How To Upgrade Your Bedroom With A Stylish Double Bed?

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TopicKey Takeaways
Choosing the Right Double BedAesthetic and quality are crucial. Durability depends on material and construction.
Styling TipsUse colour combinations, layers, and textures. Consider frame and mattress compatibility.
Room Décor & AmbianceLighting and wall art add character. Storage solutions keep the room neat.
Long-term Care & FAQsRegular cleaning and mattress rotation prolong life. Complementary furniture adds flair.

Hey there, dreamweavers and slumber-seekers! Ready to transform that snooze chamber of yours into a style haven? Well, hang on to your pillows, because we’re diving deep into the world of stylish double beds.

A New Layout, A New You

First off, let’s talk layout. This is the foundation of your bedroom’s vibe. You’d be amazed how a simple shuffle can breathe new life into your space. Swap places between your bed, dresser, and nightstands. Fresh arrangements can unlock new energy, making your room feel like an entirely new space. If you’re wrestling with space constraints, our article on will a double bed fit in a box room has got some genius hacks for you.

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.

Bedding that Screams Luxury

High-quality bedding is your next stop. Think soft sheets that caress you, a comforter that hugs, and pillows that you sink into. But hey, it’s not just about cuddling up; it’s about the look. A stylish duvet cover can complement your room’s decor while adding a dash of colour. If you’re debating whether to get a double duvet, here’s a quirky piece on should I get a double duvet for a single bed that spills the tea on size matters.

Pillows and Shams: The Cherry on Top

Pillows aren’t just for drooling on, people. Decorative pillows add a sprinkle of elegance to your bed. For a double bed, let’s aim for symmetry. Two pillows on each side, fluffed up to cloud-like perfection. And if you’re ready to go the extra mile, invest in some pillow shams. These babies can elevate your bed from ‘eh’ to ‘oh la la’. Curious about what comes next in bed sizes? Take a look at what comes after a double bed.

The Almighty Headboard

Remember when you were told to always stand tall and make a statement? Well, your bed should do that too. That’s where a headboard comes in. Whether you’re going for wood, fabric, or metal, a headboard is the focal point that your room has been yearning for.

Ground Control to Major Comfort

If your floor is feeling lonely, add a rug. It not only warms your tootsies on cold mornings but also adds a layer of texture and colour. For those seeking inspo, House Beautiful has got some stellar bedroom decorating ideas, including rug choices that will knock your socks off.

Light it Up!

Ah, the magic of lighting. The right light can turn your bedroom from a cave into a haven. Pendant lights or stylish bedside lamps can instantly elevate your room’s ambiance.

Art Attack

Last but not least, let’s talk artwork. It’s not just for your living room or hallway. A well-chosen piece of art can add personality to your bedroom. For those in need of some visual cues, this Pinterest board is bursting with ideas that’ll make your room Instagram-worthy in no time.

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Why Upgrade To A Stylish Double Bed?

The Aesthetic Edge

Upgrading to a stylish double bed isn’t just a caprice; it’s a game-changer for your bedroom. Here’s why:

Impact on Bedroom’s Overall Look:

  • Focal Point: Your bed isn’t just a place to crash; it’s the heart of your bedroom. A stylish double bed becomes an instant focal point, elevating the room’s look and feel.
  • Cozy Atmosphere: Who doesn’t want a bedroom that beckons you in? Luxurious bed linen, comfy pillows, and chic throws can turn your bed into a cosy sanctuary.
  • Design and Decor: A stylish double bed isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s a statement. It can add a layer of elegance and sophistication, enhancing the room’s overall aesthetic.

Space and Personal Style:

  • Space Perception: Size matters, snoozers! The right size and design of a double bed can make your room look more spacious than it actually is.
  • Personal Style: Your bed is a canvas for your personal style. Upgrading allows you to express yourself, creating a space that reflects your unique taste.

Your Zzzs Matter Too

Impact on Sleep Quality:

  • Comfort: A double bed isn’t just about spreading out; it’s about quality sleep. More space means less tossing and turning, leading to a more restful sleep.
  • Support: A quality bed isn’t a luxury; it’s a health necessity. Proper alignment and support can improve your sleep posture and reduce discomfort.
  • Reduced Disturbance: If you’re sharing your bed, size can be a peacekeeper. A larger bed minimizes disruptions from a restless partner, making sure both of you wake up on the right side of the bed.

Quick Summary: Why Make the Switch?

AspectWhy It Matters
Focal PointElevates the room’s aesthetic
Cozy AtmosphereMakes the bedroom inviting
Design and DecorAdds a touch of elegance and sophistication
Space PerceptionCan make the room appear more spacious
Personal StyleAllows you to express your unique taste
ComfortMore space leads to better quality sleep
SupportProper alignment can improve sleep posture
Reduced DisturbanceMinimizes sleep disruptions when sharing the bed

The Basics of Picking a Double Bed

Picking a double bed isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. From aesthetics to durability, there’s a world of factors to consider. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Aesthetic and Quality: More Than Just Eye Candy


  • Comfort and Lifespan: The quality of a double bed affects not just your comfort but also its lifespan. Higher-quality beds generally offer better construction and materials, making them more comfy and long-lasting.


