Ultimate Guide To Queen Size Bed Dimensions In CM

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Looking to uncover the exact dimensions of a splendid queen size bed in centimeters? Well, hold on tight because Dream HQ is here to be your guide! Behold our ever-so-comprehensive and incredibly informative guide that boasts the most precise of measurements, while also throwing in some much-needed global size comparisons, top-of-the-line expert insights, and the best advice to help you find your happy space with the perfect bed.

Queen size bed with grey headboard against white bedding. The bed frame is made of wood and the mattress is covered in white sheets and blankets with a few decorative pillows on top. The bed is set in a spacious, well-lit bedroom with light-coloured walls and carpet

Did you know that queen size beds first made their appearance way back in the intriguing 1950s, when people began demanding more spacious and supremely comfortable sleeping solutions. Nowadays, these magnificent beds are found nestled in master bedrooms, guest rooms, and even some studio apartments.

Our guide travels the breadth and depth of delightful highlights, revealing all the compelling reasons that will convince you to incorporate a queen size bed into your space. Thank you for taking the first step towards the mesmerising universe of queen size beds, with the guidance of Dream HQ, your go-to name for excellence in the world of sleep!

Queen Size Bed Dimensions in CM: Standards Unveiled

Do you have a burning desire to know the exact measurements of a ravishing queen size bed in centimeters? Don’t worry, Dream HQ has got your back! A standard queen size bed typically ranges from 152 cm in width to 203 cm in length.

 However, these supremely coveted dimensions may slightly vary in accordance with the manufacturer and the geographic location. Consequently, it’s crucial to triple-check the specific measurements before snagging a luscious queen size bed or the related entourage of sheet and bed frames.

Comfortable queen size bed with blue headboard and wooden frame, dressed in white linens, pillows and blankets, located in a modern, bright bedroom with hardwood flooring and ambient lighting.

In the United Kingdom, the queen size bed truly is a rare and fascinating specimen. Surprisingly, it turns out to be nothing more than a small double bed, measuring in at a stupendously compact 4 feet x 6 feet 3 inches (120 cm x 190 cm). This sharply deviates from the standard queen size bed dimensions in other countries, such as the U.S., where a queen size bed boasts measurements of 60 inches (152 cm) in width and 80 inches (203 cm) in length.

Global Differences In Queen Size Bed Dimensions

When it comes to queen size beds, it’s time to shake things up a bit and tackle the subject of varying dimensions around the world. Did you know that, while the standard dimensions for a queen size bed are typically universally adopted, certain variations can be found in other countries? Let’s revel in an enlightening rundown:

  • In the grand nation of the US & Canada, the standard dimensions are 152 cm in width and 203 cm in length – fabulous!
A queen size bed in a well lit room with white wall and hardwood flooring
  • As for those much-adored Brits in the UK & Ireland, a queen size bed is merely a small double, complete with dimensions of 120 cm in width by 190 cm in length – quite compact!

  • Over in Europe, we’ve got slightly larger measurements of 160 cm in width and 200 cm in length, perfect for a cheeky siesta!

  • And lastly, the stellar Australians & Kiwis enjoy queen size beds that measure 153 cm in width and 203 cm in length – delightful!

    Now, It’s super important to bear these regional disparities in mind, especially when purchasing bedding items from overseas retailers. Let’s spruce up your bedtime routine!

Queen Beds vs. Other Bed Sizes: A Comparison

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect bed size for your space, it’s always wise to conduct a comprehensive comparison. So let’s get into it! Here are some common UK bed sizes to help you cosy up in style:

  • Single: 90 cm x 190 cm
  • Small Double: 120 cm x 190 cm
  • Double: 135 cm x 190 cm
  • King: 150 cm x 200 cm
  • Super King: 180 cm x 200 cm
A woman sitting in front of a laptop, she has a confused expression.

The folks over at the National Bed Federation are responsible for these dimensions, which are widely adopted throughout the UK. However, bear in mind that these sizes might differ in other regions or countries, so ensure you’re perfectly equipped with the right dimensions before you hit the hay!

Tips For Choosing The Right Bed Size For Your Room

The quest to find the perfect bed size is no easy feat! In order to make a choice that satisfies your furniture desires, one must take into account oodles of factors, such as room dimensions, furniture layout, and personal preferences.

 Here are some top-notch tips that’ll put you one step closer to landing the bed of your dreams:

  • Measure, Measure, Measure: Before even thinking about the bed size, measure your room to ensure that it can comfortably accommodate the bed and other furniture. You’ll also want to consider the available walking space around the bed.
A spacious and well-lit mattress store showroom with neatly arranged rows of comfortable mattresses, ranging from king size to twin size, and other mattress types.
  • Frame of Mind: The dimensions of the bed frame will most definitely add additional width and length to your bed, so be sure to factor this into your measurements when planning your room layout.

