Do UK Hotels Only Have Double Or King Beds? Why Are Single Beds Less Common?

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TopicKey Takeaways
Types of BedsDouble beds are most common, followed by twin and king beds. Single beds are rare.
Room Size InfluenceUK hotel rooms are generally smaller, influencing the prevalence of double beds.
Luxury vs BudgetExpect more bed size options in luxury hotels compared to budget hotels.
CustomisationSome hotels allow you to choose your bed size during booking, but always double-check.
Next StepsTrusted chains like Premier Inn and Travelodge offer reliable bed size options.

Hey there, dreamers and midnight philosophers! Ever found yourself tossing and turning on a hotel bed that feels like it was designed for a toddler? Or maybe you and your partner have spent the night playing a game of human Tetris? Yeah, I thought so. Today, we’re diving into the cushy, cozy, and sometimes confusing world of UK hotel beds. So grab your favourite sleep mask, because we’re about to unpack the big question: Do UK hotels only have double or king beds? And why are single beds the wallflowers of the hotel room dance?

Why All the Fuss About Bed Sizes?

Ah, the eternal question: Why should I care about bed sizes when booking a hotel in the UK? Trust me, snoozers, the size of your bed can make or break your sleep quality. Sharing a small bed with someone? You’re in for a night of footsie whether you like it or not. And let’s be honest, we all value our personal space—especially when snoring’s involved.

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.

A Bed of Many Sizes

Here’s the nitty-gritty. In the UK, you’ll find hotels offering both single and double beds. Twin rooms with two single beds are pretty standard. But don’t be surprised if you walk into a room and find two single beds masquerading as a double. Yep, some hotels just push two single beds together. Why? Because twin rooms offer flexibility. They can easily accommodate two solo travellers or a couple. It’s all about maximising space.

Resource Round-Up

For those of you who want to dive deeper, here are some resources you can snuggle up with:

The Bed Spectrum: Types And Sizes

The Double Bed Delight: What Exactly is a Double Bed in the UK?

Ah, the double bed, the classic choice for couples and sprawling solo sleepers alike. In the UK, a standard double bed measures 4 feet 6 inches wide and 6 feet 3 inches long. But hold your horses—or should I say, pillows? The term “double bed” can be as elusive as a dream; it varies from hotel to hotel. So, it’s vital to check the bed size before booking to ensure it meets your sleep demands.

For the nitty-gritty on double beds, check out what is included in a double bed sheet set.

a stylish bed in a well lit room

The Royal King: The Ins and Outs of King Beds

Do you like living—or sleeping—like royalty? Then the king bed is your throne. Less common in the UK than in, say, the US, a king bed typically spans 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. You’re more likely to find this spacious option in higher-end hotels where they know the value of a good sprawl.

Intrigued? Here’s how to move from a double to a king-size bed without changing the headboard.

The Lone Ranger: Why Single Beds Are the Unicorns of UK Hotels

Now, let’s talk about the single bed, the unsung hero of solo travel. These beds are rarer in UK hotels primarily because they eat up more room space. And as we know, space is at a premium in many UK hotels. But don’t despair, lone rangers; some budget hotels or hostels do offer single beds for the solitary sleeper.

If you’re missing your single bed days, you might find this interesting: After sleeping in a double bed, can you go back to a single?

Why Opt for Double Over Single?

So, why would a hotel in the UK choose double beds over single beds? It’s all about flexibility, baby. Double beds can accommodate both couples and individuals, offering more options for room bookings. Plus, let’s be honest, a double bed just has more room for activities—like starfishing or building a pillow fort.

Other Noteworthy Sleepers: What Else is Out There?

  • Queen Beds: A rare find in the UK, usually measuring 5 feet wide and 6 feet 6 inches long. These are generally featured in more luxurious establishments.

  • Twin Beds: These are your versatile options, often featuring two single beds, but occasionally pulling a fast one with two double beds. Some hotels even push two single beds together to form a makeshift double.

