Do Feather Pillows Have Real Feathers?

Feather Pillows: Down Pillows:
More affordable More expensive
Supportive but can flatten out Soft, luxurious feel
Quills might poke Quill-less feather clusters
Frequent fluffing needed Retains shape
Not typically hypoallergenic Can be hypoallergenic with special treatment

Good day, dreamers! Are your pillow dreams filled with feathers? Do you wonder whether feather pillows actually contain real feathers? If your answer is a resounding ‘yes’, your curiosity ends today. Welcome to another dreamy revelation from your sleep expert, Lewis, at Dream HQ.

Feather pillows? Yes, they’re a real thing. And when I say real, I mean REAL feathers, primarily from the back and wings of birds, like ducks and geese.

These feathers are flatter compared to down and have a noticeable quill down the centre. In short, your feather pillow is a blend of fluffy dreams and feathery comforts – all from nature’s basket.

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.
  • But why mix feathers with down? Good question, dreamers! The down part provides loft and softness. Soft as a cloud, bouncy as a trampoline! Check out How are feather pillows made? for more intriguing insights.

  • Durability Feather pillows might require more fluffing, but they’re the workhorses of the pillow world. Affordable yet luxurious, they’re a bargain you shouldn’t miss. Dive deeper into this topic in our blog, Do feather pillows go bad?.

So, who'll love feather pillows?

Side sleepers and stomach sleepers, it’s your day! Feather pillows are easily foldable to fit around the head and neck. Are feather pillows good for side sleepers? – Yes, absolutely!

Hey, are feather pillows ethical?

You’re right to be concerned. But, rest assured, ethical sourcing of feathers is possible. Here’s our take on it.

Can toddlers have feather pillows?

Well, that’s a very crucial question. And we’ve answered it here.

How to care for a feather pillow?

No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Looking to try your hand at DIY?

Learn how to make a feather pillow at home.

Feeling a little more enlightened? Well, that’s just the start. Visit our website for more intriguing insights, or go through these external resources: The Ultimate Guide to Feather Pillows, Down vs Feather Pillow, 10 Tips on Choosing the Best Feather Pillows for New Homeowners.

Uncovering the Perks of Feather Pillows

Do feather pillows have a tickle factor? Well, it’s a feathery debate, but one thing is certain, these cosy head cradles can bring a real luxury to your sleep. So, let’s put our “heads” together and explore the plus side of these pillows.

1. Supportive Slumbers

Feather pillows have a knack for providing fantastic support. With a bit more weight than your average down pillows, they do a great job holding up your head and neck. If you’ve been on a quest for a supportive pillow, you might have just hit the jackpot with these feathered gems. Check out this link for an in-depth exploration of the supportive qualities of feather pillows.

2. Morph Magic

Did I mention how moldable these pillows are? Bend it, fold it, squish it – feather pillows can be easily moulded to fit around the head and neck. This makes them the knight in shining armour for side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

3. Budget-friendly Bedding

Let’s talk money, honey! Generally, feather pillows are more affordable than down pillows. So, if you’re trying to feather your nest on a budget, this could be a viable option. Here’s how you can even make one yourself.

4. Softness Supreme

Yes, they’re soft! Feather pillows come with a plush and comfy feel that makes them a dream to sleep on. Dive deeper into the softness quotient here.

5. Durable Dreams

Talk about durability! Feather pillows stand the test of time, often outlasting their synthetic counterparts. They can go for years, a lot like your favourite pair of jeans. Check out how to care for them here.

On the flip side, these pillows do have their quirks, such as needing frequent fluffing and not providing consistent support throughout the night. But hey, nobody’s perfect, right?

To put all these pros into perspective, here’s a quick comparison with their down pillow siblings:

AttributeFeather PillowsDown Pillows

Decoding the Drawbacks of Feather Pillows

Sure, feather pillows have their share of perks, but they also come with a side dish of drawbacks. So, hold onto your nightcaps, folks! Let’s fluff out the cons of these feathered sleep buddies.