  • Lost in Bedding: Bedding such as comforters and duvets have a tendency to hang over the bed’s edge, taking up more space. Take this into account when planning the layout of your room.

  • Beauty Sleep: If you’re sharing the bed with a partner or have specific sleep needs, a queen or king size bed may be more appropriate for your needs.

  • Global Compatibility: If you plan to purchase a bed or bedding from foreign lands, always check the dimensions to make sure you don’t end up with a bed that’s too big or too small.

  • Roll out the Tapes: Use painter’s tape to map out the dimensions of different bed sizes on the floor. This ingenious technique allows you to effectively visualise how each size would fit in your room.

  • Money Matters: Don’t forget the budget! Be sure to select a bed size that works within your financial means, since larger beds may end up costing you both in terms of the bed frame and mattress.

By carefully considering all these factors, you can ultimately choose the perfect bed size that provides comfort and functionality while perfectly fitting into your bedroom layout. Happy hunting, sleep aficionados!

Queen Size Bed And Bed Sheet Dimensions Simplified

Now, if you’re in the market for a set of luxurious bed sheets for a queen size bed, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect dimensions for maximum cosiness. 

Here’s a most thrilling rundown of the critical dimensions to keep in mind:

  • Flat Sheet: The perfect fit calls for measurements of 265 cm x 275 cm, so be sure to measure twice!


  • Fitted Sheet: Opt for dimensions of 150 cm x 200 cm x 20-26 cm (however, always double-check to ensure excellent depth that’s ideal for your specific bed size).
A stylish queen size bed, upholstered in light grey fabric. The bed frame is made of sturdy wood and the mattress is covered in white linens with several decorative pillows on top. It is positioned in a well-lit and spacious modern bedroom with hardwood flooring and light-colorued walls. Two nightstands with reading lamps are placed on either side of the bed.
  • Pillowcases: Snuggle up in style with some pillowcases that measure 51 cm x 76 cm.

However, it never hurts to verify the specifications and dimensions outlined on the product description before making your final purchase. After all, you definitely don’t want to end up with sheets that don’t complement the dimensions of your bed, which could throw your sleep game off entirely! Additionally, note that queen size beds might be labelled as king size beds in the UK, just to keep you on your toes. Happy sheet shopping!

Mattress Types: How They Affect Bed Dimensions

When it comes to queen size beds, there are a ton of factors to consider, including the type of mattress you prefer.

 Why not get cosy with our list of the most common mattress types and how they affect the dimensions of your bed:

  • Innerspring: These traditional mattresses are fashioned with steel coils that offer admirable support and a nice bounce. They generally retain their shape and size over time.


  • Memory Foam: Memory foam mattresses conform to the shape of your body, providing exceptional pressure relief and motion isolation. However, keep in mind that they can sometimes fluctuate in size due to changes in temperature.
A spacious and well-lit mattress store showroom with neatly arranged rows of comfortable mattresses, ranging from king size to twin size. The store is full of customers who are trying out different mattresses by lying on them. The walls are painted in a dark colour and the store is well-organised with clearly labelled sections for different mattress types.
  • Latex: Latex mattresses are a great combination of support, comfort, and durability. They’re also renowned for temperature regulation and minimal motion transfer. Nevertheless, just like memory foam,  they might fluctuate in size due to temperature changes.

  • Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses merge the steel coils of innerspring with layers of memory foam or latex to deliver a harmonious blend of support, comfort, and pressure relief. The dimensions of hybrid mattresses remain predominantly consistent; however slight size variations may occur due to temperature fluctuations.

Remember to take these bed mattress types and their unique features into account when selecting your perfect queen size bed!

Accurately Measuring Your Queen Size Bed: Tips and Tricks

It’s time to get down to the real nitty-gritty: measuring your queen size bed dimensions. But don’t break a sweat, just follow these easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy steps:

  • Step 1: Strip the bed of all bedding and get up close and personal with the exact edge.

  • Step 2: Whip out your retractable measuring tape (or your trusty measuring tape), and don’t hesitate to grab a friend to help you out if needed.

  • Step 3: Width measurement – Measure left to right, ensuring your tape is super straight and parallel to the floor.
A measuring tape on a wooden table
  • Step 4: Length measurement – Measure from head to toe, with the tape straight as an arrow and parallel to the floor.

  • Step 5: Height measurement – From bottom to top, make sure the tape is straight as a ruler and perpendicular to the floor.

  • Step 6: Bed frame measurement – If your bed has a frame, measure its dimensions as well, then add these dimensions to the mattress to get accurate overall dimensions for your queen size bed.

  • Step 7: Don’t forget to double-check your measurements for accuracy and consistency.

