How To Put A Divan Bed Together?

SectionKey Takeaways
Preliminary StepsInventory check and workspace preparation are crucial for a smooth assembly process.
Solo or Duo AssemblyWeigh the pros and cons of assembling alone versus with a partner.
Headboard and U-Clip AttachmentFollow the step-by-step guide for a secure and stable bed.
Foot Attachment and TroubleshootingLearn how to ensure your bed is level and stable.
Space-Saving StrategiesGet tips for assembling in tight spaces and how to speed up the process.
Ottoman Bed EleganceMaximise your storage space with smart organisation tips.
Comfort and CustomisationTailor your bed to your comfort and style needs.

Hey, there, snooze aficionados and dream chasers! Lewis here, your certified slumber guru from Dream HQ. You’ve decided on a divan bed, eh? A choice that says, “I want style, I want storage, I want SLEEP!” Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of how to assemble this beauty without breaking into a stress sweat.

First Things First: Unboxing Your Slumber Treasure

Unpack that bed, but tread carefully. You wouldn’t want to nick or scratch your brand new sleep haven. Remove all the packaging and dispose of it responsibly. For the eco-conscious among us, check out these green tips for disposal.

Quick Tip: Always, and I mean always, check that you’ve got all the bits and bobs. Missing a screw or a foot? You’re in for a lumpy night.

It’s All About the Base: Insert the Feet

Flip that base upside-down and get those feet in there. Just pop them into the holes at each corner and give them a gentle tap until they click into place. A small screwdriver can be your best friend here if you encounter any blockages. Want to dive deeper into the intricacies of a divan bed base? We’ve got you covered.

Did you know? Originally, divans were long, cushioned seats found in Middle Eastern council rooms. They were the business class seats of the Ottoman Empire!

Drawer Drama: Cutting the Straps

Got drawers? You’ll find fabric restraining straps stapled inside the divan base. Whip out those scissors and cut those straps down the middle. And hey, do us all a favour and remove any extra staples lurking around.

Dream HQ Recommends: Don’t forget to check out how to clean under the ottoman bed for future drawer cleaning tips.

Becoming One: Connecting the Parts

Here’s where it gets juicy, folks. You’ve got a couple of options to connect the two parts of your divan base:

  1. U-CLIPS: Clamp these babies around the timber edges and bring the two halves together.
  2. External Linking Bar: This just screws into the side.
  3. Center Clip: A bit like a jigsaw puzzle, one clip slots into the other.

Want to know how to reinforce a divan bed? Look no further.

Headboard Hustle

Ah, the crowning glory! If your divan comes with a headboard, it’s time to get it in position. Line up the headboard holes with the divan base and tighten those bolts.

Divan Diva Tip: A headboard isn’t just for looks, it adds stability too. So bolt it on tight!

Finishing Touches: A Quick Once-over

You’re almost there, my sleepy friends. Now’s the time for a quality check. Are you seeing sagging, wear and tear, or irregular springs? Head over to this useful external resource about common problems with divan bed bases to troubleshoot.

And make sure to follow the assembly instructions that come with your divan. Because a bed isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life. And on that note, ever wondered how long do ottoman beds last? We’ve got the deets.

Additional Resources

Preliminary Steps for Divan Bed Assembly

Before diving into the world of divan bed assembly, you’ve got some groundwork to lay. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you with a lecture, but these initial steps are crucial for a smooth and safe assembly. Let’s get to it.

Inventory Check

First thing’s first: Ensure that all parts are present before you start assembling your divan bed. Trust me, nothing puts the brakes on assembly like realizing you’re missing a screw or a bracket. Whip out that instruction manual and cross-reference it with the parts laid out before you. Know your bolts from your nuts, your left from your right, and your up from your down.

Divan bed in a white and well lit minimalist bedroom

Workspace Preparation

Now, let’s talk about your workspace. It’s not just where the magic happens; it’s also where you’ll assemble your future dream station. Clear the decks and clean the area where you plan to put the bed together. This doesn’t just give you room to work; it’s about preventing any damage to your new bed or, heaven forbid, yourself.

The Must-Have Tools

Ah, the tools of the trade. The specific tools you’ll need may vary depending on your divan bed’s model. However, here’s a general list of the tools most people find helpful:

  • Rubber Mallet: For those gentle nudges
  • Large Flat Screwdriver: Not just for prying open paint cans
  • Crosshead Screwdriver: Also known as the Phillips screwdriver
  • Pliers: For gripping and pulling
  • Scissors: For cutting fabric straps and opening packages
  • Slotted Screwdriver: For your flat-head screws

Tips on Tool Care and Safety

Last but not least, tool care and safety. Make sure you’re using the right tools for the job and treating them with the respect they deserve. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for tool care and safety. Got a trusty assistant? Even better. It’s always beneficial to have a second pair of hands during assembly to avoid any injuries.

