Do All Ottoman Beds Have Slats?

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Key TakeawaysInsights
Types of Ottoman Bed BasesSprung slatted bases offer better comfort and air circulation, while boarded bases are more durable and supportive.
Shopping CriteriaConsider base type, size, style, storage capacity, and quality when choosing an Ottoman bed.
Assembly and MaintenanceAssembly can take between 20 minutes to an hour. Regular maintenance like cleaning and piston checks are essential.
Innovative FeaturesLook for gas lift mechanisms and slow-closing features for added convenience.
SustainabilityOpt for organic bedding and beds made from sustainable materials for an eco-friendly choice.

Hello, snoozers! Lewis here from Dream HQ, your go-to guy for all things sleep. Today, we’re answering the question that keeps you tossing and turning at night: Do all ottoman beds have slats? Buckle up, because we’re diving into the heart of the mattress!

What’s Under the Mattress?

Alright, let’s get this out of the way: not all ottoman beds have slats. Yep, you heard it right. Some ottoman beds come with a slatted base, while others might offer a solid base, often called a platform top. So, if you’re new to this, let me break it down for you.

Not all beds are created equal, especially when it comes to their base.

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

A bed with a slatted base generally takes the cake for comfort. The slats are curved and spring back to their original position when you get up, acting like little shock absorbers when you climb onto your bed. On the other hand, a bed with a solid base provides a firmer feel, which some of you might actually prefer.

Quick Tip: Always make sure your bed base and mattress are compatible, especially if you’re buying them separately.

For more on what ottoman beds are, you can read our comprehensive guide on What is an Ottoman Bed.

Slatted vs Solid: The Showdown

So, slatted bases feel like a hug for your back, but what about solid bases?

  • Slatted Bases:

    • Better air circulation
    • Act like shock absorbers
    • Generally more comfortable
  • Solid Bases:

    • Provide a firmer feel
    • May be more suitable for heavier mattresses
    • Less moving parts mean less maintenance

If you’re still on the fence, our article on Are Ottoman Beds a Good Idea will help you weigh the pros and cons.

Delivery and Assembly

Wondering how your ottoman bed will roll up at your door? We’ve got you covered with our article on How Does an Ottoman Bed Get Delivered. If DIY isn’t your thing, don’t sweat it! Our Do Ottoman Beds Come Flat Packed guide will ease your assembly woes.

Bonus: Added Features

Some ottoman beds come equipped with gas lifts for easy opening and closing. If you’re intrigued, find out How Does a Gas Lift Ottoman Bed Work.

Additional Resources

Types Of Ottoman Bed Bases

When it comes to snuggling up in an ottoman bed, not all bases are created equal. There are two main types to consider: sprung slatted and boarded bases. Let’s break down the nitty-gritty of each.

Sprung Slatted Ottoman Bed Bases

The sprung slatted bases are often the crowd favourite, known for being cost-effective and durable compared to most divan bases. These champs come with either rigid or flexible slats mounted to the bed frame.

Flexible slats are made from curved wood and function like little trampolines for your back, bouncing back to their original shape once you rise and shine.

Ottoman bed in a stylish white room

Benefits of Sprung Slatted Bases

  • Improved Comfort: The flex of the slats provides just enough support without making you feel like you’re sleeping on a wooden plank.
  • Better Air Circulation: Say goodbye to mold and mildew! The slats allow air to circulate freely, keeping things fresh and hygienic.
  • Extended Mattress Lifespan: The slats take on most of the pressure, which means your mattress will thank you in the long run by staying in shape longer.

Boarded Ottoman Bed Bases

Now, if you’re in the market for something more robust, you might want to consider a boarded base. These bases are like the luxury cars of the ottoman world—built to last and offer a more supportive base for your mattress.

Benefits of Boarded Bases

  • Durability: If you’re looking for a long-term commitment, boarded bases are your go-to, being made from higher quality materials.
  • More Supportive: These bases are a solid choice for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface.

How to Choose the Right Base for Your Mattress

So, you’re probably wondering, “How do I pick the right one for me?” Don’t lose sleep over it; here’s what you should consider:

  • Mattress Type: Make sure your mattress and base are compatible.
  • Mattress Thickness: Slatted bases get along with all mattress thicknesses, while boarded bases are best friends with thicker mattresses.
  • Personal Preference: Your comfort and support needs matter too, you know.
  • Budget: If you’re watching the pennies, bear in mind that boarded bases generally have a heftier price tag.
Base TypeProsCons
Sprung SlattedImproved comfort, better air circulation, extended mattress lifespan.May not offer as much support as boarded bases.
BoardedHigh durability, more supportive.Generally more expensive.