1. Inconsistent Support

Feather pillows could be flatter than a pancake by morning. They don’t always provide consistent support throughout the night. If you’re seeking a pillow that offers steadfast support for your head and neck, feather pillows might just be a dream too far.

2. High-Maintenance Fluffiness

Feather pillows demand attention. They crave regular fluffing to maintain their shape and loft. So, if you’re more into low-maintenance sleep accessories, a feather pillow might feel like a needy pet rather than a restful bed mate.

3. Prickly Sleep Companions

Watch out for those quills! Feather pillows can sometimes poke and prod you. If you’re not a fan of sharp surprises, these pillows might not be the best option for you.

4. Questionable Durability

While feather pillows are generally more durable than their synthetic siblings, they are not the marathon runners in the world of pillows. When compared to down pillows, they might need a replacement sooner than you’d like.

5. Cleaning Conundrums

Feather pillows can be as fussy as a toddler when it comes to cleaning. Their outer pillow shells are tightly woven and can make cleaning a bit of a task. If you fancy an easy-to-clean pillow, feathers might just ruffle your feathers.

Yes, feather pillows do have their quirks, but remember it all comes down to personal preference and what you find comfortable. So, to make the choice easier, here’s a table comparing feather pillows and down pillows based on these drawbacks:

DrawbacksFeather PillowsDown Pillows
Inconsistent Support✔️
High Maintenance✔️

Hypoallergenicity of Feather Pillows: Are they or aren’t they?

Ever been lured into the world of feather pillows, thinking they’re hypoallergenic? Well, allow me to let the cat out of the bag. Feather pillows are not universally hypoallergenic, although you’ll find some claiming to be.

1. Cleaning and Dander Dilemma

Some manufacturers may offer hypoallergenic feather pillows. They’ve undergone treatment to give most of the dander the boot. But listen up, even with triple washing, banishing all the dander from the feathers is about as likely as finding a unicorn in your garden. So, if you’re battling allergies or sensitivities to those pesky dust mites, mould, or other allergens, a feather pillow might not be your knight in shining armour.

2. Synthetic and Down Pillows to the Rescue

Perhaps you’re better off with synthetic pillows or down pillows that have been treated to be hypoallergenic. They might just be the breath of fresh air your nose needs at night.

3. Clean, Clean and Clean Again

A word of caution, feather pillows may need more frequent cleaning than other pillow types to keep allergens in check. If you prefer a pillow that’s low-maintenance, feathers might just ruffle you the wrong way.

Feather pillows’ hypoallergenicity is not straightforward, so here’s a table to help you pick the right one for a sneeze-free slumber:

Pillow TypeHypoallergenicNeed for Frequent Cleaning
Feather PillowsOnly if specially treated✔️
Synthetic Pillows✔️Varies by type
Down PillowsOnly if specially treated

Feather vs Down Pillows: Let’s Get Down to the Nitty-Gritty

Feather pillows and down pillows might seem identical twins, but they’re more like distant cousins. Let’s find out how they differ!

1. Feather Pillows: Substance over Style

Feathers used in feather pillows hail from the wings and backs of our quacky friends, ducks and geese. They’re flatter and pack more of a punch in terms of weight compared to down. What’s this mean for your sleep? More substance and better support! They also retain their shape longer than down pillows, so they won’t desert you in the middle of the night. However, beware! Those quills might occasionally stage a jailbreak, poking through the pillow.

2. Down Pillows: Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Enter the realm of down pillows, where the fillings come from the chest area of ducks or geese. Down is essentially a gaggle of quill-less feather clusters that are as fluffy and lightweight as a cloud on a summer’s day. They provide a softer, more luxurious feel – think of it as sinking into a marshmallowy cloud that molds to your head, neck, and shoulders. The only downside? Your wallet might feel a bit lighter, as down pillows generally cost more than feather ones.

