Do Divan Beds Need A Valance?

Key TakeawayDetails
Valance as a DecorA valance adds a layer of elegance and is perfect for those looking to conceal under-bed clutter or disguise an unattractive bed base.
Style SelectionWith styles ranging from pleated to ruffled, a valance should complement your bedroom’s theme and your personal style.
PracticalityValances can be practical for divan beds with drawers, offering easy access while maintaining an orderly appearance.
DIY OptionsFor the budget-conscious, DIY valances provide a customised, cost-effective way to enhance a divan bed’s look.
Trend StatusValances have seen a resurgence as a fashionable bedroom accessory, though their necessity is still a personal choice.
MaintenanceKeeping a valance in top condition involves regular washing and adherence to care instructions to maintain its fresh look.

Hello, Dreamers and Dozers! Today, we’re fluffing up the details on a burning bedroom question: Do divan beds need a valance? Now, before you tuck in for the night, let’s unravel this cozy conundrum.

The Divan Debate: To Valance or Not to Valance?

A valance, also known as a bed skirt, is that swish of fabric that cascades gracefully down the sides of your bed, often hiding the mysteries stored beneath. But is it a must-have for your divan bed?

  • It’s Personal: Whether you choose to drape your divan in a valance is much like choosing your dream pillow; it’s a deeply personal choice.
  • Clutter Camouflage: If you’re using the under-bed real estate for storage, a valance can hide your not-so-pretty secrets. It’s like a magic cloak for clutter!

But hey, not everyone’s on the bed skirt bandwagon. Some may say it’s a touch old-fashioned, like top hats and monocles. A question of taste, really.

Did you know? Originally, divans were long, cushioned seats found in Middle Eastern council rooms. They were the business class seats of the Ottoman Empire!

Choosing the Perfect Fit

If you’re nodding ‘yes’ to a valance, here’s how to pick the perfect partner for your bed:

  • Size Matters: Make sure it’s a snug fit. You wouldn’t want your valance dragging on the floor like a sleepy sloth, would you?
  • Decor Harmony: Pick a fabric that sings in tune with your bedroom’s style. Velvet? Cotton? The choices are as vast as the universe of dreams!
  • Style It Up: From pleats to ruffles, choose a style that reflects your bed’s personality. Is your divan bed a sleek sophisticate or a ruffled romantic?

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A Stitch in Time: Valance Attachment

Fear not the fiddly bits! Attaching a valance is like tying your shoelaces—easy once you know how. Need to take apart your divan for a better fit? This guide is your new best friend.

In the World of Winks and Whispers

Let’s not forget to keep our valance looking as fresh as a daisy. A little care goes a long way—a gentle wash, a quick iron, and it’s back to looking dapper!

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The Essentials of Elegance

Valances, the unsung heroes of the bedroom decor, gracefully cover the base of a divan bed, injecting a dash of elegance and a whisper of charm. But, when it comes to adorning your bed with this stylish accessory, the big question is: To valance or not to valance?

Exploring the Valance Variety: Styles and Types

Choosing the right valance for your divan bed is akin to finding the perfect frame for a piece of art. The array of styles includes:

  • Pleated: Sharp and sophisticated, pleated valances offer a structured look.
  • Ruffled: For a touch of romance and softness, ruffled valances are the go-to.
  • Clean-Lined: Minimalists will love the unfussy elegance of clean-lined valances.
  • With Bows: Add a playful touch to your divan with valances adorned with decorative bows.
  • Without Bows: For a sleek appearance, opt for valances sans bows.
Divan bed in a rustic desgined bedroom

The Art of Selection: Finding Your Valance Soulmate

When it comes to choosing your bed’s best friend, here’s what to consider:

  1. Size and Dimensions: Ensure a glove-like fit for your divan bed.
  2. Fabric and Texture: Choose a fabric that feels right for your slumber sanctuary.
  3. Style and Design: Match your valance to your bedroom’s personality—make it a reflection of your aesthetic dreams.

The Fitting Room

Customization is key when fitting your divan bed with a valance. The lengths and widths are designed to pair with standard bed sizes, and the drop should be precisely measured to ensure a neat, elegant hang that conceals the base completely.

Step-by-Step: Dressing Your Divan with the Perfect Valance

To crown your divan with its perfect valance:

  1. Select the Size: Match the valance to your bed’s dimensions.
  2. Choose the Fabric: Find a fabric that complements your bedroom’s décor.
  3. Decide on the Style: Pick a style that speaks to you, be it pleated, ruffled, or clean-lined.

Maintenance Musings: Keeping Your Valance in Tip-Top Condition

For a valance that continues to serve elegance, follow the care instructions to a T. They’re mostly machine washable and iron-friendly, but always defer to the label for the best care.

The Trendsetting Territory

Valances have seen their share of the limelight and the shadows. Now, as tastes evolve, they’re strutting back into the trendsetting territory, ready to add that classic touch to modern beds.

The Current State of Valances: Fashion Forward or Faux Pas?

The debate rages on: are valances a relic of the past or a timeless addition to bedroom elegance? It’s all down to personal taste. Some find them to be essential elements of style, while others prefer to let them rest in the annals of decor history.

