Can I Use Pregnancy Pillows For Breastfeeding?

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TopicKey Takeaway
Pregnancy Pillow FeaturesLook for shape, size, adjustability, material, and more for maximum comfort.
BenefitsSupport, versatility, and health benefits are what make these pillows a must-have.
Regular vs Pregnancy PillowsBoth can work for breastfeeding, but each offers unique features.
Using Regular PillowsPositioning and comfort are crucial when using regular pillows for breastfeeding.
FAQsQuick answers to common questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding pillows.

Hello, fellow dreamers! It’s Lewis here, your bedding and sleep aficionado. Pregnancy pillows – not just for expecting mums. Today, we’re diving into a pillow’s life post-birth: breastfeeding. Buckle up, and let’s find your perfect comfort spot!

Positioning Is Key

  • Where?: Around your waist or lap.
  • Why?: Support for your baby while breastfeeding.
  • How?: Learn the perfect techniques from our article how to use a pregnancy pillow.
Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Comfort: A Major Player

Pillow ShapeIdeal For
C-ShapedFull Body Support
Wedge-ShapedElevating Specific Parts

Support: Keep Strains Away

Versatility: One Pillow, Many Uses

Why Not a Nursing Pillow?

Curious about feather pillows? Explore:

A Guide To Finding The Ideal Pregnancy Pillow For Breastfeeding

Pillow talk has never been more exciting, especially when it comes to breastfeeding. Let’s dive into what makes a great pregnancy pillow for breastfeeding, and why it’s more than just a cosy spot for your little one.

A white c shaped pregnancy pillow

Shape: Not Just a Style Statement

Size: Big or Small, We Have it All

Adjustability: Because Flexibility isn’t Just for Gymnasts

  • Want a loftier lounging experience or a snugger snuggle? Adjust away!
  • For all you curious cats out there, learn how to make a feather pillow at DreamHQ.

Removable Covers: For Those Oops Moments

Versatility: Because Who Wants a One-Trick Pillow?

Material: For the Sensitive Souls

Support: More Than Emotional

  • Back, arms, neck; it’s got you literally covered.
  • DreamHQ Pro Tip: Looking for ultimate comfort? Dive into our feather pillow collection.

Portability: Because Comfort Should Travel with You

Now, dear reader, for the table you’ve all been waiting for:

FeatureWhy It Matters
ShapeTailors to your body’s support needs.
SizeFits comfortably on your lap or around your waist.
AdjustabilityCustomisable for personal comfort.
Removable CoversEasy cleaning for life’s little messes.
VersatilityUseful during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
MaterialEnsures comfort for sensitive skin.
SupportSupports critical areas to reduce strain.
PortabilityTravel-friendly for comfort on the go.

For more on breastfeeding pillows and even how to use them after giving birth, check out these fantastic guides:

The Marvels of a Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding

I’ve got the lowdown on why pregnancy pillows aren’t just for the bumps. Let’s explore the fabulous world of pregnancy pillows, and find out how they can be a game-changer for breastfeeding.

Comfort: Like a Hug for Your Body

  • Extra support? Check.
  • Stay cosy while feeding your little one.

Support: The Best Sidekick for You and Your Baby

  • Support for arms, back, and neck? We’ve got that covered.
  • No more strain—just you, your baby, and pure comfort.
  • Feeling curious? See how pregnancy pillows are made at DreamHQ.

Versatility: One Pillow to Rule Them All

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and even lounging!
  • It’s cost-effective!

Adjustability: Your Pillow, Your Way

  • Shape it, mould it, make it yours.
  • One size fits all? Not here, mate!

Removable Covers: Cleanliness Next to Pillowliness

  • Stains? What stains?
  • Easy cleaning, because life’s too short for laundry woes.
  • If you’re fascinated, don’t miss how to wash pregnancy pillows on DreamHQ.

Health Benefits: More Than Just a Pretty Pillow

Preventative: A Stitch in Time Saves Your Spine

Summary Table: All the Goodies in One Spot

ComfortExtra support for maximum cosiness.
SupportReduces strain on arms, back, neck.
VersatilityUseful for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
AdjustabilityCustomisable for personal comfort.
Removable CoversEasy to clean for hygiene.
Health BenefitsAlleviates common aches and pains.
PreventativeBack support to prevent pain.

The Great Pillow Debate: Regular Pillow vs Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding

Have you been caught in the pillow conundrum? Wondering if you really need a pregnancy pillow for breastfeeding or if a regular pillow will do? Buckle up, comfort-lovers, because I’ve got the answers!

Regular Pillows: The Every-Pillow’s Guide to Breastfeeding

  • Versatile and convenient? Absolutely!
  • Comfortable? Depends on your choice of cushion.
  • Cost-effective? Certainly.
  • Fit for breastfeeding? They can be!

Pregnancy Pillows: The Superheroes of Comfort

  • Special design? Check.
  • Maximum support? Guaranteed.
  • Tailor-made for breastfeeding? You bet.
  • Versatile? They’re not just for the bump, you know.

Regular vs Pregnancy Pillows: Points to Consider


  • Regular: Square, rectangle, you know the drill.
  • Pregnancy: U-shaped, C-shaped, they’ve got it all.
  • Winner? Pregnancy, for that extra-hug feeling.


  • Regular: Standard bed sizes.
  • Pregnancy: Big, small, and everything in between.
  • Winner? It’s a tie, size it up!


  • Regular: Cotton, down, feathers – pick your favourite.
  • Pregnancy: Hypoallergenic, breathable materials.
  • Winner? Pregnancy, for a sneeze-free experience.