Summary Table of UK Hotel Bed Types and Sizes

Bed TypeTypical Dimensions (Width x Length)Commonality in UK Hotels
Double Bed4’6″ x 6’3″Common
King Bed5′ x 6’6″Less Common, mainly in luxury hotels
Single BedVariesLess Common
Queen Bed5′ x 6’6″Rare, mainly in luxury hotels
Twin BedsVariesCommon

Comparing Apples to Apples—or Beds to Beds

Double Vs King: The Sleeping Benefits of One Over the Other

Ah, the eternal debate: Double or King? If you’re torn, let me lay it out for you, snoozer style. A king bed offers a wider expanse, perfect for those who like to stretch out or perform gymnastics in their sleep. More space often equates to more comfort, especially if you’re sharing your sleep haven.

Not to forget, a king bed can provide better support for the body, which can be a back-saver, literally. That’s right, it might just improve your sleep quality and make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

For a deep dive, explore what is better for quality sleep: a double bed or twin beds?

A Roomy Affair: How Room Sizes Influence Bed Choices

Ever walked into a UK hotel room and wondered why it feels like a cosy cocoon? The average room size in UK hotels is on the smaller side compared to international standards. This snug setting plays a crucial role in the types of beds you’ll find.

Smaller rooms often mean smaller beds. That’s why you’ll encounter more double beds in UK hotels than singles. Double beds are like the Swiss Army knife of the sleeping world—they offer more flexibility and can accommodate two sleepers without hogging all the floor space.

High Rollers and Penny Savers: Luxury vs Budget Hotel Bed Options

Now, let’s talk about the glam life. If you’re splurging on a luxury hotel, expect to find a wider range of bed sizes, including the elusive king and even queen beds. Luxury hotels typically have more spacious rooms, allowing for more bed real estate.

But remember, size isn’t everything! Always check the dimensions before booking to avoid any bedtime disappointments.

For the luxury travellers among you, here’s how to move from a double to a king-size bed without changing the headboard

Summary Table: Comparing Double and King Beds

TopicDouble BedsKing Beds
Sleeping BenefitsGood for smaller rooms, flexible for different types of sleepersMore space, better body support, ideal for couples
Room Size InfluenceCommon in smaller roomsRequires larger rooms, often found in luxury hotels
Options in Luxury vs Budget HotelsCommon in bothMore common in luxury hotels

Customising Your Sleep Haven

Your Bed, Your Way: Can You Pick Your Bed Size When Booking?

Hey there, dreamers! Let’s tackle the big question on your mind: “Can you customise your bed size when booking a room in a UK hotel?“. Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. The freedom to pick your bed size often depends on the hotel’s policies and what’s available at the time. So, some hotels let you choose your mattress kingdom, while others just roll out whatever they have.

For the inquisitive among you, check out what does the phrase ‘double room with double bed’ mean?

Ah, the World Wide Web, a wonderland of online hotel booking in the UK. Websites like are your best mate here. They allow you to filter your search by bed size, room type, and other preferences. But don’t just click ‘Book Now’ without doing your homework. Make sure to read the hotel’s policies and scour those reviews to ensure you’re not only getting the bed size you want but also the best bang for your buck.

UK Hotel Room Deals

Fancy a deal? Who doesn’t! Hotel room prices can swing faster than your mood when you’re sleep-deprived. Seasonal offers, location, and room availability all play a part. Some hotels might even throw in a discount for those who book way ahead or plan a longer stay.

For more on this, explore how to move from a double to a king-size bed without changing the headboard

Quick Tips to Nail the Bed You Want

  • Check bed size options: Know what you’re getting into—literally.
  • Read up: Make sure the hotel’s policies and reviews align with your sleep desires.
  • Use filters: When booking online, sift through options like a pro.
  • Early bird or long stayer: Look out for those discounts or promotions.
  • Direct Contact: If all else fails, ring up the hotel and ask about bed sizes.

Summary Table: How to Customise Your Sleep Haven

Customisation AspectConsiderations
Online BookingUse filters to search by bed size and read hotel policies.
Hotel DealsCheck for seasonal promotions or discounts for longer stays.
Direct ContactWhen in doubt, call the hotel to inquire about bed size options.

The Next Steps

Sleep Easy: Trusted Hotel Chains for a Guaranteed Good Night’s Sleep

Dream seekers, ever wondered, “What are some trusted UK hotel chains where bed size won’t be an issue?“. Fret not! Places like Premier Inn, Travelodge, and Hilton Hotels have got you covered. They offer an assortment of bed sizes, from cosy doubles to sprawling kings. Policies here are designed to make sure you sleep like a baby, or at least a very well-rested adult.

