What’s The Best Mattress Firmness For Side And Stomach Sleepers?

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Have you ever wondered is a firm mattress good for side and stomach sleepers? 

Fun facts: Did you know that 74% of the world’s population sleep on their side and only 7% of the world’s population sleep on their stomach, quite a stark difference in numbers, eh?

It goes without saying that a restful night’s sleep is imperative, especially for those with a penchant for slumbering on their sides or stomachs, as an uncomfortable mattress can lead to heaps of discomfort and pressure points.

Within this insightful piece, a timeless question will be tackled head-on: Is a firm mattress the a good match for these unique sleeping positions? While we break down the merits and drawbacks of adopting a firm mattress, our team of esteemed sources will provide expert opinions that will aid you in solidifying your next decision when purchasing a mattress. 

If you’re struggling to find the proper mattress, and are someone who often snoozes on your side or stomach, this exploration is not to be missed. Unearth whether a firm mattress is the veritable solution to your sleep predicaments.

Factors To Consider For Side And Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping Position

Did you know that your sleeping position is crucial in determining the optimum firmness of your mattress? Side sleepers would typically require a mattress with softer and pliant material that can conform to the curves of their body, providing ample support while relieving pressure points in their shoulders and hips.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers would need a firmer mattress to keep the pelvis from sinking too low, which could result in spine misalignment and overall discomfort.

The right mattress firmness can play a pivotal role in bringing you a quality night’s sleep and leaving you revitalised for the day ahead.

So, choose wisely and make the most out of your mattress investment.

Body Weight

Believe it or not but your body weight is a factor you should consider when looking for the optimal firmness of a mattress. Depending on your weight, your mattress might need to provide more or less support to maintain proper spinal alignment. 

For instance, heavier individuals might benefit from firmer mattresses that offer resilient support, while those with a lighter weight may enjoy a softer one to maximise enveloping comfort. 

It’s crucial to choose the right firmness to cater to your unique sleep needs and guarantee that you wake up feeling refreshed and revitalised each and every day.

Personal Preference

Did you know that when it comes to choosing a mattress, personal preference is king? Your unique preferences when it comes to comfort and firmness are a crucial factor in deciding the perfect mattress for your sleeping needs. 

Some side and stomach sleepers may gravitate towards firmer mattresses, relishing in their supportive feel, while others may prefer the transcendent cosiness and quality slumber of a softer and more cushioned surface. 

It’s all a matter of individual predilection and what you consider as the most comfortable sleeping experience. After all, a perfect night’s sleep is what we’re all striving for, and your preferences should always be taken into account.

Firm Mattress For Side Sleepers: Pros And Cons

Looking for the ideal mattress to suit your side-sleeping needs? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of opting for a firm mattress to ensure a good night’s sleep.


  • The sufficient support and excellent spinal alignment this mattress offers is one of its hallmark features.

  • Firm mattresses boast superior durability, making them the perfect long-term solution to your sleeping needs.

  • No more annoying partner movement disturbances, thanks to less motion transfer.


  • Firm mattresses might not be the best fit for side-sleepers as they may not contour with the unique curves of their body nor provide efficient pressure relief, possibly leading to shoulder and hip pain.

  • Those with sensitive joints or lymphatic disease might find it uncomfortable as it can be too hard.

Firm Mattress For Stomach Sleepers: Pros And Cons

Curious about the benefits and drawbacks of a firm mattress for stomach sleepers? Look no further as we break down the details below:


  • The potential to prevent the pelvis from sinking excessively, undoubtedly leading to proper spinal alignment and possibly decreasing your risk of back pains.

  • Offers an unfailingly consistent sleeping surface due to force distribution, guaranteeing that you get the best possible slumber every time.

  • Fewer instances of sagging, ensures you get your money’s worth due to the increased durability of a firmer bed.


  • Those with lighter weights or especially sensitive pressure points might experience some discomfort or pressure in the chest or rib areas, leading to an unsatisfactory sleep experience.