Preliminary StepsKey Points
Inventory CheckEnsure all parts are present and identified
Workspace PreparationClear and clean the assembly area
Must-Have ToolsRubber mallet, large flat screwdriver, crosshead screwdriver, pliers, scissors, slotted screwdriver
Tool Care and SafetyFollow manufacturer’s guidelines and consider having a second person for assistance

Solo or Duo: Who’s Assembling?

Ah, the age-old question: to fly solo or call in the cavalry? Assembling a divan bed is no small feat, so let’s weigh our options.

Pros and Cons of Assembling Alone


  • Work at your own pace: No need to hurry, take breaks whenever you want.
  • No scheduling conflicts: You don’t have to juggle someone else’s calendar.
  • Bragging rights: You get full credit for the masterpiece.


  • Two hands may not be enough: Some steps are easier with a partner.
  • Heavy lifting: Maneuvering some parts could be a real gym workout.
  • Headboard hurdles: Attaching the headboard might require some extra muscle.

If you opt to go solo, remember to take safety precautions. Use a step stool to reach high spots and take breaks to recharge. If you hit a snag, don’t hesitate to call in reinforcements. A second pair of hands never hurt anyone, especially for lifting and maneuvering.

Headboard Hustle

Alright, snooze champs, let’s talk headboards. It’s not just for style; it’s about providing that extra oomph of support. So, how do you attach this thing?

Step-by-Step Guide to Attaching the Headboard

  1. Identify the Headboard Bolts: Locate these in your parts package.
  2. Pierce the Fabric: Use scissors to access the holes for the bolts.
  3. Line Up the Holes: Thread the bolts through and tighten them.
  4. Attach the Plastic Caps: These go on each bolt to secure the headboard and act as spacers.

Common Pitfalls

  • Over-tightening: Could damage the headboard or divan base.
  • Wrong bolts: Could make the headboard wobbly.
  • Misaligned holes: A recipe for a headache, and not just metaphorically.

U-Clip Utilisation

Last but not least, let’s get into U-Clips. These bad boys are essential for holding your divan halves together.

A Guide to Fitting U-Clips Properly

  1. Turn the Bed Halves on Their Sides: Position them so they meet in the middle.
  2. Fit the U-Clips: Secure both halves with the U-Clips.
  3. Flip and Finish: Turn the bed back and crown it with your mattress.

U-Clips are the unsung heroes of bed assembly. If they’re not fitted right, you’re in for a wobbly ride.

Assembly SectionsKey Takeaways
Solo or DuoPros and cons of assembling alone or with help
Headboard HustleStep-by-step guide and common pitfalls
U-Clip UtilisationImportance and proper fitting guide

The Foot of the Matter

Ah, the feet! The literal foundation of your divan bed. Let’s dive right into how to get your bed off the ground and level.

How to Attach the Feet

  1. Identify the Feet: First things first, locate these little footsies in your parts package.
  2. Insert the Feet: Flip that base and start inserting those feet. They should click into place. Struggling? Use a screwdriver to clear any blockages in the holes.
  3. Apply Downward Force: If those feet are playing hard to get, a little downward pressure should do the trick.

Troubleshooting for Uneven Beds

  • Adjust the Feet: If your bed looks like it’s doing the cha-cha, adjust those feet until it’s level.
  • Use Shims: Still uneven? Shims can be your new best friend to level the bed.

Space-Saving Strategies

So, you’re in a tight spot, eh? No worries, we’ve got your back with some solid tips.

Tips for Assembling in Tight Spaces

  • Clear Obstacles: You’ll want as much space as you can muster.
  • Mini Toolkit: Smaller tools can be a big help.
  • Sectional Assembly: Build in sections and maneuver them into place.
  • Tag Team: A helper can hold pieces while you do the heavy lifting.

Efficient Ways to Speed up the Process

  • Preparation: Have all your tools and parts laid out.
  • Follow Instructions: Always a good idea, this ensures you’re not missing anything.
  • Two’s a Company: A helper can double the speed and halve the stress.

The Final Checks

Last but not least, let’s talk about the finish line.

