What Does Ottoman Bed Mean?

Key Takeaways

SectionKey Takeaway
MechanicsGas-lift hydraulics make lifting easy and provide ample storage space.
Key FeaturesConsider placement, weight, and accessibility when choosing an ottoman bed.
Design ElementsVarious styles available to suit different bedroom aesthetics.
Comfort ZoneMattress choice is crucial for optimal sleep quality.
BenefitsStorage space helps declutter, and materials minimize dust mite risks.
Beyond the BasicsDIY options available; can be more space-efficient than sofa beds.
Cost and Purchasing TipsCosts vary; consider additional charges like delivery and ensure high-quality materials for longevity.

Hey there, snooze aficionados and dream weavers! Ever wondered, what does ottoman bed mean? Well, let’s unravel this bedtime enigma and find out why it’s the hottest ticket in Sleep Town.

The Ottoman Bed Unveiled

First off, let’s get this straight: an ottoman bed is not a relic from the Ottoman Empire. It’s a marvel of modern bedroom design that lifts up to reveal a treasure trove of storage space. Imagine hiding away those piles of clothes, shoes, or even your suitcase of secrets. Yes, you can actually fit a suitcase in an ottoman bed. Talk about a bed that works as hard as you do!

“An ottoman bed is designed to store everyday items, from clothes and shoes to luggage and bedding.”

Ottoman bed in a stylish and well lit room

The Lifting Mechanism: A Feat of Engineering

This is where the real magic happens. The mattress of an ottoman bed sits on a gas-lifting hydraulic mechanism. Just a slight nudge, and up it goes, like a theatre curtain revealing the show underneath. Minimal effort for maximum reward. It’s so effortless, you’d think it runs on dreams! Curious about the specifics? Check out what is an ottoman bed for a deep dive into the mechanics.

The Grand Opening: End vs. Side

Now, hold onto your sleep caps; we’ve got choices here. There are two main types of ottoman beds: end opening and side opening. Both have the same angle of opening; they just pivot from different points. It’s like choosing between a front-row seat and a VIP box; either way, you’re in for a great show!

Space, the Final Frontier

Ah, the never-ending quest for more space. Well, quest no more! Ottoman beds provide greater storage capacity than their divan or drawer bed cousins. They use the entire space under the bed, making them a darling for small rooms.

“Ottoman beds are perfect for small rooms because they don’t take up extra space.”

Dress to Impress

An ottoman bed isn’t just a utilitarian piece; it’s a style statement. With a variety of colours, fabrics, and opening options, you can find one that matches your bedroom’s vibe. And for those worrying about creaky sounds, rest assured that quality ottoman beds come with the sound of silence.

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The Mechanics Of An Ottoman Bed

How Ottoman Beds Work

An ottoman bed is a bed of wonders with a base that lifts up, thanks to the gas-lift hydraulic mechanism. This technology makes the process of lifting and lowering the mattress almost effortless. Whether you want to lift the bed from the foot-end or the side, you’ll discover hidden compartments underneath for storing your treasures. The bed usually comes with a loop handle or strap, making it a cinch to raise or lower the base.

Note: The lifting mechanism is usually powered by gas-lift hydraulics, requiring minimal effort to access the hidden storage.”

Ottoman bed in a stylish white room

Key Features to Look For

When choosing an ottoman bed, don’t just fall for its looks; consider its placement and accessibility too. Make sure there’s enough space around the bed to lift it without bumping into anything. Also, take into account the weight of the mattress and what you plan to store, as this affects the ease of lifting the bed. Here’s a pro tip: opt for beds with 4 gas pistons rather than just 2. Why? More pistons mean more lifting power, making the bed easier to handle.

Design Elements

Ottoman beds aren’t just functional; they’re fashionable too. Whether you’re into the minimalist vibe or looking for something more ornate, there’s something for every style and budget. Frames are generally wooden and made from high-quality materials. Plus, with various finishes like premium faux leather, velvet, and suede, you can easily match the bed to your room’s decor.

“With over 100 finish options, your ottoman bed can be as unique as your dreams.”

