Do Cruise Ships Have Double Beds?

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TopicKey Takeaways
Bed ConfigurationsTwin beds, queen-sized beds, upper and lower berths, Pullman beds, convertible beds.
CustomisationBeds can be configured to suit your needs; communicate with the cabin steward for specific arrangements.
Cruise Ship Bed EtiquetteRespect your cabin mate’s space, communicate preferences, be courteous with lights and noise.
Factors to ConsiderSize, comfort, accessibility, cabin type, personal preferences.

Ahoy, daydreamers and nautical nappers! Lewis here, your trusty Dream HQ sleep and bedding specialist. So you’re planning to set sail, but you’re puzzled about the sleeping arrangements? Well, you’re in for a treat—or should I say, a sleep!

Today, let’s delve into the curious world of cruise ship beds. We’ll debunk myths, offer insights, and even give you a comfy comparison table. All aboard!

Types of Cruise Ship Beds: A Quick Overview

You see, cruise ship cabins are like treasure chests, full of surprises! They come with all sorts of bed configurations that can leave you either snug as a bug or tossing like a ship in a storm.

Here’s what’s commonly found:

Did you know? That double beds are know as full beds. Now you Know a little bed jargon.
  • Upper and Lower Berths: Think of these like bunk beds but without the shared frame.
  • Pullman Beds: Wall or ceiling-mounted beds that fold down. They can be single, double, or even queen-sized.
  • Convertible Beds: Seen in premium cabins, these twin beds magically transform into a royal king.

The Bedding Breakdown

Wondering about the nitty-gritty? Let’s break down the features:

Twin Beds

  • Push Together?: Yes
  • Standard Dimensions?: No
  • Ideal For: Couples who don’t mind a slight gap.

Upper and Lower Berths

  • Push Together?: No
  • Standard Dimensions?: No
  • Ideal For: Kiddos and solo snoozers
A messy white double bed in a minimalist and well lit room

Pullman Beds

Convertible Beds

Cruise Ship Beds Vs. Hotel Beds: A Comparison

Sure, you’re not going to find two double beds like in most hotels, but you might find something even cooler. Let’s see how they stack up.

FeatureCruise ShipHotel
Bed TypesTwin, Berth, Pullman, ConvertibleDouble, Queen, King

So, my sleepy sailors, while you won’t usually find two double beds like those in a standard hotel, you will find a variety of comfy options to ensure you’re well-rested for your sea adventures.

Want to learn more about beds that have made history? Discover when the double bed was invented or even which TV show featured the first double bed.

Can I Request a Specific Bed Size on a Cruise Ship?

Ah, the age-old question for all you sea-snoozers. You’ve got your sights set on the ocean horizon, but can you get your dream bed setup? The answer is yes. Let’s delve into the details.

Talk to Your Cabin Steward

When you first walk into your cabin and the bed isn’t quite what you had in mind, don’t fret. Simply:

  • Find your Cabin Steward: They’re your go-to for all things comfort.
  • Make a Request: Specify what you’re after, be it a king bed or two separate twins.

Pre-Boarding Preferences

For the well-prepared dreamers among us, you can set your sleeping stage before even boarding the ship.

  • Online Requests: Many cruise lines offer an option to select your preferred bed configuration when you book online.
  • Travel Agent: If you’re booking through a travel agent, make sure to specify your bed preference.

Separating Beds: A Quick Fix

Arrived and found the beds pushed together? Want them separated? No worries. Your Cabin Steward can take care of this quicker than you can say “separate the twins.”

A Note on Standard Dimensions

One thing to bear in mind is that cruise ship beds may not conform to the standard dimensions you’re accustomed to in your home. But rest assured, cruise lines go to great lengths to accommodate your preferences.

Quick Summary: Your Bed, Your Way

Point of ActionWhat to Do
Cabin StewardAsk for your preferred bed configuration upon arrival.
Pre-BoardingRequest your bed configuration online or through your travel agent.
Separating BedsSpeak with your Cabin Steward to separate the beds if they are pushed together.
Standard DimensionsBe aware that bed sizes may not match standard home dimensions.

Do Cruise Ships Have Double Beds? Unveiling the Mystery

Ready to set sail but wondering if you’ll find a comfy double bed on board? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what you can expect.