  • Regular: Good enough for a headrest.
  • Pregnancy: Back, neck, arms – full-body love.
  • Winner? Pregnancy, for whole-body joy.

Table: Regular vs Pregnancy Pillows – The Great Showdown

CriteriaRegular PillowPregnancy PillowWinner

Regular Pillow for Breastfeeding: Tips from a Sleep Savvy Pro

Ah, regular pillows – the Swiss army knives of the bedding world. Ready to hand over some tips for using that ordinary pillow for breastfeeding. Get set, mothers and mothers-to-be, the cushion adventure begins!

1. Positioning Perfection

  • Lap or Waist: Drape it around, make it comfy.
  • Baby Support: Elevation? Check. Comfy baby? Check.

2. Comfort is King

  • Adjusting: A little shift here, a tuck there, find your goldilocks zone.
  • Height Matters: Right height, right feeding. Keep it level!

3. Supportive Regulars

  • Back and Neck: Pillows are for snuggles, even during feeding.
  • Arms Need Love Too: Let your regular pillow play supporter.

4. Versatility Villains

  • Shapes and Sizes: Your choice, your comfort.
  • One or More: Because sometimes, two pillows are better than one.

5. Multiple Pillow Magic

  • More Support: Stack them, layer them, make a pillow fort if you want.
  • Back and Lap: One for the back, one for the lap. Sweet harmony.

6. Keep Them Handy

  • Favourite Spots: Couch corner, baby’s room, find your happy places.
  • Pillow Stash: Keep a few around, like having biscuits in the pantry.

Summary Table: Regular Pillow Tips for Breastfeeding

PositioningLap or Waist for support.
ComfortAdjust for the perfect spot.
SupportBack, neck, and arms’ best friend.
VersatilityShape, size, more the merrier.
Multiple PillowsStack ’em up for extra comfort.
Handy LocationsKeep them where you need them.

Regular Pillow Positioning: A Guide to Baby’s Weight Support During Breastfeeding

Grab your regular pillows, and let’s dive into the cosy world of baby support. It’s all about positions, just like a dance, but with pillows. Ready? Let’s waltz!

1. Back Support Bonanza

  • Behind Your Back: Lean into that pillow. It’s a lean, mean, comfort machine.

2. Lap’s Luxurious Lifter

  • On Your Lap: Baby up, stress down. The right height makes it right.

3. Baby’s Head Holder

  • Under Baby’s Head: Hand plus pillow equals baby’s happy nap spot.
  • Arm Support: Run it along their back, like a cosy little guardrail.

4. Regular Pillow Power

  • Add More Pillows: Sinking? Stack them up. Like pancakes, but fluffier.

5. Cradle Position Pro

  • Cradle Your Baby: Pillow cradling? Baby’s loving it.

6. Side-Lying Success

  • Support Your Head and Neck: Pillows for you too, mum.
  • Keep It Straight: Align your body, like soldiers, but softer.

Summary Table: Positioning Regular Pillows for Baby’s Support

PositionHow to Use
Back SupportLean into the pillow.
Lap LifterPlace on your lap.
Head HolderUnder baby’s head, with your arm along the back.
Regular Pillow PowerAdd more if sinking.
Cradle PositionUse the pillow for cradling.
Side-LyingSupport head and keep body straight.


Can we use a pregnancy pillow for breastfeeding?

Yes, a pregnancy pillow is perfect for breastfeeding. It offers comfort and support, shaping around your body to help you and your baby. It’s a versatile investment to enhance the breastfeeding experience.

What’s the difference between nursing pillow and pregnancy pillow?

Nursing pillows are compact, fitting around the waist for breastfeeding. Pregnancy pillows are larger, designed for support during pregnancy. They differ in size, shape, and specific purpose, each offering unique benefits for various stages of motherhood.

What pregnancy pillow doubles as a breastfeeding pillow?

The Bamibi® Pregnancy Pillow is a star here. It doubles as a breastfeeding pillow due to its portable, foldable banana-shape. It’s a handy, two-in-one solution, providing comfort during pregnancy and support while breastfeeding.

How do you feed with a pregnancy pillow?

To feed with a pregnancy pillow, place it on your lap or waist. Adjust to find the right fit, letting it support your baby while breastfeeding. This versatile tool can enhance comfort, making feeding a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

When to start using a pregnancy pillow?

Begin using a pregnancy pillow when you feel the need, typically in the second trimester. As your tummy grows and your usual sleeping position becomes uncomfortable, the pregnancy pillow is there to offer support, aiding in a restful sleep and overall comfort during pregnancy.


Sleep experts don’t just tuck you in; they tuck in your baby too! From pregnancy to breastfeeding, the right pillow is your loyal companion. It’s more than just a fluffy friend; it’s a support system for mums, offering ease and comfort during those special moments with your little one. Whether you choose a special pregnancy pillow or grab a regular one off the couch, positioning and choice matter.

We’ve had quite the pillow talk, haven’t we? Here’s what we nestled into:

  • Pregnancy Pillows: Shapes, sizes, and why they’re brilliant for both pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Regular Pillows: How to make them work for breastfeeding, saving your pounds and pence.
  • Positions & Tips: From behind-the-back to lap support, getting comfortable is key.
  • FAQs: Your questions, snugly answered in bite-sized bits.

Remember, whether you’re expecting, nursing, or both, the right pillow isn’t just about sweet dreams—it’s about sweet moments with your baby. Now, go on, get comfy!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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