Does Virgin Voyages Have Double Beds?

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Bed TypesDouble Bed, Sea Bed, L-Shaped Bed
Pros and ConsComfort, Space Utilization, Flexibility
Extra Charges and KidsNo specific info; consult Virgin Voyages
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Hey there, sleep sailors! Ready to set sail into the sea of dreamy comfort? I bet you are! Today, we’re diving into a question that’s been splashing around—Does Virgin Voyages have double beds? Ahoy, let’s uncover the treasure of information!

Anchoring Down the Facts

First things first, let’s get the facts straight. Yes, you read that right, Virgin Voyages cabins do have double beds. Specifically, the sea terrace seabeds offer you that double bed luxury. Talk about maritime luxury, eh? But hold your seahorses, there’s more.

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.

Bed Configuration

Here’s the nitty-gritty. If you’re planning to bring along a crew of four, you’ll need to get cosy. Two people will share a double bed, and the third bed will be a bunk bed. Interesting, right? It’s like your own little floating fortress of comfort.

Here’s how the bed setup looks:

Number of PeopleBed Type
2Double Bed
4Double Bed + Bunk Bed

Flexible Sleeping Arrangements

If you’re travelling with a friend but don’t fancy sharing a bed, worry not! The bed in a sea terrace cabin can be arranged in an L-shape with two twin beds. Yep, you heard that right. It’s like transforming two double beds into a king but on a ship!

Ah, the Amenities!

Virgin Voyages is not just about a place to crash; it’s about the experience. Think about it—USB ports for your gadgets, under-bed storage for your luggage, and room service that would make a five-star hotel blush.

Comfort vs. Luxury: What’s Your Pick?

When it comes to bedding, Virgin Voyages offers a myriad of options. So, what are you looking for? Feather or polyester pillows? Here’s a quick rundown:

Comfort AspectFeatherPolyester
A messy white double bed in a minimalist and well lit room

Setting Sail: How to Book

Now, for the ultimate question—how do you secure this floating palace of sleep? Booking is pretty straightforward. But hey, if you’re looking to upgrade, you might want to check out what comes after a double bed for more luxury.

Don’t just take my word for it. Hop on over to this forum to see what fellow sea travellers have to say about their experience. Trust me, it’s worth a read.

So, there you have it, dreamy voyagers! Virgin Voyages does offer double beds, and they’ve packed in every nautical amenity you could wish for. All set to embark on a journey of ultimate sleep comfort? I know I am!

Now, if you’re curious about other bed types, like whether two single beds make a double or if queen sheets fit a double bed, we’ve got you covered.

Types of Beds in Virgin Voyages Cabins: A Guide to Maritime Slumber

Double Beds: The Standard of Comfort

Let’s kick things off with the good ol’ double bed. If you’ve ever wondered whether Virgin Voyages has double beds, the answer is a resounding yes!

  • Divide and Conquer: One of the standout features is that these double beds can be divided into two twin beds. Yep, that’s right, you can have your bed and sleep on it too.

The Revolutionary Sea Bed

Virgin Voyages has brought innovation into the cabins with the introduction of the “sea bed” or as they also call it, the “transformational cabin bed”.

  • Day to Night Transformation: This full-sized bed magically transforms from a day layout into a slumber haven at night. Imagine lying on a bed that adapts to your daytime lounging and nighttime snoozing. That’s maritime luxury right there!

L-Shaped Beds: Flexibility Meets Functionality

For those looking for a unique sleeping arrangement, the sea terrace cabins offer L-shaped beds.

  • Twin Bed Arrangement: This setup allows you to arrange the bed in an L-shape with two twin beds. It’s your very own modular sleep space on the high seas.

A Quick Note for Larger Groups

  • Four’s a Crowd: If you’re a quartet looking to sail together, here’s how it goes—two of you will share a bed, and the third bed will be a bunk bed. To put it another way, it’s a cosy setup, not a cruise version of a sprawling mansion.

Bed Types on Virgin Voyages: At a Glance

Type of BedFeaturesBest For
Double BedCan be divided into two twin bedsCouples, Friends
Sea BedTransforms from day layout to bedDaytime Loungers, Nighttime Snoozers
L-Shaped BedConfigurable as two twin beds in an L-shapeFriends, Siblings
Bunk BedAdditional sleeping spaceLarger Groups

Pros and Cons of Bed Types in Virgin Voyages Cabins

When it comes to choosing a bed type for your maritime journey with Virgin Voyages, it’s not just about comfort—it’s about how that comfort suits your specific needs. Let’s delve into the pros and cons of each bed type available.

Double Bed: The Classic Comfort Zone


  • Comfort Galore: Ideal for couples or solo travellers seeking a snug sleep space.
  • Flexible Arrangement: The double bed can easily be converted into two twin beds, giving you the flexibility to tailor your sleep setting.


  • Space Hogger: While comfy, these double beds may consume more cabin space than other bed types.
  • Not for Larger Groups: If you’re sailing with a larger crew, the double bed’s limitations become apparent, particularly for families requiring multiple sleep spots.

Sea Bed: The Transformer


  • Day-to-Night Magic: This full-sized bed morphs from a day layout to a cosy bed when the stars come out.
  • Innovative Sleep: Offers a unique sleep experience that’s as versatile as it is comfy.


  • Mystery Zone: There’s limited information available on any downsides, making the sea bed a bit of an enigma.