Types of Beds on Cruise Ships

Most cruise ships offer a variety of bed types, and here’s a quick rundown:

  • Twin Beds: The most common setup. These can often be pushed together to form a queen-sized bed.
  • Upper and Lower Berth: Think bunk beds, but not attached by a shared frame.
  • Pullman Beds: These fold down from the wall or ceiling and can be single, double, or queen-sized.
  • Convertible Beds: Found in specific cabins, these twins can morph into a royal king bed.

For more in-depth slumber knowledge, you might want to check out what does double bed mean in a hotel.

Space Constraints: The Double Bed Dilemma

Unlike hotels, cruise ship cabins rarely offer two double beds. Why? It’s all about maximising space. But the good news? The existing beds can be reconfigured to suit your snooze style.

Need more intel? Here’s when the double bed was invented to give you some historical context.

Customising Your Sleep Sanctuary

Can you request a specific bed size? Absolutely. You have a couple of routes:

  • Cabin Steward: Once you’re on board, just have a chat with your cabin steward.
  • Pre-Booking: Set your preferences while booking your cruise online or through a travel agent.

For a deeper dive, you might find what comes after a double bed quite enlightening.

Bed Dimensions: A Quick Heads-Up

Cruise ship beds might not align perfectly with the standard dimensions you’re used to. But don’t lose sleep over it; cruise lines aim to please.

To Convert or Not to Convert

Some cruise lines offer flexible bed configurations. For instance:

  • Royal Caribbean: All staterooms have Royal King size beds that can be split into two singles.
  • Virgin Voyages: They have “sea beds” that transform from day layout to full-sized beds.
  • Carnival Cruise Lines: You can usually convert two twin beds into a king bed.

Summary Table: A Quick Guide to Cruise Ship Beds

Bed TypeFeaturesConvertibility
Twin BedsMost common, can be pushed togetherYes, into a Queen
Upper and Lower BerthLike bunk beds, but not attachedNo
Pullman BedsFold down from wall or ceilingNo
Convertible BedsFound in specific cabinsYes, into a Royal King

There you have it, sleep sailors! Whether you’re a couple looking to cuddle or a family needing flexible sleep options, cruise ships have got you covered. For more sleep-related wisdom, check out do two twin beds make a double.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bed on a Cruise Ship

Alright, sleep explorers! You’re booking a cruise and the last thing you want is to be stuck with an uncomfortable bed. But how do you make the best choice? Allow me to guide you through this sea of options.

Size Matters

First thing’s first: Size. It’s crucial. Will it be just you or are you sharing the bed? Consider if the available bed size will accommodate you, and possibly your partner, comfortably. Remember, the dimensions might differ from your comfy double bed back home. More on that here.

Configuration Flexibility

  • Configuration: Can those twin beds morph into a queen or king? Cruise ships often offer this kind of transformer magic. So, if you have a preference, ring up the cruise line or your travel agent ahead of time.

Comfort: The Subjective Sea

  • Comfort: Ah, the most subjective of them all. Some like it hard; some like it soft. While you can’t hop on board to test the mattress, you can look for reviews or even check out our bedding guide.

Accessibility: Don’t Overlook It

  • Accessibility: If you’ve got mobility concerns, bunk beds or upper berths might not be your friends. Always inquire about weight limits or restrictions on certain bed types.

Cabin Types: From Standard to Luxurious

  • Cabin Type: The suite life often comes with sweeter sleep. Upgraded staterooms usually offer more luxurious bedding options than standard cabins.

Personal Touches

  • Personal Preferences: If you can’t sleep without your special pillow or a sleep mask, don’t leave them behind. Pack what you need to make your nights as restful as your days.

Summary Table: Making the Best Bed Choice on a Cruise

FactorsWhat to ConsiderWhy It’s Important
SizeBed dimensionsComfort and space
ConfigurationConvertible optionsFlexibility
ComfortMattress and pillow typesQuality of sleep
AccessibilityMobility considerationsSafety
Cabin TypeStandard vs UpgradedLuxury level
Personal PreferencesSpecial sleep needsEnhanced comfort

So there you go, sleep adventurers. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be better equipped to choose the best bed for your cruise voyage. Want to know what comes after the double bed? Check this out.

Cruise Ship Bed Etiquette

All set for your voyage to Dreamland aboard a floating palace? Good on ya! But hey, before you plunge into the deep ocean of sleep, let’s talk about cruise ship bed etiquette. You know, those unwritten rules that help keep the peace between you and your cabin mate. Trust me, you’ll want to keep these pointers in your back pocket.

