenance and Cleaning: The Path to Longevity

Want to make sure your ottoman bed ages like fine wine? Here’s how:

  • Vacuuming: Empty the storage space and give it a thorough vacuum to bid farewell to dust or debris.

  • Mattress Care: Invest in a mattress protector to shield against sweat, dust mites, and other allergens.

  • Mechanism Cover: A washable mechanism cover for the bed slats will keep the underbelly of your bed dust-free.

  • Storage Tips: Use storage boxes or vacuum bags to keep items neat and protected.

  • Don’t Overload: Keep the bed safe and functional by not turning it into a storage warzone.

  • Dusting: A soft cloth or brush should be your weapon of choice against dust.

  • Deep Cleaning: For more stubborn dust, bring out the vacuum cleaner.

  • Chemical Caution: Always know your upholstery type before going chemical-crazy.

  • Patch Test: Test any cleaning solutions on a hidden area first.

  • Specific Cleaning: Different materials require specific cleaning methods. For instance, use shampoo for cotton and diluted dish soap for microfiber.

Summary Table

CategoryTop PicksMaintenance Tips
Top-Rated BedsJohn Lewis, Happy Beds Phoenix, Birlea Castello, Dreams Wilson, Kaydian WalkworthN/A
Maintenance & CleaningN/AVacuum, use mattress protector, mechanism cover, storage boxes, don’t overload, dust, deep clean, chemical caution, patch test, specific cleaning.


What is the purpose of an ottoman bed?

The ottoman bed is your storage superhero. It uses hydraulics to lift the base and reveal a cavernous storage space. Forget drawers, you’ve got the whole base for your stuff. Ideal for those who want to make every inch of their bedroom count.

What are the disadvantages of an ottoman bed?

While ottoman beds are the wizards of storage, they can be a bit bulky and cumbersome to move. Cleaning around the edges might also turn into a mini workout. So, they’re not the best for the constantly-relocating or the cleaning-averse.

Which is better, ottoman or divan?

Ah, the age-old question! Ottoman beds are like the Mary Poppins bag of storage, but they’re bulkier. Divan beds, on the other hand, are more compact but offer less storage. It really boils down to what you’re after: space or simplicity?

What is the difference between a divan and an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds are storage galore, using the entire base for your belongings. Divan beds play it cool with a few drawers here and there. Ottomans can be a bit of a beast to move, while divans are the nimble dancers of the bed world.

Is an ottoman bed a good idea?

If your bedroom’s crying out for more storage, then an ottoman bed could be your knight in shining upholstery. But if you’re the sort who moves a lot or have space constraints, you might want to weigh your options. Your needs and preferences are the ultimate deciders here.

Wrapping Up the Ottoman Odyssey

Ah, daydreamers, we’ve come to the end of our ottoman bed exploration, and what a ride it’s been! We delved into the nitty-gritty of what makes an ottoman bed tick, from the hydraulic magic that lifts your bed to reveal a treasure trove of storage, to how they stack up against their cousins, the divan beds. We even ventured into the realm of top-rated ottoman beds, spilling the beans on how to keep them looking and functioning like day one.

But it didn’t stop there! We also took a detour into the land of niche concerns, examining how ottoman beds can be both a functional and fashionable choice for petite bedrooms, allergy sufferers, and those of you with an artistic flair. Let’s do a quick recap:

  • Ottoman vs Divan Beds: How they compare in terms of storage, size, and suitability.
  • Buying and Organising Tips: What to look out for and how to make the most of your bed’s storage space.
  • Niche Concerns: Catering to petite bedrooms, allergy-friendly options, and artistic beds.
  • Top-Rated Ottoman Beds: Some of the market’s best choices.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning: Tips for long-term care to keep your bed in prime condition.

Until next time, sleep tight and dream big, snoozers!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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