Do Ottoman Beds Squeak?

Key Takeaways

TopicKey Points
Common Causes of SqueakingFriction, loose joints, and broken springs are the usual culprits.
Maintenance TipsRubber washers and regular checks can help. When in doubt, professional help is a good idea.
Buying GuidelinesLook for sturdy frames and read customer reviews for silent options.
Cultural InsightsSqueaky beds in popular culture are often humorous. No, they’re not haunted or buggy!
Environmental ApproachConsider eco-friendly solutions for squeak prevention and repair.

Hey there, dreamers and snooze enthusiasts! Ever tucked yourself into your cosy Ottoman bed, only to be haunted by a symphony of squeaks? Oh, the horror! Today, we’re diving into the creaky world of Ottoman beds. Let’s solve this nighttime mystery together, shall we?

Why is Your Ottoman Bed Squeaking?

So you’ve invested in a plush Ottoman bed, and it’s a stunner. But alas, squeak, squeak! It’s like sleeping on a bag of mice. According to research, the culprit is often friction between various bed parts, loose joints, or even broken springs in the mattress. The good news? A properly assembled Ottoman bed should be as quiet as a mouse, quite literally.

“A squeaky bed is often the result of simple, fixable issues. It’s all about knowing what to look for.”

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

The Bed Frame Tango: It’s All About Symmetry

Before you toss that Ottoman out the window, let’s talk solutions. One way to minimise friction is to ensure that your bed frame is symmetrical with the floor. Think of it as the bed doing a perfect tango with the ground it stands on. Tighten all those joints like you’re securing your dreams. Read more about the weight-bearing capacities of an Ottoman bed to make sure you’re on the right track.

Rubber Washers: The Unsung Heroes

If tightening joints doesn’t silence your nocturnal companion, try adding rubber washers at the joins. This prevents metal from going all “scratchy-scratchy” against itself. It’s like giving your bed a pair of comfy slippers. This simple hack can make your Ottoman bed much more dismantle-friendly for future moves.

Check, Re-Check, and Check Again

Still got that pesky squeak? It’s time to channel your inner Sherlock. Periodically check all bolts and any unseen factory fixings. These could slacken over time, just like your interest in that gym membership. offers a comprehensive guide on how to fix a squeaky bed that you’ll find super helpful.

To DIY or Not to DIY

For the hands-on folks among us, there are a ton of DIY solutions you can try. From tightening screws to adding lubricants, you can be your own bed mechanic. But remember, if all else fails, consider professional help. You can read more about fixing a noisy Ottoman bed here.

Resource Round-Up

Still curious? Here are some more resources to explore:

Silence the Squeak: Maintenance Tips for Your Ottoman Bed

Ever been woken up by that annoying squeak from your Ottoman bed? A squeaky bed can be a real sleep-stealer. Let’s dive into some easy-peasy maintenance tips and DIY solutions to ensure your Ottoman bed remains a haven of peace, not a squeaky nightmare.

Common Fixes for Each Cause

  1. Add Support to the Slats or Springs:

    • If you find the slats or springs are wobbling like jelly, it’s time to add some stability. A piece of plywood or MDF board between the slats and the mattress can do wonders. This simple act distributes the mattress weight more evenly, reducing the bed’s movement.
  2. Use Rubber Washers:

    • Friction is the enemy of peace. To minimize friction, introduce rubber washers at the joins. This keeps the metal from singing its screechy song.
Ottoman bed in a stylish white room
  • Check for Frame Symmetry:

    • Uneven floors can make your bed squeak like a mouse in a cheese shop. Make sure your bed frame is symmetrical with the floor. After tightening all the joints, this should naturally follow.
  • When All Else Fails, Call the Pros:

    • If you’ve done all you could and the squeak persists, it’s time to seek professional help. Furniture repair specialists or handymen can provide customized solutions.

DIY Solutions for the Handy Dreamers

  • Tightening Loose Bolts: A loose bolt can make a loud impact. Keep a wrench handy and make this a monthly routine.

  • Lubricate the Joints: A bit of WD-40 can go a long way in silencing those squeaky joints.

  • Felt Pads for the Win: Placing felt pads where the bed contacts the floor can also dampen the sound.

Maintenance Tips Summarized

Maintenance TipsHow It Helps
Add Support to Slats or SpringsDistributes mattress weight evenly and reduces bed movement.
Use Rubber WashersMinimizes friction at the joints.
Ensure Frame SymmetryPrevents squeaking caused by uneven floors.
Seek Professional HelpFor persistent squeaks, specialists can identify and fix hidden problems.

Choose Wisely: Buying a Quiet Ottoman Bed

Making the right choice when shopping for an Ottoman bed can be the difference between a peaceful night’s sleep and a creaky nightmare. So, what should you keep an eye (or ear!) out for? Let’s find out.

Guidelines for a Silent Night’s Sleep

  1. Sturdy Frame is a Must:

    • A sturdy frame will minimise bed movement and cut down on the squeaks and creaks. A well-built bed frame is like a strong foundation for a house—it keeps everything stable.
  2. Joints That Don’t Betray You:

    • Loose joints are squeak culprits. When shopping, ensure the joints are snug and secure. Try wiggling the bed a bit; if it doesn’t budge, you’re on the right track.
  3. Mattress Matters:

    • A mattress can be a silent killer—of sleep, that is. Opt for a mattress with durable springs that won’t give in to the wear and tear easily.
  4. Customer Reviews Don’t Lie:

    • Always check customer reviews. They can provide a realistic picture of what you can expect. Look for reviews specifically mentioning the noise level of the bed.