The Shopping Guide: Criteria for Choosing the Right Ottoman Bed

So you’re ready to take the plunge and invest in an ottoman bed? Fantastic! But hold your horses, daydreamer. Before you hit that “buy now” button, there are some key criteria you need to mull over.

Choosing the Right Base Type

Remember, you’ve got two options here:

  1. Sprung Slatted Bases: Ideal for those who want a bit of bounce in their bedtime. These are easy on the wallet and big on comfort.
  2. Boarded Bases: These are the tanks of the ottoman world. Built for durability and offering solid support.

Note: The type of base you choose should jive well with your mattress. Compatibility is key!

Size Matters

Consider the dimensions, dreamers. Make sure the bed will fit in your room without turning the space into an obstacle course.

Style It Up

From rustic wooden designs to sleek upholstered beds, the style should match your bedroom’s vibe.

Storage Capacity

Ask yourself, how much stuff do you need to stash away? Make sure the bed can handle your hoarding tendencies.

Quality Over Quantity

A cheap bed might save you some quid now, but it’ll cost you in sleep quality and durability down the line.

Highlighting Top Picks in the Market

Now, let’s talk about the crème de la crème of ottoman beds:

  • Malmo Oak Ottoman Bed: A wooden charmer with a gas lift mechanism.
  • New England Ottoman: Timeless elegance in a wooden frame.
  • Maxi Ottoman Bed: Plush and upholstered, for those who want to sleep like royalty.

Prices vary as much as your dreams do. From budget-friendly to splurge-worthy, the range is wide.

  • Cheaper beds might leave you wanting more, lacking features like a floating floor.
  • High-end options offer a full package, often including divan designs with enclosed storage, keeping your hidden treasures dust-free.

Trusted Retailers for Quality Ottoman Beds

Wondering where to shop? Here are some retailers that won’t leave you tossing and turning:

  • BedHut: A buffet of beds in all shapes and sizes.
  • Time4Sleep: Stylish options for the discerning sleeper.
  • Happy Beds: Your one-stop shop for design variety.
  • House Beautiful: When you want your bed to double as decor.
  • Beds on Legs: For those who want a bed that stands out.
CriteriaWhy It’s Important
Base TypeDetermines comfort, durability, and mattress compatibility.
SizeNeeds to fit in your room without causing space issues.
StyleShould complement your bedroom decor.
StorageMust meet your storage needs.
QualityAffects the bed’s longevity and your sleep quality.

Before You Hit ‘Buy’: Essential Considerations

Alright, dreamer, we’re at the final stretch. You’re about to hit that ‘buy’ button and make an ottoman bed all yours. But before you do, let’s run through some essential considerations to ensure you’re making a wise investment.

Mattress Compatibility

First things first. Make sure your mattress and bed base are a match made in slumber heaven. Whether you’re eyeing a sprung slatted base or a boarded base, your mattress needs to be compatible. You don’t want to end up with a rocky relationship between your mattress and bed base, trust me!

Room Dimensions

Look around, sleepyhead. Your new ottoman bed needs room to breathe. Make sure to measure your bedroom space and choose a bed size that won’t cramp your style. Nobody likes a claustrophobic bedtime experience.

Storage Needs

Storage, glorious storage! How much do you need? Whether it’s a winter wardrobe, extra bedding, or those childhood keepsakes you can’t part with, make sure your bed can handle it all.

Quality Check

Don’t skimp on quality. A well-crafted bed made from top-notch materials is a long-term investment in good sleep and peace of mind.

Quick Tips Box: Top 5 Things to Consider Before Buying

Let’s break it down, snoozers. If you’re in a rush or need a quick recap, here are the Top 5 Quick Tips before you seal the deal:

  1. Choose the Right Base Type: Sprung slatted or boarded? Make your choice.
  2. Measure Your Room: Get that tape measure out!
  3. Consider Your Storage Needs: Think about what you’ll stash away.
  4. Quality Over Everything: You want a bed that lasts, right?
  5. Mattress Compatibility: Double-check this to avoid any bedtime blues.
Quick TipsWhy It’s Crucial
Choose the Right Base TypeDetermines your bed’s comfort and durability.
Measure Your RoomEnsures the bed fits and complements your space.
Consider Your Storage NeedsAffects how much you can store under the bed.
Quality Over EverythingEnsures the bed will last and offer good value for money.
Mattress CompatibilityAvoids discomfort and enhances the longevity of your mattress.