Comfort Zone

Let’s talk comfort, dreamers! An ottoman bed is not just about storage; it’s your nightly sanctuary. While the frame contributes to your comfort, the mattress you choose is the cherry on top. Spend time researching different mattresses. Visit stores to test them or take advantage of online sleep trials. After all, comfort is subjective, and your choice of mattress can make or break your sleep experience.

Key PointsConsiderations
Lifting MechanismGas-lift hydraulic technology for easy lifting
PlacementEnough space for lifting without obstructions
Number of PistonsChoose 4 pistons for more lifting power
DesignVarious styles and finishes to match room decor
Mattress ChoiceCrucial for achieving your ideal level of comfort

The Benefits Unveiled

Space-Savvy Solutions

Let’s get one thing straight, snoozers: Ottoman beds are the kings of storage space. This bed is a secret agent in disguise, offering you a hidden world of storage right under your mattress. So if you’re swimming in a sea of clutter, this bed might just be your lifesaver.

“Decluttering isn’t just about tidiness; it’s about improving your health and well-being. Reduced stress, better sleep, and even increased productivity can follow.”

Health and Hygiene

Now, to the nitty-gritty. The materials used in these beds are dust mite-resistant, making them a great choice for anyone with allergies or asthma. Plus, the extra storage means fewer things lying around collecting dust, leading to better air quality in your bedroom.

“Better air quality and less clutter mean fewer allergens and irritants. It’s a win-win!”

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze with these beds. Regularly vacuum the hidden compartments to keep dust bunnies at bay and wipe down the frame with a damp cloth. That’s it! You’re good to go.

Common Problems and Quick Fixes

Alright, time to tackle some of the minor hiccups you might encounter. Experiencing stuck lifts or a squeaky base? No worries. A little lubrication for the lifting mechanism can work wonders. For those pesky squeaks, a few tightened screws or some strategically placed felt pads could be all you need.

Key Benefits & FixesConsiderations
Space-Savvy SolutionsExtra storage to declutter your space, leading to better health
Health and HygieneMaterials resist dust mites, improving air quality
Easy MaintenanceA quick vacuum and wipe-down keeps the bed fresh
Common Problems & FixesLubricate lifts or tighten screws to solve most issues

Beyond the Basics: Unique Insights

DIY Possibilities

Ah, the DIY enthusiasts among us, this one’s for you! Building your own ottoman bed is a challenge, but hey, it could save you a pretty penny. The catch? You’ll need some serious DIY skills and the right tools.

  • Pros:
    • Cost-effective
    • Customisation freedom
  • Cons:
    • Time-consuming
    • Requires woodworking and upholstery skills

Pro Tip: If you’re keen on the DIY route, make sure you do your homework. A well-executed plan can save you time and frustration.

Space-Saving Compared to Sofa Beds

For the city dwellers or anyone short on space, this is your golden ticket. An ottoman bed beats a sofa bed hands down in the space-efficiency game. Why? Well, it takes up only the bed’s footprint, whereas a sofa bed needs room for, well, the sofa part.

Luxury Options

For those who love the finer things in life, there are some luxury ottoman bed brands that’ll make your bedroom feel like a five-star hotel. Brands like Warren Evans and Button & Sprung offer that extra sprinkle of opulence.

Organisation Hacks

Alright, organised dreamers, listen up! Your ottoman bed is a Swiss Army knife in disguise. Here are some creative ways to use it:

  • Store seasonal items like winter clothes or holiday decorations
  • Create a cozy seating area with cushions or a throw
  • Set up a mini workspace with a portable desk or table
  • Keep your pet’s toys, food, and bedding neatly tucked away


Fellow pet parents, you’re probably wondering, is an ottoman bed suitable for my fur baby? If you have a small pet, you’re in luck. Larger pets might find it a bit cramped, so consider the size before making your purchase.

Unique Insights & TipsConsiderations
DIY PossibilitiesRequires skills, but cost-effective
Space vs Sofa BedsMore space-efficient than sofa beds
Luxury OptionsBrands like Warren Evans offer high-end options
Organisation HacksMultiple uses beyond just sleeping
Pet-Friendly?Suitable for small pets; consider size and storage for pet items

Cost and Purchasing Tips

Budgeting for an Ottoman Bed

Ah, the money talk. Look, ottoman beds aren’t exactly pocket change. Why? Because of all those nifty features like hydraulic lifting mechanisms. Expect to shell out anywhere between £250 to £1000 based on size, material, and brand. And don’t forget about those sneaky delivery costs—ottoman beds can be a bit on the hefty side!