3. Feather-Down Combo: Best of Both Worlds?

Now, some pillows are the peacekeepers of the bedding world. They’re a blend of both feather and down, giving you a two-for-one deal. Remember, the choice between feather and down pillows all boils down to your personal preferences on factors like softness, support, and cost.

Time for a quick pillow fight! Here’s a table to sum up the differences:

Pillow TypeSourceFeelSupportPrice
Feather PillowsWings/Backs of Geese or DucksSubstantial, may contain quills✔️💰
Down PillowsChest Area of Geese or DucksSoft, luxuriousMolds to your shape💰💰💰

Feather vs Down Pillows: Counting the Pennies

Fancy a game of ‘Would you rather?’ If you’d rather keep your hard-earned cash, you might want to make friends with feather pillows.

Feather Pillows: Friendly to Your Pocket

If your wallet is feeling a tad light, feather pillows will get along with it famously. They usually kick-off at around a friendly £25. That’s right, the price of a family pizza night. But remember, the cost of a pillow can hop up or down depending on things like quality, brand, and size. Like pizzas, not all pillows are created equal!

Down Pillows: Prepare to Splurge

Now, down pillows, they’re the luxury yacht of the bedding world. The price? Around £90 to £120 on average. They might ask you to dig a bit deeper into your pocket, but for some, that cloud-like feel is worth every penny.

Feather-Down Combo: Mixing It Up

Remember those peacekeeper pillows I mentioned earlier? Some feather pillows might sneak in a bit of down, and this blend can give the price a nudge. So, keep a keen eye out!

Just like picking a pizza, the choice between feather and down pillows boils down to your taste in factors like softness, support, and cost. Here’s a handy table to break down the costs:

Pillow TypeAverage Cost
Feather Pillows£25
Down Pillows£90 – £120


Do they put real bird feathers in pillows?

Absolutely! Real bird feathers do find their way into your pillows. These include wingtip feathers, known as primary feathers, and body feathers that pretty much cover the rest of the bird.

Do they make fake feather pillows?

Yes, indeed! Fake feather pillows exist for those wanting vegan alternatives. These can be stuffed with synthetic fibres, cotton, or kapok. No birds harmed in their making!

Are feather pillows cruelty-free?

Sadly, no. Most feathers and down come from birds raised for meat or foie gras. These birds often face cruel practices like live-plucking.

Do vegans use feather pillows?

Usually, vegans give feather pillows a miss, seeing they aren’t cruelty-free. But don’t worry, there are alternatives like synthetic fibres, cotton, and kapok.

Why can’t you wash feather pillows?

Actually, you can wash feather pillows! But remember, care instructions are your best mate. Washing done wrong can make feathers clump, ruining the shape. Over-washing? It’ll cause the feathers to break down, and your pillow will lose its lofty charm!

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Feathers?

In the wide, wonderful world of pillows, feather and down varieties hold their own special charm. With their plush feel and old-world allure, these pillow types can transport you straight to cloud nine. However, it’s not all fluff and fancy—some quills can poke through, and frequent fluffing could become your new part-time job. Are they your perfect sleep partner or would they ruffle your feathers? Only you can decide!

When it comes to being hypoallergenic, feather pillows aren’t the front-runners. Allergy-prone sleepers might want to consider a synthetic or treated down option. Looking for a bargain? Feather pillows tick that box, being easier on the pocket than their down counterparts. But remember, the luxurious feel of down is truly unmatched, if you’re willing to shell out the extra quid.

In a Nutshell:

  • We took a deep dive into the pros and cons of feather pillows.
  • We brushed up on the differences between feather and down pillows.
  • We explored some common queries about feather pillows.

Remember, sleep is a personal journey, and choosing your pillow is a crucial part of that. Take your time, weigh your options, and most importantly, follow your gut—or rather, your head. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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