Do Body Pillows Have Holes?

Key Takeaways
Body pillows can improve sleep posture and provide full-body support
Body pillows may need more bed space and may not suit everyone
Choosing a body pillow requires considering factors like shape, size, and fill material
Side sleepers could greatly benefit from body pillows
Reviews and recommendations are a great source of insight when choosing a body pillow

Hey there, I’m Lewis, resident bedding guru at Dream HQ. Welcome to your one-stop-shop for all things mattress, bedding, and sleep. Today we’re addressing a slightly unusual question that’s been making its rounds: do body pillows have holes?

Short answer: No.

Body pillows, traditionally, aren’t designed with holes. They are elongated, fluffy companions that aim to add a level of comfort to your slumber or lounging sessions.

However, in the diverse world of sleep and comfort, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Just as there are pillow-people who can’t do without their body pillows for shoulder pain, there are those who like to get… creative. A glance at a peculiar Reddit thread will show you just how out of the box some pillow enthusiasts can think.

So, while body pillows typically don’t have holes, exceptions exist, often in the name of innovation or necessity.

Let’s dive into this hole story.

1. Traditional Body Pillows

These are your go-to comfort providers. No frills, no holes, just a lot of cosy cuddles. If you’re feeling lonely or need some relief from snoring, or even if your lower back is giving you trouble, the traditional body pillow has your back, literally.

2. Body Pillows with Benefits

Ever heard of body pillows helping with anxiety? Or the interesting history of where body pillows came from? No? Well, welcome to Dream HQ, where we cover all things pillows.

A c shaped body pillow on a sofa

3. Specialized Pillows

For those with specific needs, like sciatica, there are specialised pillows, but again, they’re typically hole-less.

But if you fancy taking your body pillow on your next flight, check the airline’s regulations first.

4. DIY Body Pillows

Some adventurous sleepers do get the urge to modify their pillows. But remember, if you’re thinking of washing your body pillow, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

But ultimately, the question you should be asking is: are body pillows worth it? And do they have any adverse effects on your back? Are there instances when body pillows could be bad or even considered weird?

The Pillow Talk: Why Body Pillows are a Sleep Game-Changer

Let’s cut to the chase – you’re wondering if the benefits of body pillows live up to the hype. If they’re all they’re tucked up to be? Well, spoiler alert: they are! Here’s why:

1. They’re Posture Protectors

With a body pillow as your nightly buddy, you’re in for improved sleep posture. It’s all about stability, folks. This trusty prop supports your frame, leading to more comfy, restful nights.

2. Pain? What’s That?

Body pillows double up as pain-busters, helping alleviate chronic discomfort. If you’re grappling with pressure on your lower back, hips, or spine, a body pillow might be your superhero. No more waking up feeling like you’ve been on a wrestling mat!

3. Your Spine Will Thank You

Body pillows are fantastic for spine alignment. Say goodbye to slouchy stances and hello to less back pain. Body pillows for back issues? Count us in!

4. Reduced Snoring

Yes, you read it right. Body pillows can keep your airways open, reducing snoring and helping those with sleep apnea. Peaceful nights for everyone!

5. Postoperative Recovery

Recovering from surgery can be tough. Body pillows are here to lend a soft hand, offering support and reducing pain.

6. Shoulder and Neck Support

Struggling with shoulder or neck pain? Get ready for improved support and less discomfort with a body pillow.

7. Pressure? Not on My Watch!

Wake up refreshed, not achy. Body pillows can reduce pressure on shoulders and hips, leading to more comfortable mornings.

8. Side Sleepers Rejoice

If you’re a side sleeper, a body pillow will be your dream come true. It helps align your head, neck, and back, no matter what sleeping position you’re in.

9. Deep, Restful Sleep

Once your body finds that perfect neutral position, get ready to sink into a deep, restful slumber.

Now that’s what we call a good night’s sleep!

Now, let’s put all this into a handy-dandy summary table:

Body Pillow BenefitsHow They Help
Improved Sleep PostureOffers stability and support
Reduced PainHelps alleviate chronic discomfort
Spine AlignmentAssists with maintaining good posture
Reduced SnoringKeeps airways open
Postoperative RecoveryProvides support and reduces pain
Improved Shoulder and Neck SupportHelps with pain and discomfort
Pressure ReliefReduces pressure on shoulders and hips
Support for Side SleepersAligns head, neck, and back
Deep, Restful SleepFacilitates full muscle relaxation

The Other Side of the Pillow: Potential Body Pillow Pitfalls

Life isn’t a bed of roses, and neither are body pillows. They come with their own set of potential downsides. Buckle up, as we explore the flip side:

1. Bed Hoggers

Body pillows can be a tad wide. If you’re tight on space or share your bed, these pillow pals might be encroaching on your territory.

2. Adjustment Blues

Changing positions while sleeping? You’ll need to manhandle your body pillow, switching it from back to front, and vice versa.

3. Positional Predicament

Here’s the hard truth: body pillows love side sleepers. Stomach or back sleepers might not feel the same level of affection.