Alternative Styling: Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Divan

Not keen on a valance? No problem. Consider these chic alternatives:

  • Decorative Pillows: Pillows can be the splash of color or texture your bed craves.
  • Throws: A stylish throw can add layers of style and warmth.
  • Statement Headboard: Make a bold statement with a headboard that turns heads and anchors your bedroom’s aesthetic.

And now, let’s summarize our valance voyage in a table that neatly ties together all we’ve discussed:

Valance NecessityA personal choice often used to conceal under-bed storage
Styles and TypesPleated, ruffled, clean-lined, with or without decorative bows
Selection CriteriaSize and dimensions, fabric and texture, style and design
FittingCustomized to bed size with precise drop measurement
MaintenanceFollow care instructions for cleaning and ironing
TrendsMaking a comeback as a classic elegance touch
Fashion StatusSubject to personal preference and current decor trends
AlternativesDecorative pillows, throws, statement headboards

Tailored for Your Treasure Trove

A divan bed with drawers is a sleep sanctuary and a storage solution all rolled into one. But the question of dressing it with a valance is where the line between functionality and finesse meets.

Special Considerations for Divan Beds with Drawers

If you’re leaning towards a polished look for your divan, consider these points:

  • A valance can create a neat appearance by concealing the drawers and their contents.
  • Platform valances are ideal as they sit atop the base, allowing easy drawer access without any hindrance.

Harmonising Headboards and Valances: A Match Made in Heaven

Creating harmony in your bedroom is all about the details:

  • Choose a valance that complements your headboard.
  • Aim for a cohesive look that ties the room together, making your bed a stunning centrepiece.

The Design Dreamland

Dive into the sea of valance styles:

  • Pleated: For those who appreciate a touch of formality.
  • Ruffled: Perfect for a more romantic and whimsical aesthetic.
  • Clean Lines: Ideal for a minimalist or modern bedroom.
  • Decorative Bows: For an extra flair of style.
  • Without Bows: When simplicity is key.

Valance Variations for the Stylistically Savvy

Elevate your divan’s style quotient with:

  • DIY Valance Ventures: Unleash your creativity and craft a unique piece that reflects your personal style.

Budget-Friendly Beautification: DIY Valance Ventures

Creating a DIY valance is not just a cost-effective solution, it’s a creative journey. Here’s how:

  1. Measure your bed’s dimensions, including the desired drop length.
  2. Select a fabric that sings in tune with your room’s decor.
  3. Cut the fabric according to the measurements.
  4. Sew the pieces together, and secure them to the bed with Velcro or clips for an easy yet elegant transformation.

Let’s summarize these key points in a table for a quick visual guide:

Valance for DrawersPlatform valance recommended for easy drawer access
Headboard and ValanceSelect matching styles for a cohesive look
Valance StylesPleated, ruffled, clean lines, with or without bows
DIY ValanceMeasure, choose fabric, cut, sew, and attach with Velcro or clips


Do you put a valance on a divan bed?

Absolutely, if you’re aiming for an elegant look. A valance, that cozy skirt for your bed’s base, is a savvy cover-up for any bits and bobs tucked underneath. While some snoozers adore them for their aesthetic, others may dismiss them as a tad passé.

Do you need a valance on a bed?

A valance isn’t a necessity, but it’s a stylish addition if you’re into that polished look. It’s like a cherry on top – not essential but oh-so-pretty. It hides the bed base and any under-bed clutter, providing a seamless look for your slumber zone.

Do people still use bed valances?

Yes, valances are still part of the sleep scene! They’re the comeback kid of bedroom fashion, offering a neat disguise for a weary bed base or a secret hideaway for storage. It’s a timeless touch to any bed, bringing a bit of old-school charm.

How do you dress a divan bed?

Think of dressing your divan bed as curating an art piece. Start with a valance that vibes with your room’s aesthetic. Then layer on textures and colours with bedding, pillows, and perhaps a dramatic headboard for that ‘wow’ factor.

How do you make a divan bed look good?

To give your divan bed that ‘just-fluffed’ look, snag a stylish valance and harmonize it with snazzy bedding. Play with pillows, throws, and perhaps a standout headboard to jazz things up. And remember, the secret to beauty sleep is a bed that looks the part – neat and sweet!

Wrapping Up: The Finishing Touch for Your Divan Bed

As we pull the covers over our chat on whether divan beds need a valance, let’s tuck in the highlights. Valances, those charming bed skirts, are more than just a pretty fabric swathe—they’re the secret agents of elegance and order in the bedroom. Whether your divan is a simple sleeper or a treasure trove of drawers, a well-chosen valance can harmonise with headboards and hide the bits and bobs beneath, giving your room a seamless chic look.

In our cosy conversation, we fluffed up the pillows of knowledge on:

  • The decorative and practical benefits of a valance
  • How valances can conceal storage, add style, and complement your bedroom’s décor
  • The stylistic variety available, from pleated to ruffled to clean-lined
  • DIY valance ideas for the crafty dreamers on a budget
  • How to select, fit, and maintain a valance for a pristine look
  • The debate on whether valances are fashionable or a bygone fad, with a nod to modern alternatives

So, whether you’re a trendsetting decorator or a minimalist at heart, the choice to dress your divan with a valance rests with you. Remember, the best bedroom is one that offers you a slice of serenity and a dash of your own personality, so choose what makes you dive happily into your dreams each night.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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