Top-Rated Quiet Ottoman Beds

Based on customer feedback, here are some beds that have proven their mettle in the silence department:

  • Happy Beds Berlin Ottoman Bed
  • Ottoman Storage Bed by Happy Beds
  • Ottoman Bed by Happy Beds

The Eco-Friendly Approach: Green Silence

Opting for a quiet bed isn’t just about peace; it’s also about being kind to Mother Earth. Let’s delve into the environmental impacts of fixing vs. replacing a squeaky Ottoman bed and some eco-friendly options.

Fixing vs. Replacing: The Green Perspective

  • Fixing: When you fix a bed, you prolong its life and reduce waste. You also save on the energy and resources required to manufacture a new bed.

  • Replacing: While getting a new bed might solve the noise problem, it adds to consumer waste. If the old bed isn’t recycled or repurposed, it ends up in a landfill.

Eco-Friendly Solutions for Squeak Prevention and Repair

  • Use Natural Lubricants: Rather than chemical sprays, opt for natural oils like coconut or olive oil to lubricate the joints.

  • Recycle Old Beds: If you do replace your bed, make sure the old one is recycled or repurposed rather than just dumped.

Eco-Friendly Guidelines Summarized

Eco-Friendly TipsEnvironmental Impact
Fixing the BedReduces waste and saves on manufacturing energy.
Using Natural LubricantsAvoids chemicals and is biodegradable.
Recycling Old BedsPrevents landfill waste.

Squeaks in the Spotlight

Ah, the infamous squeaky bed, a character in its own right in the world of comedy and horror. Remember Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot? A squeaky bed set the stage for some unforgettable laughs.

Busting Myths: The Squeak Speaks Truth

Let’s clear the air about some common myths:

  • The Bed Bug Symphony:
    One myth suggests that the squeaks are a bed bug’s way of throwing a party. False alarm, snoozers! Bed bugs don’t squeak; they’re more the silent, annoying type.

  • Haunted House Vibes:
    Another myth links squeaks to haunted houses. Spooky, but no. Your bed isn’t trying to channel the other side; it probably just needs some TLC.

The Impact of a Squeaky Bed

Your Sleep vs. The Squeak

The squeak might not just be annoying; it could be robbing you of your beauty sleep. Here’s how:

  • Interrupted Sleep:
    Sudden squeaks can jolt you out of your dreamland. Not cool.

  • Aches and Pains:
    You might change your sleep position to avoid the noise, leading to uncomfortable mornings.

Relationship Quirks and Quakes

  • Kills the Mood:
    Whether it’s cuddling or more, a squeaky bed can be a romance killer.

  • The Blame Game:
    Whose turn is it to fix the bed? Arguments can spring from the springs.

Creative Squeak Utilisation

It’s not all doom and gloom. Some have found creative ways to turn the squeak into a feature.

  • Prankster’s Paradise:
    Fancy giving someone a harmless scare? A squeaky bed is your ally.

  • The Natural Alarm Clock:
    If you’re struggling with your morning routine, a squeaky bed can help kickstart your day. Just don’t overdo it; remember, everyone else needs their sleep too!

Summary of Squeaks, Myths, and Effects

TopicKey Points
Pop CultureSqueaky beds often used for comedic or horror effects in movies and TV shows.
MythsNot caused by bed bugs or haunted spirits.
Impact on Sleep & RelationshipsCan disrupt sleep, cause discomfort, and affect intimacy.
Creative UsesPranks and natural alarms, but use responsibly.


How to stop my ottoman bed from squeaking?

Tighten all loose screws and bolts to secure connections. Add extra support with a plywood piece between the slats and the mattress. Use rubber washers to reduce metal-on-metal friction. Ensure the bed frame is symmetrical with the floor. If squeaking persists, consult a furniture repair specialist.

Disadvantages of ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds can be pricey and heavy, making them a bit of a hassle to move. The under-bed storage might not be as spacious as you’d expect. Additionally, the gas lift system can wear out over time, making the bed hard to lift.

Why does my ottoman bed frame squeak like crazy?

Squeaking usually arises from friction between bed parts, loose joints, or broken springs in the mattress. You can address this by tightening screws, adding support to the slats, using rubber washers, or ensuring the frame is even with the floor. Professional help is an option if these don’t work.

Are ottomans noisy?

If not well-maintained, yes, ottomans can get noisy due to issues like loose joints or broken springs. However, a well-assembled ottoman bed shouldn’t give you a squeaky performance.

Is an ottoman bed a good idea?

Ottoman beds are great for built-in storage and are a saviour in smaller bedrooms. They can, however, be a bit on the expensive side and are generally heavier than other bed types, making them difficult to move.

Wrapping Up the Dreamy Adventure

Well, dreamers, you’ve reached the end of this sleep-inducing quest! We’ve covered everything from the common causes of squeaky Ottoman beds to maintenance tips that can help you silence the creaks. We even dove into the eco-friendly approach to bed maintenance and debunked some myths around why beds squeak. In short, we’ve given you the ultimate guide to a squeak-free, dreamy sleep on your Ottoman bed.

We’ve tackled some fascinating points:

  • Common Causes of Squeaking: Loose joints, friction, and broken springs, oh my!
  • Maintenance Tips: From rubber washers to professional help.
  • Buying Guidelines: How to pick a silent night’s sleep.
  • Cultural Insights: From movie scenes to debunking myths.
  • Environmental Approach: Because Mother Earth deserves good sleep too!

Now, off you go, dreamers. Sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs (or squeaks) bite!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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