For the curious souls, learn more about why double bed sheets are a must-have for your bedroom

Check Before You Check-In: Making Sure You’re Not in for Any Bed-Size Surprises

Alright, dreamers, let’s answer the burning question: “How can I make sure the bed size meets my expectations before checking in?“. Well, here’s your checklist:

  1. Visit the Hotel’s Website: Look for bed size info. If it’s not there, move to step 2.
  2. Contact the Hotel: A quick call can clear up a lot of sleep-related anxieties.
  3. Read Reviews and Policies: Others’ nightmares could help you avoid your own.
  4. Use Filters: Online booking platforms often let you sort by bed type.

Problem-Solving in Pyjamas: What to Do if The Bed Isn’t What You Hoped For

Life happens, and sometimes that dream bed turns into a bit of a nightmare. So, “What should I do if I’m unhappy with the bed size upon arriving at the hotel?“. Simple. Speak up! Most hotels are more than willing to swap rooms or beds if they can. If not, you might even score a refund or some form of compensation.

For more on bed swaps, find out can you put a king-size mattress on a double bed?

Curious about “Are there any upcoming trends in bed sizes or features in UK hotels?“. While there’s nothing Earth-shattering on the horizon, hotels are always aiming to up their sleep game. Think adjustable firmness or even temperature-controlled beds. The future looks comfy, folks!

Dream Deals: Where to Score the Best Hotel Room Deals for King Beds

Last but not least, “Where can I find the best deals for hotel rooms with king beds in the UK?“. Online platforms like and Expedia are your treasure chests. Look out for discounts, especially when booking well in advance or for longer stays. But, always, and I mean always, read those reviews and policies.

Summary Table: Your Guide to a Dreamy Hotel Stay in the UK

Next StepsAction Plan
Trusted ChainsOpt for hotels like Premier Inn, Travelodge, or Hilton Hotels.
Pre-Check-InCheck bed sizes online or contact the hotel directly.
Problem SolvingSpeak to hotel staff if bed size is an issue.
Future TrendsKeep an eye out for new bed features like adjustable firmness.
Scoring DealsUse online platforms and read policies to find the best deals.


What is the most common bed size in a hotel?

The most common bed size in UK hotels is the double bed. Double beds offer a sweet spot of comfort and practicality, accommodating two individuals without taking up too much room space. It’s the go-to choice for flexibility.

Why do so many hotels have double beds?

Double beds are the darling of the UK hotel scene. They offer a comfy middle ground, spacious enough for couples and flexible enough for sharers. Plus, they’re more efficient when it comes to room real estate.

Why do hotels put 2 single beds together?

Ah, the European way! In the UK and across Europe, it’s common to push two single beds together to create a makeshift double. This offers the ultimate in sleep flexibility. You can be close, but not too close, to your snooze buddy.

Why are hotel beds different?

Hotel beds are a mixed bag due to factors like location, target guests, and hotel budget. From twins to kings, the variety is endless. Always check bed specs before booking to make sure you’re in for a dreamy night.

What size bed is in a standard hotel room?

In the standard UK hotel room, you’re most likely to find a double bed. These beds are the hotel industry’s bread and butter, balancing comfort and space efficiency. Twin beds trail closely behind in the popularity contest.

Wrapping It Up: Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding UK Hotel Beds

Well, my dear snoozers and dreamers, you’ve ventured through the labyrinthine world of UK hotel beds with me, and I dare say we’ve demystified a thing or two. We’ve talked about the variety of bed sizes you can expect in UK hotels, from the cosy double beds to the more opulent king beds, and even the elusive single beds. We’ve also touched on the impact of room size on bed choices and dabbled in the luxurious realm of what you can expect from high-end hotels versus budget stays.

This article covered some sleep-inducing topics that’ll help you book your next UK hotel room with confidence:

  • Types of Beds: Double, king, queen, and twin beds, oh my!
  • Room Size Influence: How the size of the UK hotel room plays a role in the bed you’ll be getting.
  • Luxury vs Budget: The bed options you can expect based on how much you’re willing to splurge.
  • Customisation: Tips and tricks to make sure you get the bed of your dreams.
  • Next Steps: The trusted chains for bed reliability and tips for a smooth booking experience.

So there you have it, folks! May your next hotel booking in the UK be just as dreamy as you’d hoped. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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