  • Style, Colour, and Materials: The design of your bed isn’t just about looking good. It needs to gel with your room’s decor and your personal style. Think colour, style, and material.

Durability: No One Likes a Wobbly Bed


  • Steel Coils and More: The material of your bed plays a huge role in its durability. For instance, mattresses with steel coils tend to last longer.


  • Sturdy Frames and Joints: Ever slept on a squeaky bed? Not fun, right? Ensure your bed comes with a sturdy frame and well-constructed joints to avoid midnight creaks.

Material Matters: It’s Not Just About the Sheets


  • Memory Foam vs Innerspring: Material affects comfort. Memory foam offers body contouring and pressure relief, while innerspring provides more bounce and support.


  • Latex vs Foam: Latex mattresses have a reputation for durability, while foam ones might break down faster.

Sleep Quality

  • Body Pressure and Sleep: Believe it or not, the material of your mattress can affect your sleep quality. Studies have indicated that mattress material can influence body pressure profiles, affecting how well you sleep.

Quick Summary: What to Consider When Picking a Double Bed

FactorWhy It Matters
QualityAffects comfort and lifespan of the bed
DesignImpacts the aesthetic of your room
MaterialInfluences the bed’s durability
ConstructionA well-made bed won’t squeak or break down
ComfortDifferent materials offer varying comfort levels
DurabilityMaterial choice affects how long the bed will last
Sleep QualityMaterial can influence body pressure profiles and sleep quality

Styling Your Double Bed: A Blueprint for Bliss

Colour Me Happy: The Palette of Your Dreams

Eye-Catching Hues

  • Key Colour: Pick a colour that not only catches the eye but also complements your existing décor. You could pull this colour from elements like your patterned bedspread, artwork, or curtains.

Textures and Tones

  • Mix It Up: A blend of textures and tones adds depth and sophistication to your bed. Think quilted pillows, silk sheets, or a chunky knit throw.

Muted Tones

  • Serenity Now: When in doubt, muted tones like beige, grey, and soft blues can never go wrong. They set a calm, serene mood perfect for winding down.

Frame & Mattress: Where Comfort Meets Elegance

Comfort and Elegance

  • The Perfect Pair: Your frame and mattress should be a match made in heaven. Look for a frame that enhances your room’s aesthetic and a mattress that promises a comfy night’s sleep.

Four-Poster Bed

  • Classic or Modern: A four-poster bed exudes elegance. Whether you opt for a timeless wooden design or a sleek modern metal frame, you’re in for a royal treat.


  • Focus Point: A chic headboard can be the star of your bed ensemble. Whether you’re a DIY maven or prefer ready-made, make sure it complements your room’s vibe.

The Budget Factor: Stylish Doesn’t Mean Pricey

DIY Magic

  • Get Crafty: Who says you have to spend big to get that dreamy look? DIY headboards or upcycled décor can add a unique touch.

Affordable Accessories

  • Small Wonders: Little things like throw pillows or a stylish blanket can add a pop of colour and texture without hurting your pocket.

Mix and Match

  • Be Your Own Designer: Feel free to mix and match different bedding sets. It’s a fun and cost-effective way to create a bed that’s uniquely you.

Quick Summary: A Stylish Double Bed on a Budget

FactorStyling Tips
Colour CombinationsOpt for eye-catching or muted tones based on your aesthetic
Frame and MattressBalance comfort and elegance; consider a four-poster bed
Budget-Friendly OptionsUse DIY solutions and affordable accessories

Beyond the Bed—Room Décor & Ambiance: Where the Magic Happens

Setting the Mood with Lighting: Because We All Need a Little Glow

Upgrade Lighting

  • Bedside Bliss: A chic bedside lamp can make or break your reading-before-bed experience. Go for something with adjustable lighting to set the mood right.

Pendant Light

  • Hanging Charm: Want to elevate your bedroom’s style? Consider a pendant light for that extra dash of elegance.

Décor Elements: It’s All in the Details

Layer Pillows

  • Pillow Talk: Layering pillows can give your bed a plush, inviting look. Go for two pillows on each side, neatly fluffed and arranged for that touch of luxury.

Wall Art

  • Speak Volumes: Your walls need love, too. Opt for wall art that ties in with your room’s colour scheme and style. It’s like a tattoo for your walls but less permanent.

Use Mirrors

  • Space Maker: A strategically placed mirror can do wonders for your room. Position one above your bed to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Space and Storage: Because We’ve All Got Stuff

Under-Bed Storage

  • Hide and Seek: Got stuff? Slide it under the bed in storage boxes that match your room’s aesthetic.

Storage Bench

  • Dual Purpose: Consider a storage bench at the foot of your bed. It’s seating and storage rolled into one—how’s that for functionality?

