Can You Put A Valance On An Ottoman Bed?

Key Takeaways Table

TopicKey Points
Choosing a ValanceFactors like material, colour, and design play a role. Take measurements for a proper fit.
Popular Valance StylesBase, sheet, frilled, box pleat, and straight valances are popular choices.
Attachment MethodsSplit-corner design for beds with hydraulic lifts; elastic or Velcro for others.
Cleaning and CareUse a vacuum or lint roller and spot clean with mild detergent.
Budget-Friendly OptionsLook for sales, or get crafty and make your own.
Unique Valance IdeasAdd a pop of colour or texture to make your valance stand out.
Alternatives to ValancesBed skirts, decorative throws, or built-in headboards can also do the trick.

Hey there, dream weavers and sleepyheads! It’s Lewis from Dream HQ, and today we’re diving into the cozy abyss of ottoman beds and valances. Yes, you heard it right! We’re marrying two of the most stylish bedroom elements to see if they’re a match made in dreamland.

Can You Put a Valance on an Ottoman Bed?

Hold onto your sleep masks; the answer is a resounding yes! A valance is your bed’s best friend; it’s like a decorative cape that makes any bed look like a superhero of style. Ottoman beds are no exception. These gems not only look sleek but also come with a slatted base and a roomy storage compartment. So, how do you make these two get along? Let’s talk options.

A valance can transform your bedroom from just another room to a classic setting.

Did you know? Ottoman beds were introduced to Europe from Turkey during the rule of the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

The Valance Types You Need to Know

Base Valance

Your ottoman bed will look like it stepped out of a home décor magazine with a base valance. It’s designed to cover that under-bed space where you hide things you don’t want your mum to find. We’re talking about ‘storage’, folks!

Split Corner Valance

If your bed has more angles than a geometry book, a split corner valance is your go-to. It fits like a glove on your ottoman bed and gives it a more tailored look, ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Commercial Valance

Got a slat bed? No worries. A commercial valance can be your loophole. For the stitch-challenged among us, go for a split-corner style to minimize the needlework.

Tip: For more on the different types of valances, head over to this bed valance guide.

How to Attach the Valance: The DIY Guide

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. If you’re wondering how to build an ottoman bed, we’ve got you covered. But adding a valance is a piece of cake. First, make sure your ottoman bed is in the closed position. If you’re not sure how to close an ottoman bed, we’ve got a guide for that too.

  1. Lay the Valance Flat: Start by laying your chosen valance flat on the mattress.
  2. Adjust the Corners: Make sure the corners align well with the bed’s corners.
  3. Secure the Valance: Tuck in any extra fabric under the mattress for a snug fit.

The Final Touch: To Valance or Not to Valance

So, are valances just pretty faces? Nope. They also keep dust at bay and offer a neat way to hide that storage space. Before you jump in, remember that valances need love too. Check out our guide on how to dismantle an ottoman bed for cleaning tips.

If you’re still on the fence, there are alternatives. Headboards and footboards can also add flair without the fabric fuss. But if you ask me, a valance is like the cherry on top of your sleep sundae.

For more inspiration on ottoman bed valances without headboards, check out Milano Bedding.

If you’re still curious about ottoman beds, we’ve got you covered. From their comfort levels to safety considerations, and even if they’re noisy or not, Dream HQ is your go-to for all things sleep-related.

The Nitty-Gritty Of Ottoman Bed Valances

How Do You Choose a Valance that Complements Your Ottoman Bed and Bedroom Décor?

Factors to Consider

  • Material: Choose a fabric that complements your ottoman bed and other bedroom furnishings.
  • Colour: Opt for a hue that fits well with your bedroom’s colour scheme.
  • Design: The design of the valance should enhance the overall style of your bedroom.
Ottoman bed in a stylish hotel room

Practical Tips

  • Measure Up: Always measure your ottoman bed to ensure the valance will fit like a glove.
  • Height Matters: Consider the height of your bed when selecting the valance length.
  • Easy Does It: Look for valances that are easy to attach and remove for cleaning.
  • Base Valance: A classic that fits under your mattress.
  • Sheet Valance: Covers both the mattress and the bed base.
  • Frilled Valance: Adds a touch of elegance with a frill or ruffle around the edge.
  • Box Pleat Valance: Features sewn-in box-shaped pleats for a touch of class.
  • Straight Valance: A minimalist, straight piece of fabric that covers the base.

How Do You Attach a Valance to an Ottoman Bed with Hydraulic Lifts?

Attachment Methods

  • Hydraulic Beds: Opt for a split-corner valance for easy storage access.
  • Non-Hydraulic Beds: Elasticated or Velcro attachments work best.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Measure: Ensure the valance dimensions align with your bed.
  2. Choose: Pick a split corner design if you have hydraulic lifts.
  3. Attach: Use the correct method for your bed type.
  4. Adjust: Ensure the valance covers the bed base adequately.

What Are Some Creative Ottoman Bed Valance Ideas to Try?

DIY Projects

  • Patterned Fabric: Make your valance from a fabric that screams you.
  • Trim and Tassels: Add these to a plain valance for a unique look.
  • Contrasting Frills: Use a different fabric for frills or ruffles on a frilled valance.

Inspiration Board

How Do Ottoman Bed Valances Differ from Regular Bed Valances?