After the Purchase: Unveiling Your Dream Sleep Sanctuary

Congrats, dreamer! You’ve hit the ‘buy’ button and your ottoman bed is on its way. But what’s next? Let’s delve into what awaits you after your purchase.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling Your Ottoman Bed

Unboxing day has arrived, and you’re staring at an intriguing pile of parts and pistons. No worries—here’s a step-by-step guide to assembling your new sleep haven:

  1. Unpack the Bed: Lay out all the parts and hardware so you can see what you’re working with.
  2. Follow the Instructions: Use the manual to start putting together the frame.
  3. Attach the Pistons: Most ottoman beds come with gas pistons (think car boot), making lifting a breeze.
  4. Secure the Base: Fasten the base to the frame.
  5. Headboard Time: If your bed includes a headboard, attach it now.
  6. Test Drive: Make sure everything works as it should.

Maintenance 101: How to Keep Your Ottoman Bed in Tip-Top Shape

Let’s talk about long-term love. To keep your bed in a dreamy condition, follow these maintenance tips:

  • Clean Regularly: A quick clean prevents dust and dirt from turning into nightmares.
  • Check the Pistons: Ensure they’re working like the well-oiled machines they are.
  • Lubricate: A spritz of silicone spray keeps those pistons smooth.
  • Rotate the Mattress: This prevents your mattress from getting lopsided or saggy.

Moving Your Ottoman Bed: A No-Sweat Guide

Moving homes or just rearranging? Either way, relocating your ottoman bed is easier than you think. Just disassemble, pack, move, and reassemble. Simple, right?

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Ran into a hiccup? Here are some common issues and their quick fixes:

  • Bed Won’t Close: Try putting the mattress back on to add some weight.
  • Stiff Pistons: Silicone spray to the rescue!
  • Stuck Gasket: Refer to the manual or a video tutorial for guidance.
Post-Purchase StepsKey Actions
AssemblyUnpack, follow instructions, attach parts.
MaintenanceClean, check and lubricate pistons, rotate mattress.
Moving GuideDisassemble, pack, move, reassemble.
TroubleshootingIdentify issues, apply quick fixes.

Beyond the Basics: Elevate Your Ottoman Bed Game

So you’ve got the basics down, but what about those of you looking to up your ottoman bed game? Let’s explore what’s beyond the basics, shall we?

Ottoman beds aren’t just functional; they’re fashion statements for your bedroom. Here’s the latest runway rundown:

  • Wooden Ottoman Beds: These are your go-to for a rustic or traditional flair. Think oak, pine, and walnut finishes.
  • Upholstered Ottoman Beds: Going for a modern vibe? These beds, upholstered in fabrics like velvet, linen, and faux leather, are your ticket.
  • Storage Ottoman Beds: Perfect for the urban dweller with limited space, these beds offer extra storage underneath.

Built to Last: The Most Durable Ottoman Beds

Looking for an ottoman bed that stands the test of time? Check these out:

  • Malmo Oak Ottoman Bed: A sleek wooden design with a gas lift ottoman mechanism.
  • New England Ottoman: This one gives off timeless, rustic vibes.
  • Ooroo Ottoman Mattress Bed: A unique blend of foam and fabrics makes this a long-lasting choice.

Wallet-Friendly Choices: Because Budget Matters

Yes, style and durability are important, but so is your wallet. For the budget-conscious:

  • Happy Beds Ottoman Bed: Quality without breaking the bank.
  • Crafted Beds Ottoman Bed: Comes with a year’s guarantee.
  • BedHut Ottoman Bed: A plethora of choices without the hefty price tag.

Innovative Features to Look Out For

Why settle for vanilla when you can go for a full-fledged sundae? Here are some innovative features:

  • Gas Lift Mechanism: Makes lifting the mattress almost effortless.
  • Slow-Closing Mechanism: No sudden drops when you’re digging for that lost sock.
  • Solid Platform Top: A sturdy foundation for your mattress.

