What Is A Bite Proof Pillow?

Quick Facts Key Details
Definition A bite-proof pillow is a durable, tear-resistant pillow, typically used in dog training exercises.
Purpose The pillows are used for bite training and as a reinforcement tool for desired behaviour during dog training sessions.
Usage These pillows are specifically for dogs and are not meant to be used as regular pillows for humans.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably never heard of a bite-proof pillow.

But if you’re a dog owner or a dog trainer, these special pillows may be part of your everyday vocabulary.

So, for the curious and the uninitiated, let’s delve into what a bite-proof pillow is.

A bite-proof pillow is no ordinary pillow. It is a special type of cushion that can withstand biting and chewing. As the name suggests, it is immune to the gnashing canines of man’s best friend.

Its durability is thanks to the robust materials used in its construction, often jute, which resists tearing and damage. Essentially, it is designed to take a beating, or rather a biting.

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This kind of pillow has multiple handles or grips for easy handling during training sessions, ensuring a trainer’s safety. What makes it more unique is that it’s not intended to cradle human heads during a peaceful night’s slumber. So, if you’ve been biting your pillow lately, this is not the solution.

These pillows are primarily used for bite training, where dogs are taught how to bite properly and in a controlled manner. Interestingly, bite-proof pillows are also utilised as rewards or reinforcements for good behaviour during training, functioning as an effective, tangible motivation.

Dog owners know that their furry friends can sometimes have a voracious appetite for non-edible items. If your pooch tends to tear up or chew through their beddings, a bite-proof pillow can be an excellent tool to redirect this destructive behaviour.

The introduction of a bite-proof pillow into a dog’s life can lead to more controlled chewing habits, and save your mattress, your electric blanket, and your sanity from your dog’s relentless gnawing.

Bite-proof pillows are not just for any dog, though. They can also cater to the specific needs of side-sleeping dogs. Yes, dogs have sleeping positions too! For side-sleepers, they may require a different kind of support, like a hard mattress or a foam or spring pillow, to guarantee a comfortable slumber.

One thing to remember when using a bite-proof pillow is that, like all training tools, it should be used responsibly. It’s not just about creating an indestructible object for your dog to gnaw on. It’s about teaching them control and good habits. It’s about providing positive reinforcement and establishing trust.

Just like how you’d carefully choose the perfect queen size bed or the right type of mattress for a good night’s sleep, the same careful consideration should be made for your dog’s training and wellbeing.

And, if you’re dealing with a case of a pillow-chewing canine, don’t fret! There’s a community of people out there who have gone through the same experience, and you can find discussions and tips on platforms like NeoGAF or TheCatSite, although the latter may be more about feline friends than canine chewers.

Unveiling The Features Of A High-Quality Bite-Proof Pillow

Bite-proof pillows, while primarily used in training man’s best friend, are not all created equal.

There are a few key features to keep in mind when selecting a top-notch bite-proof pillow.

Durable Material

Look for pillows crafted from sturdy materials, such as jute, leather, or French linen, as these materials are known for their tear-resistant properties.

These can withstand the rigours of dog bites, ensuring the pillow’s longevity.

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Heavy-Duty Stitching

The strength of a bite-proof pillow doesn’t just lie in the material used. Heavy-duty stitching plays an equally important role. It should be able to handle the pressure of constant biting and tugging without giving way.

Comfortable Handles

A bite-proof pillow typically has multiple handles or grips for ease during training sessions. Consider those with handles that are not just securely attached to the pillow, but also offer a comfortable grip.


While all bite-proof pillows are designed to be bitten, some pillows go a step further by being chew-resistant. These are perfect if your dog has a history of annihilating pillows.

Easy to Clean

With all the action these pillows see, it’s inevitable they’ll get dirty. Opt for pillows that are easy to clean. Pillows with removable covers or materials that can be wiped down can save you a lot of cleaning trouble.


Lastly, consider the pillow’s size. Larger pillows might be more appropriate for larger dogs or for exercises requiring more space.

By bearing these factors in mind, you’re well on your way to selecting a high-quality bite-proof pillow that meets your, and your furry friend’s, needs.

Pillows FeaturesPurpose
Durable MaterialMaterials like jute, leather, or French linen provide bite and tear resistance.
Heavy-Duty StitchingEnsures the pillow can withstand the pressure of constant biting and tugging.
Comfortable HandlesAllow for easy and secure handling during training sessions.
Chew-ResistantPrevents the destruction of the pillow through persistent chewing.
Easy to CleanRemovable covers or wipeable materials make the pillow low-maintenance.
SizeLarger pillows may be suitable for larger dogs or certain training exercises.

Common Materials for Making Bite-Proof Pillows

As with any specialised tool, the efficacy of a bite-proof pillow largely depends on the materials used in its construction. Here, we delve into the common materials utilised in crafting these durable, chew-resistant pillows.


A popular choice is jute, a natural fibre recognised for its resilience. Known for withstanding biting and tugging, it is an excellent material choice for bite-proof pillows used in dog training.


