Foam vs Spring: Which Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers?

Article by Lewis Hugh

Have you ever wondered: Is foam or spring better for side sleepers? 

As you may have guessed, side sleeping is favoured by the majority of people, with as much as 74% prone to slumbering in this posture to obtain a sound night of sleep. 

Yet, selecting the most suitable mattress is more than mere preference. It entails selecting a mattress that provides the necessary support and comfort to maintain proper spine alignment in side sleepers.

However, the choices between foam and spring mattresses can be incessant, and determining the optimal fit can be a daunting task. In this article, not only will we delve into the differences between foam and spring mattresses, but we’ll also scrutinise their pros and cons, thereby helping you decide which kind of mattress is the right fit for you.

Moreover, we’ll provide you with a list of frequently asked questions, related queries, and long-tail keywords to equip you with all the essential information that guarantees an informed decision-making process.

So, are you experiencing pain, hoping to enhance your sleep quality, or perhaps ready to invest in a brand-new mattress? Then keep reading this article to discover all that it has to offer to help you find the mattress of your dreams!

Foam Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Have you ever pondered the perplexing variety of foam types that can be found in a foam mattress, including memory foam, polyfoam, and even gel-infused foam? Each has its distinctive properties, yet all in all, foam mattresses are well recognised for their pressure-relieving, contouring, and motion-isolating capabilities.

Pros Of Foam Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Are you curious about the spellbinding advantages of foam mattresses for side sleepers? Look no further than its unmatched pressure relief, thanks to its ability to scrupulously shape around your body, providing dreamy respite from painful pressure points on the hips and shoulders.

Moreover, the captivating contouring properties of foam mattresses deliver superior spinal alignment, preventing distressing back pain, and ensuring optimal stability while you snooze. 

And let’s talk about minimal motion transfer! Foam mattresses are notorious for its lack of motion transfer, ideal for bed partners, avoiding unnecessary disturbances while you indulge in your peaceful night’s sleep.

Cons Of Foam Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Are you aware of the mysterious downsides of foam mattresses for side sleepers? 

Firstly, the enigmatic heat retention properties of foam mattresses, particularly memory foam, are worth noting. If you’re one of those side sleepers that sleeps hot, foam mattresses might not be an ideal option since they have the tendency to store heat and cause you to toss and turn at night. 

Secondly, foam mattresses characteristically tend to be less responsive and have a slower bounce-back rate compared to spring mattresses. Now, some mysterious side sleepers may find this less appealing since the bed might appear to imprison them into one position.

Finally, there is a secrecy surrounding the durability of foam mattresses. Naturally, superior quality foam mattresses have the potential to last an eternity. However, lower quality foam tends to have a shorter lifespan, deteriorating over time and losing its supportive quality.

So if foam mattresses pique your interest, opt for higher quality foam to enjoy a comfortable sleep without having to replace your mattress after a short period!

Spring Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Have you ever wondered about the top-secret construction of spring mattresses, also called innersprings? These enchanting mattresses comprise a mysterious system of metal coils that offers the primary support layer in the bed. 

The coils can vary in size and shape, including the fascinating pocketed coils known for their individual responsiveness. To enhance comfort and provide a plush sleeping surface, spring coils are typically covered with an array of materials like various foams, fabrics, or other cushioning materials. 

a white mattress with no covers and blanket.

You might want to take note of coil count as well, as the higher the number of coils, the higher the level of support and comfort you’d experience. So, delve into the enchanting world of spring mattresses and feel the magic of metal coils and foams in an amazing sleep experience!

Pros Of Spring Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Get mesmerised by the marvels of spring mattresses for side sleepers! The rare qualities of spring mattresses, in particular, the eloquent responsiveness and bounciness, allow easier adjustments during slumber, which is nothing short of enchanting for active side sleepers.

You’ll be amazed to find spring mattresses also sleep cool, thanks to the increased airflow between the coils. This feature is especially beneficial for side sleepers who tend to feel hot while asleep.

 Last but not least, spring mattresses are typically budget-friendly, making them an alluring option for side sleepers on a tighter budget. With enticing features like these, spring mattresses offer an enthralling sleep experience to help side sleepers awaken to a rejuvenated and refreshed morning.

Cons Of Spring Mattresses For Side Sleepers

Unlock the dark side of spring mattresses for side sleepers! Although spring mattresses have their impressive qualities, there’s no denying their flaws. Prominent among them is the inferior pressure relief capacity of traditional innerspring mattresses, which struggle to align to your body compared to foam mattresses, causing increased pressure points and discomfort. 

Another gloomy aspect of spring mattresses is their inferior motion isolation abilities. Compared to foam mattresses, spring beds are more likely to transfer motion, which can be distressing for side sleepers who share a bed with and prefer minimal disruptions during slumber.

Finally, there’s the vexing issue of inconsistent support. Over time, the coils in spring mattresses might wear down, leading to inadequate pillow support and an uneven sleeping surface, ultimately causing discomfort and disrupting sleep for side sleepers.

Be aware of these negative aspects when considering spring mattresses for side sleeping, and ensure you make an informed decision that prioritises your comfort and needs!

