Do Two Double Beds Make A King?

Key Takeaways

TopicKey Points
Double Beds vs KingTwo double beds create a unique size but don’t match king or queen dimensions.
Platform BedsOffer a modern look and good support but have limitations like a firmer feel.
Creating a King-Size BedOptions include purchasing a king-size frame, building one, or using twin XL mattresses.
Pros and ConsDifferent setups offer varied benefits and drawbacks in cost, comfort, and aesthetics.

Hello, dear snoozers! Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a bedroom conundrum, pondering if two double beds make a king? Well, technically no, but grab your sleeping crowns, because today at Dream HQ, we’re diving into the royal realm of bed sizes.

The Sleeping Puzzle: Double Beds

A double bed is a popular choice for many, but are all double beds the same size? Not exactly. A standard double bed typically measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long. Perfect for single sleepers or cosy couples, but can 2 adults sleep in a double bed? That’s another slumber tale.

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.

The Majestic King-Size Bed

A king-size bed, on the other hand, stretches out to 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. It’s a majestic choice for those who love space in their sleep kingdom. But here’s where the curiosity creeps in. If you combine two double beds, what magical sleeping creation will you craft?

Let’s break it down with some sleep science and a table of truth:

Bed TypeWidth (inches)Length (inches)
Double Bed5475
King-Size Bed7680

When you put two double beds together, you create a bed wider than a king-size but shorter in length by about 5 inches. Now, isn’t that a quirky sleep equation?

The Twin XL Solution

If your royal goal is to create a king-size bed, consider using two twin XL mattresses instead. Purple has some fascinating insights into this sleeping alchemy. Twin XL mattresses have the same width as a standard twin bed but are longer, measuring 80 inches in length. With two twin XLs, you can achieve the dimensions of a king-size bed.

Historical Bedtime Stories

The quest for the perfect bed size is not a new one. When did double beds become popular? Or even better, when was the double bed invented? These are slumber tales woven through time.

For more bedtime queries, explore can double sheets fit a queen bed or even do two single beds make a double?.

The Royal Experiment: Using Two Double Beds To Make A King

Ah, the creative minds of slumber enthusiasts never cease to amaze! Join me, dear dreamers, as we explore the intriguing experiment of combining two double beds to make a king bed. Is this a dream come true or a bedtime blunder? Let’s unravel the sleep mystery!

Pros: The Golden Dreams

The idea of transforming two double beds into a king may seem like a fairy tale solution, but it does come with some delightful perks:

  • Cost-effective: Why splurge on a king when you can craft one from two double beds? It’s a budget-friendly way to achieve royal comfort.
  • Customizable: Sleep like a monarch with two different types of mattresses. Choose varying firmness levels to tailor a bed that suits your individual preferences. Now, that’s truly regal!
A messy white double bed in a minimalist and well lit room
  • Easy to move: Unlike the hefty king-size bed, two double beds are nimble and easy to manoeuvre. Perfect for those who love to rearrange their sleep chambers.

Cons: The Slumber Hurdles

But wait, dear dreamers, not all is golden in this sleep kingdom. There are some slumber hurdles to consider:

  • Size Matters: Two double beds put together will be wider than a king-size bed but shorter in length by about 5 inches. Can double bed fit queen frame? Not quite, and it may not be suitable for taller individuals either.
  • Gap in the Middle: That sneaky gap where the two beds meet might just steal your sweet dreams away. It can be uncomfortable and disrupt your slumber.
  • Sheets and Bedding: Do queen sheets fit a double bed? Probably not. Finding the right fit for this unique creation can be a royal pain.

Split King Beds: A Different Tale

It’s essential not to confuse this inventive setup with a split king bed, a popular choice among couples. A split king consists of two twin XL mattresses, held in place by connectors, providing a customizable and stable sleeping experience. You can learn more about this comfy concoction here.

The Royal Summary: Pros and Cons Table

CustomizabilityCustomizable firmness levels 
Size Wider but shorter by 5 inches
Comfort Gap in the middle
Bedding Challenging to find sheets and bedding

Crafting a King-Size Bed: The Royal Options

Greetings, dear dreamers and sleep architects! Are you on a quest to create a king-size bed, but the fusion of two double beds doesn’t quite tickle your slumber fancy? Fear not, for I have a treasure trove of options to help you build your dream kingdom of comfort.

Option 1: Purchase a King-Size Bed Frame

Sometimes, simplicity reigns supreme. If you’re seeking the straightforward path to king-size comfort:

  • Buy a King-Size Bed Frame: Wander through the market or explore online to find a majestic king-size bed frame designed to fit the royal mattress itself.
  • Choose Your Style: From ornate carvings to sleek modern lines, there’s a design to suit every dreamer’s taste.
  • Add Your Mattress: Once the frame is in place, all that’s left is to crown it with your favourite king-size mattress.

