Does A Body Pillow Help With Shoulder Pain?

Key Takeaways

Change your pillowSupports your neck and spineReduces shoulder pain
Don’t sleep on your stomachAvoids strain on your shoulders and neckLess shoulder pain
Change your sleep positionProper alignment of spineReduction in shoulder pain
Consider changing your mattressBetter body supportPrevents shoulder pain
Stretch before bedRelieves muscle tensionEases shoulder pain
Use a body pillowDisplaces pressure across jointsRelieves shoulder pain
Avoid stimulants 5 hours before bedtimeBetter sleep hygienePrevents shoulder pain from sleeping

Hello, folks! I’m Lewis from Dream HQ, your trusty guide in the world of sweet dreams and comfortable nights. Let’s talk about an issue many of us face: shoulder pain. Even worse, shoulder pain when we’re trying to catch some z’s. The culprit? Well, it could be your pillow. Could a body pillow be the knight in shining cotton that we’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out.

Do Body Pillows Soothe Shoulder Pain? 🛌

“According to multiple sources, using a body pillow can help alleviate shoulder pain by displacing pressure across the joints.”

Sound promising, doesn’t it? Body pillows: not just an enormous cuddle buddy, but a potential cure for your shoulder pain!

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Small Study, Big Promise

Here’s something worth considering. A recent study had eight participants sleep on their left side using a body pillow. The results were rather fascinating, revealing a decrease in body pressure across the hips, shoulders, and body. Of course, we must note that this was a small-scale study, so further research is necessary. For now, though, it’s a point in favour of our fluffy friends.

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A c shaped body pillow on a sofa

Picking The Right Pillow

Not all pillows are made equal. Some are designed to support your head and neck, reducing pain and pressure in the shoulders. Whether it’s a shoulder cutout design, or a filling of memory foam or latex for that added support, your perfect pillow is out there!

Confused? Check out this guide on the best pillows for shoulder pain for more info.

Memory Foam or Latex?

That’s a question for the ages. Both have their merits.

  • Memory Foam: Moulds to your body shape, providing excellent support.
  • Latex: Offers firmer support, perfect for back and stomach sleepers.

It all comes down to personal preference and individual comfort needs.

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Do You Need a Body Pillow?

Ultimately, the best pillow for shoulder pain is one that supports your body and helps you maintain a comfortable position for those precious hours of sleep.

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How to Kiss Shoulder Pain Goodbye 😴

Shoulder pain turning your sweet dreams into a nightmare? Don’t worry, Lewis has got your back (and shoulder, of course!). Here’s how you can tackle shoulder pain for a peaceful slumber.

Pillows: Size Does Matter 🛏️

Your pillow could be the culprit behind your shoulder pain. Too high? Too flat? It’s like the Goldilocks story, but with pillows. The right pillow height can make a world of difference.

  • Too High: Neck and shoulder strain. Ouch!
  • Too Flat: No support for the neck, causing discomfort.
  • Just Right: Keeps your spine happy, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed, not pained.

Need help choosing the right pillow? Check out our body pillow guide.

The Stomach-Sleeping Snafu 🔄

Stomach sleeping might feel comfy, but it’s a secret strain on your shoulders and neck. Opt for sleeping on your back or side instead. Your shoulder will thank you!

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Mixing It Up: New Sleep Positions 🔄

Here’s a quick tip for my side sleepers. Make sure your pillow is the right height to support your neck. Pop a pillow between your knees for spinal alignment and lower back support. And if your shoulder’s sore, don’t sleep on it. It’s that simple.

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Time For a Mattress Makeover 🛏️

Too soft or too firm, either way, it’s not doing your shoulders any good. Consider switching to a more supportive mattress. Your shoulder will thank you!

Get insights on mattress choices on naomedical’s guide.

Stretch It Out 🧘

A good stretch before bed can be your ticket to a pain-free night. It helps relieve muscle tension and makes for a more comfortable sleep.

Your Bedtime Buddy: The Body Pillow 🤗

Did you know body pillows are great for relieving shoulder pain? They work by distributing pressure across your joints. Pretty neat, right?

Can body pillows be washed? Of course! Find out how here.

Watch How You Sleep 🧐

Avoid sleeping with your arm under a pillow or elbow overhead. These positions lead to pressure on your shoulder.

Healthy Bedtime Routine = Healthy Sleep 💤

Cut out phone use and TV before bed. Ditch that late-night coffee. A healthy bedtime routine can help reduce shoulder pain.

If your shoulder pain persists, it’s best to visit a professional. Don’t ignore recurring pain.