  • Factors Affecting Cost:
    • Size
    • Material
    • Brand
    • Additional Features

Heads up, budgeteers: Don’t forget to factor in delivery costs. A penny saved is a penny earned, right?

Alternatives to Consider

Not 100% sold on an ottoman? Fair play. Check out divan beds with drawers or platform beds with built-in storage. They also offer extra storage but might not pack as much punch in the space-saving department as our beloved ottoman beds.

Long-Term Investment?

Alright, let’s talk longevity. A quality ottoman bed isn’t just a purchase; it’s an investment in sweet, sweet slumber and sneaky storage for years to come. But remember, quality is key. Make sure you’re buying from a reputable seller and that the bed is made of top-notch materials.

Final Considerations

Before you swipe that card faster than a cat chasing a laser dot, let’s recap some final considerations:

  • Bed Size & Bedroom Space: Make sure the two are compatible.
  • Material Quality: Don’t skimp on this; your sleep will thank you.
  • Overall Cost: Again, don’t forget delivery fees.
  • Seller Reputation: Read reviews, do your homework.
  • Mattress Compatibility: A bed frame is only as good as the mattress it supports.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Because no one likes a high-maintenance bed.
Key ConsiderationsWhy It Matters
BudgetingOttoman beds can be pricey due to their features.
Alternative OptionsDivan and platform beds also offer storage but may lack in capacity.
Long-Term InvestmentQuality materials and construction prolong the bed’s lifespan.
Final CheckpointsSize, cost, material, and seller reputation should all be considered carefully.


What is the purpose of an ottoman bed?

The main purpose of an ottoman bed is to provide extra storage space without taking up more room. The bed lifts up to reveal a large storage area underneath, perfect for small spaces or those looking to declutter.

What are the disadvantages of an ottoman bed?

While ottoman beds offer ample storage and a sleek design, they can be more expensive than other bed types. Additionally, the hydraulic lifting mechanism may require occasional maintenance to keep it functioning smoothly.

Is an ottoman bed better than a divan?

“Better” is subjective, but ottoman beds do offer more storage space than divan beds. They use gas-lift hydraulics to lift the mattress, providing access to the entire base for storage. However, they are generally more expensive.

What is the difference between a divan and an ottoman bed?

Divan beds have a wooden frame covered in upholstery and usually offer storage in the form of drawers. Ottoman beds use a hydraulic lift mechanism to provide access to the entire under-bed storage area. Divans are generally less expensive but offer less storage.

Is an ottoman bed a good idea?

Absolutely, if you’re short on space or love a tidy room, an ottoman bed is a brilliant solution. It offers substantial storage and a stylish design. However, consider the cost and maintenance before making a decision.

Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Ottoman Bed Guide

Hey, sleepyheads! We’ve had quite the journey exploring the ins and outs of the ottoman bed world, haven’t we? From understanding the hydraulic and gas-lift mechanisms that make these beds a storage treasure trove, to diving deep into the materials that keep those pesky dust mites at bay, we’ve covered it all. Not to forget, we even dabbled in the art of DIY possibilities and how your pets can join in the ottoman fun.

In this comprehensive guide, we explored:

  • The Mechanics of an Ottoman Bed: How they work and what makes them tick.
  • Key Features to Look For: What you should consider when buying an ottoman bed.
  • Design Elements: How they fit into your bedroom’s aesthetic.
  • Comfort Zone: Types of mattresses that go well with ottoman beds.
  • The Benefits Unveiled: How they can help declutter your life and improve hygiene.
  • Beyond the Basics: Unique insights into DIY possibilities, luxury options, and more.
  • Cost and Purchasing Tips: Budget considerations and what to keep in mind before making that purchase.

There you have it, night owls. Whether you’re in the market for an ottoman bed or just daydreaming about your next bedroom makeover, you’re now well-equipped with all the info you need. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh


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