Option 2: Build a King-Size Bed Frame

Ah, the adventurous route! For the crafty dreamers who wield tools like a wizard’s wand:

  • Find a DIY Tutorial: The virtual world is rich with step-by-step guides to building your own king-size bed frame. Choose one that matches your skill level.
  • Gather Your Tools: From hammers to screws, prepare your magical toolbox.
  • Create with Care: Follow the instructions, add a sprinkle of creativity, and behold your handcrafted bed of dreams.

Option 3: Embrace a Platform Bed

For those seeking a minimalist haven of rest:

  • Opt for a Platform Bed: These low-profile beauties don’t require a box spring and come in king-size too.
  • Modern Aesthetics: If simplicity sings to your soul, a platform bed offers a clean and uncluttered look.
  • Versatility: Whether you adore the rustic charm or the chic urban vibe, platform beds adapt to various styles.

The Royal Summary: Crafting Your King-Size Bed

Purchase a King-Size Bed FrameBuy a ready-made king-size bed frameThose seeking simplicity and convenience
Build a King-Size Bed FrameDIY your own bed frame with tutorialsHandy individuals who love crafting
Use a Platform BedOpt for a low-profile, box-spring-free bedMinimalists and modern design enthusiasts

Platform Beds: A King’s Choice?

Dear sleep enthusiasts and comfort connoisseurs, allow me to present to you a sleek and modern contender in the realm of king-size beds: the Platform Bed! This dashing design has been wooing dreamers all over, but does it deserve a spot in your royal chamber? Let’s weigh the golden dreams and slumber hurdles.

Pros: The Golden Dreams of Platform Beds

Ah, the elegance of simplicity! Platform beds come with their own charm and benefits:

  • Modern Look: With sleek lines and contemporary flair, platform beds are like a breath of fresh air in your bedroom. Perfect for the modern-day monarch!
  • Affordable: No need to break the royal treasury; platform beds are generally more budget-friendly, as you can bid farewell to the additional cost of a box spring.
  • Good Support: Worry not about your mattress sagging; platform beds provide robust support, extending the life of your mattress. Can 2 adults sleep in a double bed? Easily, with a platform bed!
  • Fit for Heavy Sleepers: If you carry the weight of kingdoms in your dreams, platform beds offer optimal support and weight distribution.

Cons: The Slumber Hurdles of Platform Beds

Alas, dear dreamers, not all is rosy in the land of platform beds. There are some considerations:

  • Firm Feel: They may be too firm for lightweight sleepers, side sleepers, or those with aches and pains. Comfort is king, after all.
  • Mattress Compatibility: While they can accommodate most modern mattresses, are double beds all the same size? No, and platform beds might not suit all types, especially innerspring mattresses.
  • Limited Storage: If you’re hoarding treasures under your bed, the lack of a box spring means limited storage space. A tricky situation for the space-conscious sleeper.

The Royal Summary: Pros and Cons of Platform Beds

DesignModern look 
AffordabilityMore affordable 
SupportGood support, prolongs mattress lifeMay not be suitable for all mattresses
ComfortExcellent for heavy sleepersFirmer feel, not ideal for light or side sleepers
Storage Limited storage space


How many double beds make a king?

Two double beds do not make a king-size bed. A standard double bed measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long, while a king-size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long.

Do two double beds make a queen?

No, two double beds will not form a queen-size bed. A queen measures approximately 60 inches wide and 80 inches long, making it larger than a double bed.

Can you put two double beds together?

Yes, but two double beds together won’t create a king-size bed. They will be wider but shorter in length by about 5 inches, which may not suit taller individuals. Finding suitable sheets and bedding can also be a challenge.

How to make a king-size bed with two beds?

Use two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. Twin XL mattresses have the same width as a standard twin but are longer, measuring 80 inches in length. This combination achieves the dimensions of a king-size bed.

What size is 2 double beds together?

Two double beds together will create a space approximately 108 inches wide and 75 inches long, wider than a king-size bed but shorter in length by about 5 inches.

Conclusion: Unravelling the Bed Size Mystique

The fascinating world of bed sizes is filled with possibilities and puzzles. From the intrigue of putting two double beds together to the sleek elegance of platform beds, we’ve journeyed through the dimensions and characteristics that shape our slumbers. Whether you’re a space-conscious sleeper or seeking a royal king-size rest, understanding bed sizes can lead to a more tailored and comfortable sleeping experience.

In our exploration, we covered:

  • The Misconception: Two double beds do not make a king or queen, but rather a unique size that’s wider yet shorter.
  • Platform Beds: We delved into the pros and cons of platform beds, a modern and affordable option.
  • Options for a King-size Bed: From purchasing a king-size frame to using twin XL mattresses, we explored ways to achieve that regal size.
  • Pros and Cons of Various Setups: Every bed setup comes with its own dreams and challenges, from cost-effectiveness to comfort and aesthetics.

May your newfound knowledge guide you to nights filled with delightful dreams and days brimming with refreshed energy. Farewell, dear dreamers, until our next slumber soiree!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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