Summary: Beat the Shoulder Pain! 🥊

TipsWhat It Does
Right Pillow SizeSupports your neck and keeps your spine happy.
Avoid Stomach SleepingPrevents strain on your shoulders and neck.
Try New Sleep PositionsHelps maintain spinal alignment and lower back support.
Change Your MattressProvides proper body support.
Stretch Before BedRelieves muscle tension.
Use a Body PillowDistributes pressure across your joints.
Healthy Bedtime RoutineHelps to avoid poor sleep patterns that can lead to shoulder pain.

Dreaming with Shoulder Pain? Not On My Watch! 🛌

Having shoulder pain is a real pain, isn’t it? But, fret not, there are ways to sleep soundly, even with that pesky shoulder acting up. Here are some top sleep positions to help.

Sleeping Position 1: On Your Back 🛏️

I know, it may not be your first choice, but sleeping on your back can be a real shoulder saver. Place a small pillow or rolled towel under your bent elbow, and let your hand rest on a pillow on your belly.

Want to know more about back sleeping and body pillows? Check this out.

Sleeping Position 2: The Non-Affected Side 🔄

If side sleeping is your thing, switch to the opposite side of your affected shoulder. Two pillows are needed here – one in front of your chest, and another on top of that, going under your affected arm.

Speaking of side sleeping, body pillows are great for side sleepers. Learn more here.

Sleeping Position 3: Pillow Between Legs 🛌

Another tip for my side sleepers. A pillow between your legs keeps your spine happy and supports your lower back.

By the way, did you know body pillows can also help with lower back pain?

Sleeping Position 4: Towel Under Neck 🛌

Rotator cuff pain? Try sleeping on your back with a small pillow nestled between your shoulder blades and a towel under your neck.

Did you know you can bring your body pillow on a plane? Yup, you read it right!

Sleeping Position 5: On Your Stomach 🛌

Stomach sleeping can naturally roll your shoulders forward and take weight off them. This can even help with shoulder blade pain.

Remember, though, the best sleeping position varies from person to person. It’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider for personalized advice.

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Summary: Snooze Without Pain! 💤

Sleeping PositionWhat It Does
On Your BackRelieves pressure on the affected shoulder.
Non-Affected SideAllows you to sleep on your side without irritating your shoulder.
Pillow Between LegsSupports your lower back and maintains spine alignment.
Towel Under NeckIdeal for those with rotator cuff pain.
On Your StomachTakes weight off the shoulders, helping with shoulder blade pain.


How do you sleep with a body pillow for shoulder pain?

A body pillow can be a real game changer for shoulder pain. If you’re a side sleeper, plonk it against your chest and give it a good cuddle. Keep your spine happy by tucking it between your legs.

Is there a pillow that helps with shoulder pain?

Absolutely! Pillows for shoulder pain are a thing. The key is to find one that offers the perfect mix of comfort and support. Some have cut-outs for the shoulder, while others are made from memory foam or latex.

What is the best pillow position for shoulder pain?

For the back snoozers, keep it simple. If you’re a side sleeper, make a pillow sandwich with one in front of your chest and another underneath your affected arm. Got rotator cuff pain? Nestle a towel under your neck.

Do body pillows help with neck and shoulder pain?

They sure do! Body pillows can help ease neck and shoulder pain by keeping your spine smiling. Some studies suggest that body pillows can reduce pressure on your body. But remember, we need more research to say for sure.

Should side sleepers use a body pillow?

Definitely! Body pillows are great for side sleepers. Hug a body pillow against your chest to keep your shoulders neutral. But remember, not all pillows are created equal. Make sure you find one that suits your sleep style and body type.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap this up, remember, snoozing should be a joy, not a pain – literally. But if shoulder pain is keeping you from those sweet slumbers, remember, there’s plenty you can do!

We’ve looked at everything from the perfect pillow, to why stomach sleeping might be your new best friend. Let’s bullet-point this:

  • Tackling shoulder pain starts with your pillow. Too high, too flat, or just plain wrong can lead to a world of discomfort.
  • Don’t stomach sleep. It’s a straight ticket to Shoulder Pain City. Stick to your back or side instead.
  • Re-think your sleep position. Side sleeper? Get your pillow height right. Back sleeper? Pillow between your knees.
  • Fancy a new mattress? It might just help. Especially if your current one is too soft or too firm.
  • Stretch before bed and use a body pillow – it’s not just for snuggles, it helps with shoulder pain too.
  • Say no to sleeping with your arm under a pillow or elbow overhead. It’s bad news for your shoulder.
  • Brew your last cuppa at least 5 hours before bedtime. Stimulants aren’t sleep’s best friends.

Remember, sweet dreams aren’t made of shoulder pain. Use these tips, and your shoulders will thank you!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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