Leather, renowned for its strength and durability, is another material often used in these pillows. Its inherent toughness helps it to resist damage from dog bites effectively, making it a reliable choice for dog trainers.

French Linen

French linen, a synthetic fabric, is also a prevalent material in the construction of bite-proof pillows. Its unique durability and the ability to withstand biting and tugging make it a top choice for rigorous dog training sessions.

Heavy-Duty Stitching

It’s not just about the main material of the pillow; the details count too. Bite-proof pillows frequently boast heavy-duty stitching to cope with the intense pressure of constant biting and tugging.

Comfortable Handles

Lastly, to facilitate ease of use during training sessions, bite-proof pillows typically feature multiple handles or grips. When choosing a pillow, look out for handles that are not only securely attached to the pillow but also comfortable to grip.

In the end, the best bite-proof pillows combine these elements to create a durable, functional tool that stands up to the test of a dog’s bite.

JuteNatural, durable and able to withstand biting and tugging.
LeatherKnown for its strength and ability to withstand dog bites.
French LinenSynthetic fabric renowned for its durability during dog training sessions.
Heavy-Duty StitchingEnsures the pillow can handle constant pressure of biting and tugging.
Comfortable HandlesFacilitates ease of use during training sessions.

Bite-Proof Pillow vs Chew-Proof Pillow: What’s the Difference?

While both bite-proof and chew-proof pillows are designed to withstand the tough love of our canine companions, they are distinctly different. Here’s how they contrast in their purpose and features.

Bite-Proof Pillow

Bite-proof pillows are designed primarily for training purposes, specifically bite training. Crafted from hardy materials like jute, leather, or French linen, these pillows can resist tearing and damage from dog bites. They often come with multiple handles or grips for easy handling during these training sessions. Size-wise, they may be smaller than their chew-proof counterparts, designed to be manageable within training contexts.

Chew-Proof Pillow

Chew-proof pillows, on the other hand, are built for everyday use as a dog bed or cushion. Their materials, such as canvas or ballistic nylon, are resistant to both chewing and scratching. These pillows often feature double-stitched seams or reinforced corners for added durability, ensuring they can endure regular canine use. Additionally, chew-proof pillows may be larger than bite-proof pillows to provide comfortable lounging space for dogs.

Here’s a quick comparison table to illustrate the key differences:

Pillow TypePurposeMaterialsFeaturesSize
Bite-Proof PillowBite training for dogs.Durable materials like jute, leather, or French linen.Has multiple handles for training sessions.Smaller than chew-proof pillows.
Chew-Proof PillowEveryday use as a dog bed or cushion.Resistant materials like canvas or ballistic nylon.Double-stitched seams or reinforced corners.Larger than bite-proof pillows.


What are bite pillows for?

Bite pillows are primarily used in dog training, specifically bite training. They’re designed to withstand biting and tugging, helping dogs learn proper bite control and providing a safe outlet for their natural biting instincts.

What materials can dogs not bite through?

Certain materials like jute, leather, and French linen are tough enough to resist dog bites. Similarly, synthetic materials like ballistic nylon and canvas used in chew-proof pillows are also quite resilient to dog bites.

Is there a dog bed that Cannot be chewed up?

Yes, chew-proof dog beds are designed to resist damage from chewing. They’re typically made from robust materials like canvas or ballistic nylon and may have reinforced seams or corners to increase durability.

What are bite pillows made of?

Bite pillows are often made from tough, tear-resistant materials like jute, leather, or French linen. These materials can withstand the pressure of biting and tugging during training sessions, making them ideal for this purpose.

How long do bite pillows last?

The lifespan of a bite pillow largely depends on its usage and the materials it’s made from. High-quality pillows made from durable materials like jute or leather and used correctly can last for several years.


In conclusion, understanding the nuances of bite-proof pillows is vital not only for canine enthusiasts but also for individuals seeking to nurture a healthy, disciplined pet. They are an excellent tool in bite training, facilitating dogs in their learning of bite control, and providing a safe outlet for their natural instincts. Additionally, their sturdy construction from materials such as jute, leather, or French linen ensures their durability against dog bites and tugs. Conversely, chew-proof pillows serve a different purpose, offering a comfortable yet resilient space for our four-legged friends to lounge without falling victim to their habitual chewing.

In the course of this enlightening article, we have:

  • Explored what a bite-proof pillow is and its intended purpose.
  • Outlined the key features to look for in a high-quality bite-proof pillow.
  • Delved into the common materials used to make these pillows, like jute, leather, and French linen.
  • Discussed the differences between bite-proof and chew-proof pillows.

We also provided answers to frequently asked questions, offering a brief yet comprehensive guide to navigating the world of bite-proof pillows. For a deeper dive into related topics, you can refer to our earlier articles like “why do I bite my pillow?” and “what is the average lifespan of a mattress in the UK?”. On the other hand, if you’re interested in exploring external resources, NeoGAF and TheCatSite offer fascinating discussions on pillow biting behaviour.

In our journey towards understanding bite-proof pillows, we hope to have shed light on this specialised tool, ultimately enhancing the dog training experience for both dog and owner.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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