4. Size Matters

Body pillows aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Petites or larger folks might find these pillows less than comfortable.

5. Health Hitches

While body pillows can aid postoperative recovery, they may not be suitable for all health conditions. If you have health concerns, always consult a healthcare provider before making a pillow commitment.

6. The Goldilocks Problem

Too firm? Too soft? Body pillows may not match everyone’s definition of ‘just right’. Personal preference plays a big part in this pillow tale.

Now that you’re aware of the potential downsides, you can make a more informed decision about using body pillows. For many, the pros still far outweigh the cons.

So, let’s have a look at these potential downsides in a neat little table:

Potential DownsidesWhy They Might Be an Issue
Takes Up SpaceCould crowd a smaller bed
Needs ReadjustmentMust be repositioned for different sleep postures
Not Suitable for All Sleep PositionsMight not benefit stomach or back sleepers
Not Suitable for All Body TypesMight not be comfortable for petite or larger people
Not Suitable for All Health ConditionsMight not be appropriate for certain medical conditions
Not Suitable for All PreferencesComfort level depends on individual preference

Choosing Your Dream Companion: The Body Pillow Guide

As you embark on your quest to find the perfect body pillow, let’s take a look at the factors you should consider.

1. Shape Shifters

Body pillows come in all shapes and sizes. Straight, “C” shaped, U-shaped – you name it. Your choice depends on what kind of support you need.

2. Size Does Matter

Big, small, long, short. Body pillows are as varied as people themselves. Look for a length and width that provides just the right support for your whole body.

3. The Firmness Factor

Seek a body pillow that strikes a balance. Medium-firm is the sweet spot – supportive yet pliable enough to fit your needs.

4. Material and Fill

From memory foam to microfiber, body pillows boast an array of fillings. Your firmness, breathability, and hypoallergenic preferences will guide your choice here.

5. Sleep Position Support

Whether you’re a side sleeper, back dreamer, or stomach slumberer, choose a body pillow that caters to your preferred sleep position.

6. Comfort and Breathability

Don’t overlook the cover. It should feel soft, comfortable, and breathe easy to prevent any sweaty situations.

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Tap into the wisdom of the crowds. Read up on expert reviews and user recommendations to get a sense of the comfort, durability, and quality of your potential body pillow.

Remember, choosing a body pillow is a personal affair. What works for one dreamer may not work for another. Take your time and consider your specific needs to find your perfect pillow match.

Let’s summarize this into a handy table:

FactorWhy It’s Important
ShapeDetermines the level of support
SizeEnsures adequate support for the entire body
FirmnessBalances supportiveness and adaptability
Material and FillInfluences firmness, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties
Sleep Position SupportProvides optimal support for your preferred sleep position
Comfort and BreathabilityEnsures a comfortable and sweat-free sleep
Reviews and RecommendationsProvides insights into comfort, durability, and overall quality


How do body pillows work?

Body pillows: your knight in shining cotton. Long and narrow, they’re perfect for a cuddle when you’re snoozing on your side. They’re like a support system for your spine and pressure points. The result? Better sleep quality and a whole lot more comfort.

What’s the difference between a body pillow and a regular pillow?

Picture a body pillow as a regular pillow’s older, bigger sibling. It’s got the length to support your whole body. A regular pillow? It’s got your head and neck covered. For side sleepers, body pillows are the way to go. But all sleepers can get along with regular pillows.

What are body pillows filled with?

Take a peek inside a body pillow and you might find memory foam, down alternative, microfiber, cotton, wool, or even latex. How firm or breathable your pillow is, and whether it’s hypoallergenic, depends on the filling. It’s all about personal preference!

How are you supposed to sleep with a body pillow?

Put your body pillow lengthwise on your bed and lie on your side. Hug the pillow with your legs and keep your legs stacked. This position gets a thumbs up for promoting a healthy alignment of your sacrum, hips, and spine.

Should side sleepers use a body pillow?

Absolutely, side sleepers! Body pillows are your best pals. They help align your head, neck, and back, and reduce pressure on your shoulders and hips. The result? You wake up feeling like you’ve slept on a cloud.


So, we’ve taken quite the stroll through the land of body pillows, haven’t we? Along the way, we’ve discovered the fantastic advantages these full-length, huggable cushions bring to the table, or rather, to the bed. Better sleep posture, more comfort, pressure relief, and even a solution for the side sleepers among us – that’s quite the package.

Sure, they may need a bit more room on the bed, a few tweaks here and there, and they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But with the right one, tailored to your needs, you could find yourself in dreamland quicker than a narcoleptic sheep! Selecting your pillow pal isn’t a roll of the dice, but a matter of considering factors like shape, size, firmness, material, and how you sleep.

What did we cover in our sleep-enhancing journey?

  • Benefits of using a body pillow
  • Potential downsides of body pillows
  • Tips on choosing the perfect body pillow for you
  • Quick answers to your burning questions about body pillows

The choice, as they say, is in your hands. Or rather, under your arm. Choose wisely and you might just find that a body pillow is the missing piece in your perfect night’s sleep puzzle. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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