Hybrid Mattresses: A Combination of Foam and Spring

Get ready to unveil the enthralling world of hybrid mattresses for side sleepers! Did you know that these spellbinding mattresses ingeniously mix the benefits of foam and spring beds to deliver exceptional comfort and support? 

A fascinating system of metal coils provides a superior support system, complemented by layers of memory foam, polyfoam, or latex foam for ultimate relief of pressure points along hips and shoulders. 

Hybrid mattresses are a perfect fit for side sleepers since they offer an excellent balance of comfort and support – more than foam or spring mattresses alone. 

So, prepare to immerse yourself in an unparalleled sleep experience fit for royalty with hybrid mattresses!

A pair of hands touching a mattress.

How To Choose the Ideal Firmness For Side Sleeping Mattresses

Get ready to unravel the awe-inspiring secrets of mattress firmness levels for side sleepers! Did you know that choosing the appropriate firmness level is critical for a perfect sleep experience? The recommended firmness levels for side sleepers range between medium and medium-soft, typically rated between 5 to 7 on the firmness scale. 

Fascinatingly, firmness levels within this range provide an ideal balance of softness, comfort, and support to promote correct spinal alignment and relieve pressure points along hips and shoulders. 

So, indulge yourself in an extraordinary sleep experience by selecting the perfect firmness level for your mattress!

Man wearing a blue shirt in a mattress store touching a bed.

Foam Mattresses Firmness

Are you ready to discover the sumptuous secrets of foam mattress firmness levels for side sleepers? Here’s the spellbinding truth – foam mattress firmness primarily depends on the density and size of the foam layers used. 

The greater the foam density, the firmer the mattress, and the smaller the foam density, the softer the mattress. Foam mattresses with multiple foam layers hold the enigmatic ability to offer various comfort and support levels. 

Take for instance, a spectacular foam mattress with a high-density foam base layer for support and a low-density memory foam layer on top for contouring and pressure relief – an exquisite preference for side sleepers. Dive into an extraordinary night’s sleep with the perfect foam mattress firmness level for your side sleeping preferences!


A hand touching a white mattress

Spring Mattresses Firmness

Are you curious about the mysterious forces that dictate the firmness levels of spring mattresses for side sleepers? There’s more to it than meets the eye! Firmness is fiercely influenced by several factors, including coil count, gauge, and coil type. 

The quantity of coils translates to firmer support, with higher coil counts implying more support capacity. 

Gauge, the thickness of the coils, also plays a role, with thicker coils providing firmer support and thinner coils offering a softer touch.

But here’s where things get fascinatingly technical – the coil type! Pocketed coil springs are top of the line and best suited for side sleepers due to their flexible movement and individual responsiveness. 


Pocketed coil springs have the enticing enigma of contorting up and down according to the contour of your body, providing customizable support and pressure relief in the process. With spring mattresses, it is essential to comprehend these variables to choose the perfect firmness level that caters to your side sleeping needs.

How To Choose the Right Mattress For Your Budget

Are you ready to unravel the mysterious secrets of pricing for foam and spring mattresses? Budget-conscious side sleepers might want to take note of the varied price points, depending on the quality of materials used, construction processes, and bonus features. 

Did you know that foam and spring mattresses come in a diverse range of prices, suitable for all budgets, from extravagant to frugal? Be prepared to luxuriate in a world of endless possibilities where quality sleep doesn’t have to break the bank!

A woman sitting in front of a laptop, she has a confused expression.

Price Range For Foam Mattresses

Get ready to plunge into the fascinating world of foam mattresses’ price range in the UK for side sleepers! The varied pricing depends on the mattress size, brand, and materials used, making it a thrilling experience for budget-conscious side sleepers. 

Did you know that you can start your foam mattress journey from as low as £49.99 for a small single size mattress? For a mid-range quality foam mattress, you might want to indulge in prices ranging from £300 to £800 – the ultimate bargain!

But, if you’re searching for a more luxurious sleep experience and willing to splurge, higher-end foam mattresses costing over £1,000 might fancy your interest.

A spacious and well-lit mattress store showroom with neatly arranged rows of comfortable mattresses, ranging from king size to twin size, and other mattress types.

Whichever foam mattress you choose, don’t forget to factor in essential aspects like comfort, support, and durability, with your budget in mind.

Price Range For Spring Mattresses

Are you ready to explore the bewitching world of UK spring mattresses’ price range for side sleepers? Prices depend on the type of spring used, the mattress size, and the brand, making it an intriguing experience for side sleepers on a budget.

Indulging in pocket sprung mattresses is quite a popular preference among side sleepers. A mid-range spring mattress, priced between £500 to £1,000, offers all-foam, hybrid, or pocket spring construction for optimal support, and comfort.

But, here’s where things get more exciting! The brand you choose also impacts the price range, with some high-end spring mattresses costing over £1,000. So, why not live like royalty and bask in the opulence of a luxurious spring mattress! 

A spacious and well-lit mattress store showroom with neatly arranged rows of comfortable mattresses, ranging from king size to twin size. The store is full of customers who are trying out different mattresses by lying on them. The walls are painted in a dark colour and the store is well-organised with clearly labelled sections for different mattress types.