Don’t Rock the Boat: Respect Personal Space

  • Respect Your Cabin Mate: Sharing is caring, but no one likes a bed hog. If you’re sharing the cabin, respect their space and sleep habits.
    • Keep the noise down if they’re already sailing in dreamland.
    • Don’t annex the entire bed or snaffle all the blankets.

Communication is Key: Talk to Your Cabin Steward

  • Communicate Your Preferences: Have a specific vision for your bed setup? Maybe a king bed for that royal sleep?
    • Talk to your cabin steward to get it all sorted.
    • Want those twin beds to stay twins or morph into a queen? Speak up!

Be a Considerate Roomie: Light and Sound Etiquette

  • Be Courteous: Late to bed or early to rise, either way, be nice.
    • Turn off the lights if you’re the last one to bed.
    • Keep the noise down if you’re the first one up. No one wants to wake up to the sound of a foghorn.

Mind the Size: It’s a Cabin, Not a Mansion

  • Consider Cabin Size: Space is premium real estate on a cruise ship.
    • Avoid turning your bed into a storage unit.
    • Keep it neat to ensure both you and your cabin mate can sprawl out comfortably.

Custom Comfort: Pack Your Sleep Essentials

  • Bring Your Own Comfort Items: Got a special pillow or a sleep mask?
    • Pack ’em! They can make all the difference between a snooze cruise and a tossing-and-turning ordeal.

Weighty Matters: Check Those Bed Specs

  • Be Mindful of Weight Limits: If you’re a plus-sized passenger, some beds may have weight restrictions.
    • Check in advance to avoid any awkward bedtime surprises.

Summary Table: Cruise Ship Bed Etiquette

Bedroom EtiquetteKey Takeaways
Respect Your Cabin MateDon’t be a bed or blanket hog; keep noise levels down.
Communicate Your PreferencesTalk to your cabin steward for bed configurations.
Be CourteousTurn off lights if last to bed; keep quiet if first to rise.
Consider Cabin SizeAvoid clutter; space is limited.
Bring Your Own Comfort ItemsPack sleep essentials like pillows or sleep masks.
Be Mindful of Weight LimitsCheck for bed weight restrictions in advance.


What size are the beds on cruise ships?

The majority of cruise ship cabins come with two “twin” beds that can be joined to form a “queen-sized” bed. However, bear in mind that these dimensions may not always align with standard bed sizes you’d find at home.

Do cruise ships have 2 queen beds?

No, space is a hot commodity on a cruise ship. So, you’re unlikely to find a cabin with two queen beds. Most cabins feature two “twin” beds that can be pushed together to form a “queen-sized” bed.

What size are beds on Royal Caribbean?

Ah, Royal Caribbean adds a touch of regality to your sleep! They offer beds that can transform from two twins into a ‘royal king bed.’ However, the dimensions can vary depending on your specific cabin type.

What are the sleeping arrangements on a cruise ship?

Most cabins feature two “twin” beds that can unite to form a “queen-sized” bed. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all deal. Some cabins have bunk-style ‘upper and lower berths,’ pullman beds that fold down, or even convertible beds for varied sleeping options.

Do cruise ships have two beds in one room?

Absolutely, most cabins come equipped with two beds. You can usually customise the setup to fit your sleeping needs, whether you like ’em separate or joined at the hip.

Conclusion: All Aboard the Dream Ship—Navigating Sleep at Sea

Well, dream sailors, we’ve journeyed through the sea of slumber aboard cruise ships, haven’t we? From the versatile configurations of cruise ship beds to how you can customise them to your liking, there’s a whole world of options. Whether you’re snuggling up in twin beds, pushing them together to create a queen, or even snoozing in an upper berth or Pullman bed, there’s something for every type of sleeper. But remember, space is at a premium on these floating hotels, so don’t expect room for two double beds in most cabins.

Our voyage didn’t stop at the configurations; we delved into some pretty essential cruise ship bed etiquettes and factors to consider when picking your bed. Communication with your cabin steward, respecting your cabin mate’s space, and even the considerations of weight limits and cabin types were on our itinerary. The goal? To ensure you’re as snug as a bug in a rug—or should I say, as a sailor in a hammock?

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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