Organisational Tips: Making the Most of Ottoman Storage Space

Now that you’ve got the storage, what’s the best way to use it? Here’s how:

  • Use Storage Boxes: Sort and store, easy peasy.
  • Label Your Boxes: Stop playing hide-and-seek with your stuff.
  • Use Vacuum Storage Bags: Store bulky items without the bulk.
Trendsetting DesignsWooden, Upholstered, Storage
DurabilityMalmo Oak, New England, Ooroo Mattress Bed
Budget OptionsHappy Beds, Crafted Beds, BedHut
Innovative FeaturesGas Lift, Slow-Closing, Solid Platform
Organisational TipsStorage Boxes, Labeling, Vacuum Bags

The Cozy Corner: Elevate Your Slumber Space

The bedroom is more than a place to crash; it’s your personal sanctuary. So how do you make it even more inviting with an ottoman bed? Here’s how:

Creating a Cozy Bedroom Atmosphere with an Ottoman Bed

  • Warm Lighting: Ever notice how lighting can make or break a room? Aim for warm, ambient lighting. Consider a dimmer switch to set the mood.
  • Fall-Inspired Decor: Autumn hues like red, orange, and brown can add a cosy feel. Toss in some seasonal accents like pumpkins or leaves.
  • Plush Materials: Velvet, faux fur, and wool can elevate your comfort. Consider a plush rug or a throw blanket for your ottoman bed.
  • Cosy Corners: Add an armchair and a footstool or create a reading nook to make your bedroom a multifunctional space.
  • Effective Use of Colour: Colours speak volumes. Warm hues for warmth, cool tones for a calming effect.
  • Window Treatments: Blackout curtains can help you control the natural light and add a layer of comfort.

The Unusual Uses: Getting Creative with Your Ottoman Bed

Think your ottoman bed is just for catching Zs? Think again, daydreamers!

  • Seating Area: Use the ottoman bed as extra seating. Perfect for when you’re flipping through a magazine or scrolling through your phone.
  • Pet Bed: Your fur baby deserves a cozy sleep space too! Place a pet bed on your ottoman.
  • Workstation: For those WFH days, transform your ottoman bed into a mini-workstation. Add a desk and chair, and you’re good to go!

Sustainable Choices for the Eco-Conscious Sleeper

Let’s get green, eco-warriors! Here are some sustainable swaps:

  • Organic Bedding: Go for bedding that’s organic and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Sustainable Materials: Bamboo or reclaimed wood can be great eco-friendly options for your bed frame.
  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Ensure the bed is made using sustainable practices.
Cozy FactorsTips & Tricks
AmbienceWarm lighting, fall-inspired decor
ComfortPlush materials, cosy corners
Unusual UsesSeating area, pet bed, workstation
SustainabilityOrganic bedding, sustainable materials


What are beds without slats called?

Beds without slats are often referred to as non-slatted beds. These beds feature a solid platform base instead of slats, making them different from the traditional slatted beds. They are commonly found in divan and ottoman styles.

Do ottoman beds come flat packed?

Absolutely, many ottoman beds do come flat packed. While some may arrive part-assembled, others will require full assembly once they reach your doorstep. It’s always good to check this detail when ordering an ottoman bed.

What are the disadvantages of ottoman beds?

While ottoman beds are practical, they have some drawbacks. The gas pistons used to lift the bed can wear out over time, making lifting tricky. Plus, due to their solid construction, they can be heavier and harder to move. Lastly, the storage space may not be as expansive as other furniture options.

Can you use a bed frame without slats?

Yes, you can! Bed frames without slats usually come with a solid platform base where the mattress sits. This type of design, commonly found in divan and ottoman beds, adds height to the bed and offers a different type of support compared to slatted beds.

Do all beds need slats?

Nope, not all beds require slats. In fact, non-slatted beds feature a solid platform for the mattress to rest on, adding height and offering a different type of support. These are typical in divan and ottoman beds

Wrapping Up: The Ultimate Guide to Ottoman Beds

We’ve taken a deep dive into the world of Ottoman beds, covering everything from their basic structure to the nitty-gritty of choosing the right one for you. Whether you’re a first-time bed shopper or a seasoned pro looking to upgrade, this guide has had something for everyone.

  • Types of Bases: Sprung slatted versus boarded bases, and their impact on sleep quality.
  • Shopping Guide: Criteria for picking the right Ottoman bed, including top picks and trusted retailers.
  • Before and After Purchase: Things to consider before hitting ‘Buy,’ how to assemble your bed, and maintaining it for longevity.
  • Going Beyond: Trendsetting designs, durability, budget options, and innovative features.
  • Cozy Corners and Sustainability: Tips for creating a cozy bedroom atmosphere and making eco-friendly choices.
  • FAQs: Answering your burning questions about Ottoman beds, from slats to assembly.

That wraps up our comprehensive guide on Ottoman beds. Sweet dreams and happy shopping, snoozers!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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