Key Differences

  • Base Coverage: Ottoman valances cover the storage compartment; regular ones don’t.
  • Split Corners: These are often necessary for ottoman valances.
  • Attachment Method: Elastic or Velcro may be required for hydraulic lifts.


Understanding these differences can guide you in choosing the right valance for your bed, ensuring it fits and enhances your bedroom décor.

Summary Table

AspectOttoman Bed ValancesRegular Bed Valances
Base CoverageCovers the storage compartmentFits over the divan base
Split CornersOften necessaryNot usually required
Attachment MethodElastic or Velcro may be neededStandard methods usually suffice

The Fine Print on Valances for Ottoman Beds

Alright, dreamers, we’ve got our valances picked out and in place. But the story doesn’t end there. Let’s get into the fine print—from keeping those valances clean to doing it all on a budget.

How Do You Clean an Ottoman Bed Valance Without Removing It?

Cleaning Methods

  • Vacuum Cleaner: Perfect for sucking up dust and dandruff. Go ahead, give your valance the hoover treatment.
  • Lint Roller: A godsend for those with pets. One roll and your valance will be pet-hair-free!
  • Spot Cleaning: A mild detergent and a damp cloth can handle minor crises like coffee spills.

Care Tips

  • Regular Maintenance: Dust it off regularly. Your valance is not a museum piece.
  • Follow the Rules: Manufacturers know best. Follow their cleaning guidelines.
  • Chemical Caution: Don’t go mad scientist with cleaning products. Keep it simple and safe.

What Are Some Budget-Friendly Ottoman Bed Valances?

Affordable Options

  • Material Matters: Cotton or polyester valances won’t break the bank.
  • Sale Savvy: Bargain hunting? Sales and clearance sections are your playground.
  • DIY Flair: Buy a plain one and jazz it up yourself.

DIY on a Dime

  • Sheet Transformation: Got an old flat sheet? Turn it into a valance.
  • Trim Trick: A little trim or tassels can work wonders.
  • Stencil or Paint: Art class comes to the bedroom. Paint or stencil your design on.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Use a Valance to Add Personality to a Bedroom?

Personal Touch

  • Bold and Beautiful: A zesty pattern or vibrant colour can be the star of the show.
  • Texture Tease: Think velvet or faux fur for that touch of luxury.
  • Accessorize: Embellishments like trim or tassels can make your valance one-of-a-kind.


  • Colour Coordination: Match your valance with your bedspread for that catalogue look.
  • Accessorize Again: Throw pillows and other knick-knacks should play well with your valance.
  • Alignment Matters: A well-aligned valance is the finishing touch for that perfect #BedroomGoals pic.

What Are Some Alternatives to Using a Valance for an Ottoman Bed?

Alternative Options

  • Bed Skirt: The classic alternative.
  • Decorative Throws or Blankets: For a boho or casual look.
  • Built-In Headboard: When you want a sleek, no-fuss setup.

Pros and Cons

Bed SkirtEasy to install, variety of styles.May shift, needs readjustment.
Decorative Throw or BlanketAdds visual flair, easily swapped.Partial coverage, may need adjustment.
Built-In HeadboardNo need for a valance, polished look.Limits style change options.


Can you have a valance with an ottoman bed?

Absolutely, you can! A valance is the perfect way to jazz up the look of your ottoman bed. Not only does it hide the bed base, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your bedroom. From base valances to frilled ones, you have a plethora of styles to choose from.

What are the disadvantages of an ottoman bed?

While ottoman beds offer excellent storage options, they do have some downsides. They can be heavy, making it a bit tricky to lift the base. Also, the storage space is often inaccessible when the bed is in use. They can be a bit pricier too compared to traditional beds.

Should you put a valance on your bed?

It’s all about personal taste, daydreamers. A valance can elevate the look of your bedroom and hide any under-bed clutter. Plus, it helps shield the bed base from dust. But if you like the minimalist look, feel free to skip it.

What is the purpose of an ottoman bed?

Think of an ottoman bed as your bedroom’s secret compartment. Its main gig is to offer extra storage without hogging floor space. The bed base lifts, revealing storage space perfect for stashing bedding, clothes, or even your secret chocolate stash.

Do you decorate an ottoman?

Yes, spruce up that ottoman! These versatile pieces can be footstools, seating, or even makeshift coffee tables. Add some throw pillows, a snazzy blanket, or a decorative tray to make it a functional yet stylish element in your room.

Wrapping It All Up: Your Complete Guide to Ottoman Bed Valances

Hey, snoozers! We’ve embarked on a comprehensive journey, diving deep into the world of ottoman bed valances. From choosing the perfect valance to complement your ottoman bed and bedroom décor, to the popular styles of valances that are both classic and trendy, we’ve covered it all. We’ve even explored creative DIY ideas for valances and tackled the nitty-gritty details like how to attach a valance to an ottoman bed with hydraulic lifts.

But the fun didn’t stop there. We spilled the beans on how to keep that valance clean without breaking a sweat, and for those of you on a budget, we’ve got you covered with affordable valance options. Can’t forget our list of unique ways to use a valance for that extra sprinkle of personality in your bedroom! And for the skeptics out there, we dished out some alternative options to using a valance on your ottoman bed.

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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