  • Occasional switching of position during the night, stomach sleepers might find themselves switching to their sides, leading to a less comfortable sleeping experience.

Alternatives To Firm Mattresses For Side And Stomach Sleepers

There’s no denying that a firm mattress may not be the perfect fit for every side and stomach sleeper, but don’t fret just yet! Exploring an array of alternative options with varying levels of firmness can bring you one step closer to your dream sleep experience. Below, we’ll break down two viable options worth considering:

Medium-Firm Mattress

Looking for the perfect balance between comfort and support? Consider the versatile medium-firm mattress that offers the best of both worlds and caters to an array of sleeping needs. 

This type of mattress is particularly popular amongst combination sleepers, especially those who frequently switch between their stomach and side-sleeping positions. The medium-firm mattress provides excellent pressure relief and contouring for side sleepers while ensuring proper spinal alignment and support for stomach sleepers, avidly working to create a cosy sleeping surface. 


  • A versatile mattress that strikes the perfect balance between support and comfort, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone.

  • Suitable for combination sleepers who frequently switch between side and stomach sleeping positions.

  • Ideal for accommodating a wider range of body types while still providing ample support.


  • Might not provide sufficient support for individuals with more body weight.

  • Different manufacturers may vary the degree of medium-firmness they offer, making it essential to try before you buy.

Customisable Mattress

Ever heard of a customizable mattress? Well, you have now! Some mattress manufacturers now offer models with adjustable firmness levels that are tailored to your unique sleeping needs.

Imagine having a bed that caters to both you and your partner’s preferences and adapts to your changing needs over time! This option is particularly ideal for couples with different sleeping preferences and for shoppers who are unsure of their preferred level of firmness. 


  • Allows for optimal personalisation, providing excellent comfort and support for various sleeping positions.

  • Flexible enough to cater to long term changing preferences as you have the option of adjusting the mattress.

  • Great for accommodating various preferences for couples sharing a bed.


  • The flexibility and extra perks of customisable mattresses often come at a higher price point than standard models.

  • Along with regular maintenance, the possibility of a complex and time-consuming setup may add a layer of inconvenience.


Is a firm mattress good for side sleepers?

A firm mattress may work for some, side-sleepers might prefer a softer mattress option that can provide ample cushioning for their hips and shoulders. A softer surface minimises pressure points and guarantees that you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated each morning.

Is a firm mattress good for stomach sleepers?

For stomach sleepers, finding the right combination of comfortable support and spinal alignment can be like hitting the lottery. Luckily, a firm mattress’s inherent properties can offer the pressure relief and stability this group desires.

What type of mattress is best for combination sleepers?

Combination sleepers will want a medium-firm mattress. As medium-firm mattresses offer optimal comfort and support for all sleeping positions. Enjoy excellent spinal alignment and customised support, no matter how demanding your needs may be.

What causes back pain for side and stomach sleepers?

Have you ever woken up to back pain caused by inadequate spine support and pressure points from your mattress? This is a common phenomenon for side and stomach sleepers, resulting in a less than optimal sleep experience. Don’t let your mattress be the source of discomfort and transform your sleeping game today!

How can a mattress alleviate back pain for side and stomach sleepers?

Did you know that a mattress that strikes the perfect balance between cushion and support can minimise back pain and provide pressure relief for side and stomach sleepers? That’s where the medium-firm mattress comes to the rescue, offering the ideal balance for your sleeping needs.


Don’t let the allure of a firm mattress let you forget about the importance of personalized sleep support! Specific sleeping needs, such as spinal alignment and pressure relief, can overwhelm the benefits offered by a firm mattress. 

Middle-of-the-road options, such as medium-firm or custom-made mattresses, are worth considering, as they offer the ideal combination of comfort and support to meet your sleep needs. Take your time testing various options when selecting a mattress, as careful research and selection will ultimately lead to a dreamy, recharged future

Are you tired of restless nights? Is your search for the right mattress keeping you up? The sheer range of options may make your decision-making process a nightmare. Well, we’ve got you covered. 

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