How to Ensure Everything Is Assembled Correctly

  • Tighten All Parts: Double-check to make sure everything is snug.
  • Level Test: Your bed shouldn’t be wobbly or uneven.
  • Drawer Test: They should glide like a dream.
  • Headboard Security: Make sure it’s firmly attached.

Securing Your Divan to the Floor

Although optional, this step can add an extra layer of stability. Use furniture anchors to secure the divan base to the floor, following manufacturer guidelines.

Assembly SectionsKey Takeaways
The Foot of the MatterHow to attach feet and troubleshoot uneven beds
Space-Saving StrategiesTips for assembling in tight spaces and speeding up the process
The Final ChecksEnsuring proper assembly and optional floor securing

Ottoman Elegance

Let’s delve into the world of Ottoman beds, shall we? These marvels of engineering offer an elegant solution to storage woes.

How to Operate Your Ottoman Storage

  • Lift and Reveal: Ottomans are like the magicians of the bed world. Lift the top of the bed and voilà, a vast storage area appears.
  • Piston-Assisted Magic: These beds come with a piston-assisted mechanism that makes lifting them as easy as pie.

Maximising Storage Space

  • Vacuum-Sealed Bags: Ideal for storing bulky bedding and winter wear.
  • Storage Boxes and Baskets: Keep your knick-knacks organised.

Comfort and Customisation

You spend a third of your life in bed, so you might as well make it a comfy and stylish sanctuary.

How to Make Your Bed Comfy

  • High-Quality Mattress: This is non-negotiable for a good night’s sleep.
  • Plush Bedding: The cherry on top of your comfort sundae.

Ideas to Customise Your Divan

  • Headboard Designs: From classic to modern, the choices are endless.
  • Bed Accessories: Throws, cushions, and even LED lights can add flair.

Maintenance and Longevity

A divan bed is like a fine wine; it gets better with age, but only if you take care of it.

Cleaning Tips

  • Soft Brush or Vacuum: Dust be gone!
  • Spot-Clean: For those accidental spills, a mild detergent should do the trick.

How to Make Your Divan Bed Last Longer

  • No Heavy Objects: Your bed isn’t a weightlifting platform.
  • Careful Moving: Dragging your bed can damage the base or castors.
Article SectionsKey Highlights
Ottoman EleganceOperating and maximising Ottoman storage space
Comfort and CustomisationTips for a comfy bed and customisation ideas
Maintenance and LongevityCleaning tips and how to prolong your bed’s lifespan


Is it easy to put a divan bed together?

Yes, assembling a divan bed is usually a piece of cake. These beds often come in two main components: the base and the mattress. Sometimes, the base itself is two parts that snap together. The mattress then rests atop the base. The complexity can differ based on the bed model.

How do you hold a divan bed together?

For keeping that divan bed steady, you’ve got two handy options: a linking bar or U-clips. A linking bar is a metal piece that connects the two halves of the divan base, whereas U-clips are metal clips that clamp around the edges. Both methods are quick and efficient.

How do you attach a divan bed linking bar?

To attach a linking bar, align the two flat ends of the divan base sections. Insert the linking bar into the designated holes and screw it in. Do the same for the opposite side. This ensures your bed base is securely connected.

Can you put a headboard on either end of a divan bed?

Most of the time, yes! Headboards are generally versatile and can be placed at either end of a divan bed. However, always check for pre-inserted fixing holes on your particular model to know where it should go.

How do headboards attach to divan beds?

Headboards typically attach via bolts that go through holes in the headboard and into the divan base. If your headboard uses struts, simply slot them into the base. To secure, align the screw holes on both the headboard and divan base, insert the bolts, and tighten them up.

Wrapping Up the Divan Bed Assembly Journey

Ah, daydreamers and snoozers, we’ve finally reached the end of our divan bed assembly odyssey! From the preliminary steps to the finishing touches, we’ve covered all the nooks and crannies. We delved into:

  • The preliminary steps, which included an inventory check and workspace preparation.
  • Solo or duo assembly options, discussing the pros and cons of each.
  • Headboard and U-Clip attachment, guiding you step-by-step through the process.
  • Foot attachment and troubleshooting for those pesky uneven beds.
  • Space-saving strategies, because we know not all bedrooms are palace halls.
  • Ottoman bed elegance, teaching you how to maximise your storage space.
  • Comfort and customisation tips, so you can make your divan uniquely yours.

We hope this guide helps you assemble your dream divan bed without a hitch. Remember, a well-assembled bed is the foundation of a good night’s sleep. So, take your time, follow the guide, and soon you’ll be drifting into dreamland on your brand new, perfectly assembled divan bed.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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