Whatever the price range, always prioritise comfort, support, and durability to make an informed decision while staying within your budget.

Budget Tips for Side Sleepers

Prepare to enter the surreal world of side sleeping on a budget, filled with bountiful tips to ensure a comfortable and restful slumber! To start, side sleepers’ optimal mattress must be soft and supportive, but also budget-friendly. 

Pocket sprung mattresses might not be the best option due to their firmness levels, but instead, memory foam or latex foam might be the ideal choice for a soft, supportive, and endearing sleep.

Don’t forget to factor in the budget aspect! Long-lasting, high-quality mattresses that cater to side sleeping can cost anywhere from £300 to £800, allowing you ample space to explore and pick the perfect option within your budget.


Lastly, the perfect pillow should never be overlooked for neck and spine support and a most restful experience. So, bask in exceptional sleep that doesn’t break the bank with these budget tips for side sleepers!


What is the ideal firmness of a mattress for a side sleeper?

The ideal firmness level for side sleepers is medium-soft to medium-firm, typically ranging between 5 to 7 on the firmness scale. At this point, magic occurs, as the mattress offers a delicate balance of contouring and support, promoting correct spinal alignment and relieving pressure points at shoulders and hips – the perfect recipe for exceptional sleep!

How does foam compare to spring in terms of comfort and support for side sleepers?

Fascinatingly, foam beds offer unparalleled contouring and targeted pressure relief, while spring mattresses provide robust support. Surprisingly, some side sleepers might prefer the spring feel that assists in movement, coupled with enhanced airflow, to the softer sensation of foam mattresses. It’s an enthralling choice that ultimately comes down to personal preferences, so choose wisely!

What are the pros and cons of foam and spring mattresses for side sleepers?

The sweet pros of foam mattresses include exquisite pressure relief, motion isolation, and the eerie silence while sleeping. 

Yet, on the other hand, foam beds might feel stuffy due to their limited airflow, leading to potential heat retention and less edge support – an ultimately compromising situation for side sleepers. 

But don’t worry, the sparkling pros of spring mattresses will have you jumping in excitement! Spring beds offer enhanced airflow, suitable edge support, and unparalleled responsiveness, but come with their own set of enigmatic cons, like inadequate pressure relief and bothersome noise, referring to that slightly annoying creaking sound every time you shift your body weight. 

When considering foam or spring mattresses for side sleeping, bear in mind these pros and cons and discern which quality you desire most to experience the most fulfilling sleep!

Should side sleepers opt for hybrid mattresses?

Hybrid mattresses offer side sleepers the best of both worlds and allow you to experience the benefits that foam and coil beds offer, all while promoting optimal spinal alignment, supreme relief of pressure points, and unprecedented comfort – an absolute dreamland to behold!

What are the different types of foam and spring mattresses available for side sleepers?

Foam mattresses come in diverse forms like memory foam, polyurethane foam, and latex foam, all offering a distinct range of euphoric benefits such as unparalleled cushioning, motion isolation, and responsiveness. 

Spring mattresses come with an equally impressive range of spring systems like pocketed coil, continuous coil, and offset coil that provide unmatched support and airflow for side sleepers with a distinct preference.

What factors should side sleepers consider before buying a foam or spring mattress?

Are you looking for exceptional firmness levels, enhanced pressure relief, optimised temperature regulation, eerie silence, and suitable edge support, all while staying budget-friendly? It’s a majestic yet complex process to find the perfect mattress to accommodate and satisfy your specific sleeping tendencies, but with these factors in mind, you’ll undoubtedly embrace peaceful and restful sleep every night!

Spring mattresses come with an equally impressive range of spring systems like pocketed coil, continuous coil, and offset coil that provide unmatched support and airflow for side sleepers with a distinct preference.

Conclusion: Foam vs Spring for Side Sleepers

Get ready for a wild ride in determining the ideal mattress for side sleepers – A mystery filled with various factors that make it a difficult yet intriguing task! The pressure relief, spinal alignment, responsiveness, heat management, motion transfer, budget, and durability are all enchanting considerations that make this process thrilling.

Foam mattresses offer exquisite pressure relief and spinal alignment, but they might sleep hotter, be less responsive, and offer limited edge support. On the other hand, spring mattresses provide better responsiveness and airflow, are potentially budget-friendly, but may lack optimal pressure relief and motion isolation.

Are you in search of the ‘Holy Grail’ of mattresses? Look no further than the hybrid mattress, which ingeniously fuses the pressure relief of foam with the responsiveness and support of spring mattresses. It’s a perfect example of the best of both worlds and offers an exceptional sleeping experience for side sleepers.

When it comes down to it, choosing the ideal mattress ultimately hinges on determining what you desire in comfort, support, and budget, and selecting a mattress that encompasses these vital factors to result in an unforgettable, peaceful slumber.

If you’re like most people, the quest for the perfect mattress can be quite overwhelming. With so many options on the market today, making an informed decision can be quite a challenge. But worry not, if you’re someone who prioritises exceptional sleep quality, then you need to check out our article on pocket sprung mattresses.

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