Interior Design Tips: Your Room, But Better

Mix and Match

  • Colour Me Creative: Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours, textures, and materials. A throw pillow here, a blanket there, and voila—your room is uniquely you.

Add a Rug

  • Foot Heaven: A rug can be a game-changer. Pick one that complements your room and is large enough to snuggle under your feet when you get out of bed.

Quick Tips: Your Cheat Sheet to a Stunning Bedroom

Design ElementPro Tips
LightingOpt for a bedside lamp and a pendant light for layered lighting
DécorLayer pillows, add wall art, and use mirrors for depth and dimension
StorageUse under-bed boxes and a storage bench for functional elegance
Interior DesignMix and match colours and textures; don’t forget a complementary rug

Long-term Care and Future Add-ons: Keeping the Dream Alive

Keeping It Fresh: The Art of Bedroom Maintenance

Regular Cleaning

  • Sweep Dreams: Keep your bed spick and span by regularly vacuuming or dusting the frame, headboard, and mattress. This isn’t just about cleanliness—it’s about keeping that new-bed glow.

Rotate the Mattress

  • Flip the Script: Mattresses need love too. Rotate yours every few months to prevent uneven wear and tear.

Protect the Mattress

  • Guard Duty: A mattress protector isn’t optional; it’s essential. Keep those spills and stains at bay while fending off dust mites.

Fluff Pillows and Cushions

  • Pillow Fort: Regularly fluff and rotate your pillows to keep them as cloud-like as the day you bought them.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

  • Shady Business: Sunlight is a bed’s arch-nemesis. Keep it at bay with curtains or place your bed away from direct rays.

Complementary Furniture and Décor: More is More

Bedside Tables

  • Sidekicks: No bed is an island. Choose bedside tables that complement your bed’s style. Perfect for that midnight novel or early morning cuppa.

Dresser or Chest of Drawers

  • Storage Galore: A matching dresser doesn’t just offer extra storage; it ties the room together.

Accent Chairs or Ottomans

  • Sit and Stay Awhile: Add a dash of panache with an accent chair or ottoman. Perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings with a book.

Wall Décor

  • Eye Candy: Be it artwork, mirrors, or floating shelves—wall decor can change the game.

Lighting Fixtures

  • Light Up: Pendant lights, wall sconces, or table lamps can add that final touch of ambiance.

Summary Table: Your Bed & Beyond Checklist

AspectLong-Term Care TipsFuture Add-Ons
Basic MaintenanceRegular cleaning, mattress rotation
Furniture & DécorProtect mattress, fluff pillowsBedside tables, Dresser, Accent chairs
Lighting & Wall DecorAvoid direct sunlightWall decor, Additional lighting fixtures
Personal TouchPersonal accessories like throw pillows, blankets


How do you make a double bed look good in a small room?

Opt for a sleek bed frame and light-coloured bedding to make the room feel airy. Utilize wall-mounted shelves instead of bulky nightstands. Keep decor minimalistic and use mirrors strategically to reflect light. Consider built-in storage options like drawers or ottomans to keep things tidy.

How to make your bedroom look more expensive and bigger just by styling your bed?

Invest in high-quality, luxurious bedding and layer different textures and patterns. Add decorative pillows and cushions for a plush look. A statement headboard can serve as a room’s focal point. Canopies or drapes add a sense of grandeur and elegance.

How do you style any bed making it look more expensive?

For a luxe look, invest in high-quality sheets and duvet covers made of Egyptian cotton or silk. Add layers of textures like velvet or faux fur. A stylish, intricate headboard can also elevate your bed’s appearance. Don’t forget decorative pillows and finer details like a bed skirt or matching shams.

How can I make my bed look stylish?

Start with a neutral base and layer different textures like a chunky knit throw or velvet pillows. Mix and match patterns within a cohesive colour palette. Experiment with pillow arrangements and add a statement headboard. For balance, add matching elements on either side of the bed.

How to decorate your bed like a designer?

Begin with a neutral base and layer different textures and fabrics. Mix patterns but stick to a cohesive colour palette. Play with pillow arrangements and make the headboard a focal point. Maintain symmetry with bedside tables and lamps, and consider adding a bench or ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Wrapping It Up: Your Dream Double Bed Awaits

Congratulations, Dreamers! You’ve journeyed through the wonderland of upgrading, styling, and maintaining a stylish double bed. We’ve covered everything from the impact of a double bed on your bedroom’s aesthetics and sleep quality to the nitty-gritty of choosing materials and durability. Trust us, your bedroom will never be the same—and that’s a good thing!

In this ultimate guide, we delved into:

  • Choosing the Right Double Bed: How aesthetic, quality, and durability play a vital role.
  • Styling Tips: From colour schemes and textures to frame and mattress choices.
  • Room Décor & Ambiance: How to set the mood with lighting, wall art, and storage solutions.
  • Long-term Care and FAQs: Keeping your bed fresh and exploring future add-ons.

And there you have it, Dreamers! May your beds be stylish, your sleep deep, and your bedrooms the sanctuaries you’ve always dreamt of!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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