This measuring marathon will equip you with the correct dimensions to select the perfect bedding for your queen size bed. You’re now a bed dimension expert!

The Guide To Selecting Bedding For Your Queen Size Bed

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold the phone, bedding enthusiasts! We’re are nearly at the finish line of this article, and we’ve saved the best for last: dimensions for essential bedding accessories that fit your regal queen size bed like a glove! Check ’em out:

  • Comforters: If you’re seeking total comfort and warmth on all sides of your king-sized bed, you’ll want to reach for a comforter that measures a whopping 230 cm x 220 cm.

  • Duvet Covers: Similarly, you’ll want to aim for duvet covers with matching dimensions of 230 cm x 220 cm in the UK, the land of kings.
An inviting queen size bed with a plush beige headboard and a wooden frame, dressed in cosy white linens with decorative pillows and blankets. The bed is positioned in a modern and well-lit bedroom with light-coloured walls, hardwood flooring, with a rug.
  • Bed Skirts: Elevate your bedding perfection with bed skirts that match the dimensions of your bed frame, with a drop length that covers the distance from the top of the bed frame to the floor.

  • Pillow Shams: For perfect pillow coverage in the UK, standard UK king size pillow shams should have measurements of around 51 cm x 76 cm. However, always double-check your pillow dimensions to ensure that those shams fit like a glove!

By considering all these dimensions, you’ll be well-equipped with bedding items that perfectly fit and complement your queen size bed, helping you achieve the sleep of your dreams. Sleep tight!


What are the standard dimensions of a queen size bed in centimeters?

The standard dimensions in the UK for a queen size bed it measures 120 cm x 190 cm.

How do queen size bed dimensions vary internationally?

The queen size bed dimensions are an international roll of the dice. In Australia, you’re looking at 153 cm x 203 cm, while in the UK, a modest 120 cm x 190 cm.

What is the difference between a queen size bed and a king size bed?

The most obvious difference between the two is the dimensions. Queen size beds can reign at 120 cm in width by 190 cm in length, while king size beds tower above their queen size competitors at a royal 150 cm in width and 200 cm in length. That extra space can make all the difference for couples who demand more room or even for solitary sleepers who relish an abundance of space.

How much space should I have around my queen size bed?

Leaving enough space around your queen size bed is critical for achieving aesthetics and functionality. Logistics aside, it will also increase your ability for nocturnal bed dance parties! That’s why we recommend a minimum of 76 cm of space to the left, right, top, and bottom of your bed. This breathing room will be super helpful for giving you easy access to your bedside tables, other furniture, and also ensures that you maintain your cool and plush lifestyle. So, go ahead and dance the night away! 

What are the ideal dimensions for a queen size bed frame and headboard?

The dimensions of your queen size bed frame and headboard depend on design and vibe. We suggest going slightly larger than your mattress, like adding an extra 5-10 cm to both the width and length for the frame. Headboards can be all over the place with dimensions, but to keep things chill, go for at least 152-162 cm in width and have fun with your height options, like going for that sweet spot of 60 cm to 120 cm high, depending on your style preferences and the overall aesthetics you’re working towards. So, go ahead and frame those dreams!

Is a queen bigger than a king UK?

A queen sized bed is smaller than a king-sized bed. A queen bed, also known as a small double bed, measures 120 cm x 190 cm (4′ x 6’3″) and is suitable for those who need a wider sleeping space but have limited floor space in their bedroom. On the other hand, a king-sized bed in the UK measures 150 cm x 200 cm (5′ x 6’6″), providing more space and comfort for sleepers.

Is a queen bigger than a double?

In the UK, a queen size bed is not bigger than a double bed. A queen size bed, also known as a small double bed, measures 120 cm x 190 cm (4′ x 6’3″)1. In contrast, a UK double bed measures 135 cm x 190 cm (4’6″ x 6’3″)1. The double bed is wider than the queen size bed in the UK, providing more space for sleepers.


Tally-ho, bedding aficionados! Finally, we arrive at the end of our queen-size bed journey. But before you go drifting off to fluffy dreamland, we implore you to remember some fundamental tips that can only lead to a blissful slumber:

  • Bed Dimensions: To ensure a seamless fit for your queen-size bed, be sure to take accurate measurements. It’s also important to remember the potential for size variations, both locally and internationally.

  • Mattress Types: Be sure to select the perfect bed mattress type that suits your slumber needs, whether it be innerspring, memory foam, latex, or hybrid.

  • Bedding Sizes: To achieve that perfect fit, your sheets and comforters should adhere to the standard sizes. Don’t forget those important sizes, such as fitted and flat sheets, and pillowcases.

By incorporating these tips into your bed-shopping regimen, you’ll be on your way to the perfect sleep environment fit for any discerning sleeper. So, snuggle up, enjoy that cozy bed, and have a wonderful night’s sleep!

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