L-Shaped Bed: The Configurable Cozy Corner


  • Customisable Comfort: Located in sea terrace cabins, these beds can be arranged in an L-shape with two twin beds.
  • Sleep Your Way: Accommodates different sleep preferences, offering an adjustable sleep sanctuary.


  • Information Gap: Just like with the sea bed, specifics on the downsides of the L-shaped bed are scanty.

Quick Summary: Bed Types on Virgin Voyages

Type of BedProsCons
Double BedComfortable for couples, convertible to twin bedsTakes up more space, not ideal for larger groups
Sea BedTransforms from day to night, innovativeLimited information on cons
L-Shaped BedConfigurable as two twin beds, flexibleLimited information on cons

Bed Configurations in Virgin Voyages Cabins: A Transformative Experience

Double Bed: The Twin-Transforming Wonder

Ah, the classic double bed. Not just a comfy haven for couples, but also a versatile sleep solution for friends or family members who prefer their own sleep turf.

  • Two Become One: Or rather, one becomes two. This double bed can be converted into two twin beds, offering a personalised sleep setup for those who like their own space.

Sea Bed: The Queen of Flexibility

The sea bed is no ordinary fixture. It wears many hats—or should I say, sheets?

  • L-Shaped Lounge: By day, it’s an L-shaped sofa, perfect for chilling with a book or gazing out at the endless ocean.
  • Queen or Twins: Come nightfall, the sea bed can be converted into either a Queen bed or two twin beds. Talk about flexibility!

L-Shaped Bed: The Shape-Shifting Comfort Corner

For the fans of L-shaped living, the sea terrace cabins offer something special.

  • Twinning: The bed can be arranged in an L-shape with two twin beds. It’s like having two beds in the space of one, but with a creative twist.

Summary: Transformative Bed Configurations on Virgin Voyages

Bed TypeDay ConfigurationNight Configuration
Double BedDouble BedTwo Twin Beds
Sea BedL-Shaped SofaQueen Bed or Two Twin Beds
L-Shaped BedL-Shaped BedTwo Twin Beds

Extra Charges and Kid-Friendly Sleeping Arrangements: What You Need to Know

When it comes to the financials and kid-friendliness of your maritime adventure, you’ll want to be in the know. Here’s what we could dig up—or should I say, dredge up—from the depths of the internet.

Are There Extra Charges for Beds?

The burning question—are you going to be charged extra for these fantastic sleep setups?

  • Consult for Clarity: Unfortunately, there’s no concrete information available regarding extra charges for bed configurations. Your best bet? Contact Virgin Voyages directly or take a gander at their official website for the most accurate scoop on any potential extra charges.

Sleeping Arrangements for the Little Sailors

Ah, the kids. Are they going to be comfortable or will they be walking the plank (to the sofa)?

  • Ask to Ascertain: Again, the deep sea of information is a bit murky here. If you’re sailing with young ones, it’s advisable to get in touch with Virgin Voyages directly. They’ll give you the 411 on sleeping arrangements for children and any specific policies they may have.

Quick Summary: Extra Charges and Child-Friendly Sleep Spaces

QueryAvailable InformationRecommended Action
Extra Charges for BedsNo information availableContact Virgin Voyages or check official website
Child-Friendly Sleeping ArrangementsNo information availableContact Virgin Voyages for specifics


Does Virgin Cruise have double beds?

Yes, all cabins on Virgin Voyages come equipped with a double bed. The good news? These can be divided into two twin beds, offering flexibility for your sleep arrangements.

Can you get two beds on a cruise?

Absolutely, you can! On Virgin Voyages, the double bed in each cabin can be transformed into two twin beds. Ideal for those who want a separate space to hit the hay.

What is the difference between A and Z on Virgin Voyages?

The provided search didn’t turn up any specifics about what “A” and “Z” refer to on Virgin Voyages. If you’re puzzled, it’s best to consult with Virgin Voyages for clarity.

Which cruise line has the most comfortable beds?

Comfort is a subjective thing, my friends. The search results didn’t point to any particular cruise line as the emperor of comfort. Want to know which line has the dreamiest beds? Dive into reviews or gather personal experiences.

What floor is best to sleep on a cruise?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. The best floor for your sea slumber can vary based on proximity to amenities, noise levels, and how much the ship’s rocking puts you to sleep. Always consult with the cruise line for guidance.

Which cruises have king-size beds?

Our search didn’t provide any specifics on king-size beds aboard Virgin Voyages. If you’re looking for a royal sleep, it’s best to contact Virgin Voyages directly or visit their official website for the low-down.

Wrapping Up Your Sea of Dreams Aboard Virgin Voyages

Ahoy, sleep enthusiasts! We’ve navigated the choppy waters of sleep configurations, comfort, and even the nitty-gritty of potential extra charges aboard Virgin Voyages. This has been quite the maritime adventure, hasn’t it?

From the classic double bed that can be split into two twin beds, to the innovative sea bed and the unique L-shaped bed in sea terrace cabins, we’ve covered a lot of ground. Or should I say, sailed a lot of seas? We’ve also touched on:

  • Bed configurations and their flexibility
  • Pros and cons of each type of bed
  • Child-friendly sleeping arrangements and extra charges
  • A bunch of FAQs to sort out your bedtime queries

So whether you’re a solo snoozer or a family of dreamers, Virgin Voyages has a sleep setup to keep everyone snug as a bug in a sea rug. Sweet dreams and smooth sailing, dreamers!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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