Can I Bring My Pregnancy Pillow To The Hospital?

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Hello, it’s Lewis from Dream HQ, and today we’re diving into a cosy topic: “Can I Bring My Pregnancy Pillow To The Hospital?” Grab your favourite blanket, and let’s unravel this together!

Why Bring a Pregnancy Pillow to the Hospital?

Surely you’ve wondered, can you bring your pregnancy pillow to the hospital? The short answer is a resounding yes!

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Comfort and Support

Bringing a pregnancy pillow or nursing pillow offers tremendous comfort during feeding. Ever been sore after giving birth? These pillows can be a lifesaver!


Your own pillow can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort during your hospital stay. It’s like sleeping with your own pregnancy pillow at home!

Different Uses of Pregnancy Pillows

Breastfeeding SupportCan be used for support during feeding.
Sitting ComfortProvides relief if you’re sore after giving birth.
Incision SupportSome labour nurses suggest using a pillow to splint against the incision during a bumpy ride home after a Cesarean section.

Other Considerations

  • Washing: Planning to take your pregnancy pillow with you? Make sure to wash it before and after your hospital stay.
  • Travel: Heading abroad? You might wonder, can I take my pregnancy pillow on a plane? We’ve got you covered!
  • Donating: Done with your pregnancy pillow? Donating it is a wonderful idea.

Need more insights? Discover are feather pillows good for side sleepers or are they better than polyester.

Alright, lovely readers, ow that we’ve delved into the world of pregnancy pillows, let’s address another question that might keep you up at night: “What else should I pack in my hospital bag for childbirth?” Don’t fret; I’ve got your sleep-deprived back!

Packing for Mum: The Essentials

Preparing for the big day? Here’s a list to ensure comfort, joy, and everything in between:

  • Comfortable Clothes: For labour and postpartum. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later.
  • A Snuggly Robe: Because who doesn’t want to feel like royalty?
  • Nursing Bras & Pads: Support? Check. Absorbency? Double-check.
  • Nipple Ointment: To keep everything smooth sailing.
  • Toiletries: Don’t forget your toothbrush, toothpaste, hair ties, and deodorant.
  • Slippers: Because hospital floors aren’t known for their warmth.
  • Maternity Pads or Disposable Underwear: For peace of mind.
A bag full of items
  • Snacks and Drinks: Labour’s hard work, treat yourself!
  • Birth Plan: If you have one, make sure it doesn’t stay at home.
  • Entertainment: Books, magazines, or whatever tickles your fancy.
  • Medications and Important Documents: Keep your ID, insurance card, and medical records handy.

For the Star of the Show: Baby

Your little one’s arrival calls for some special items:

  • Infant Car Seat: Safety first!
  • Outfit: Something adorable for going home.
  • Hat, Booties, or Socks: To keep those tiny toes toasty.
  • Receiving Blankets: Perfect for swaddling.
  • Diapers and Wipes: Essential for those first adorable (but messy) moments.
  • Baby Toiletries: For baby’s first bath.
  • Pacifiers: If you plan to use them.
  • Nursing Pillow: For comfortable breastfeeding.

Optional Luxuries

For those who like to pack everything but the kitchen sink:

  • Partner’s Essentials: Snacks, change of clothes, toiletries.
  • Comfort Items: Your favourite pillow, perhaps? Feather pillows, anyone?
  • Relaxation Tools: Music, candles, essential oils (check with your hospital first!).

A Word to the Wise

Pack your bag around 36 weeks of pregnancy. You never know when your baby will decide it’s time to meet the world!

Hospital Bag Checklist: A Summary
Ready to pack? Here’s a quick table to help you out:

For MumClothes, robe, nursing bras, toiletries, slippers, pads, snacks, birth plan, entertainment, medications, documents
For BabyCar seat, outfit, hat, blankets, diapers, wipes, toiletries, pacifiers, nursing pillow
Optional ItemsPartner’s essentials, comfort items, relaxation tools

Will we be tackling a rather entertaining subject: “What kind of entertainment items should you pack in your hospital bag for childbirth?” Buckle up; it’s going to be an exciting ride!

Books and Magazines: A Classic Choice

Who says you can’t catch up on the latest gossip or dive into a thrilling novel while waiting for baby’s grand entrance? Here’s what to pack:

  • Favourite Novels: Something thrilling, perhaps?
  • Magazines: Whether it’s fashion or fishing, grab your favourite read.

Movies and TV Shows: Lights, Camera, Action!

Early labour can be a real drag, so why not catch up on your favourite series?

  • Movies: A comedy or romance for light-hearted viewing.
  • TV Shows: Binge-watch that series you’ve been saving.

Music: Let the Beats Guide You

A carefully crafted playlist can be your best friend during labour:

  • Soothing Tunes: To keep you relaxed.
  • Uplifting Beats: For when you need a little energy boost.

Podcasts or Audiobooks: Stories for Your Ears

Why strain your eyes when you can listen?

  • Podcasts: From mysteries to self-help, there’s something for everyone.
  • Audiobooks: Let someone else do the reading.

Puzzles and Games: Mind Over Matter

Keep that brain ticking with:

  • Crossword Puzzles or Sudoku: Intellectual stimulation, anyone?
  • Playing Cards or Small Games: Fun for you and your support person.

Creative Outlet: Colour Your World

  • Colouring Books: A calming activity for adults too!
  • Journal or Notebook: Record your thoughts and experiences.

Apps and Gaming: Technology at Your Fingertips

Embrace the modern world with:

  • Meditation Apps: Guided relaxation to keep you centered.
  • Portable Gaming Device: Time will fly with your favourite games.

Summary Table: Entertainment Essentials
Still wondering what to pack? Here’s a table to guide you:

Reading MaterialBooks, magazines
Visual EntertainmentMovies, TV shows
Audio EntertainmentMusic, podcasts, audiobooks
Puzzles & GamesCrossword puzzles, Sudoku, playing cards, small games
Creative ActivitiesColouring books, journaling
Digital EntertainmentMeditation apps, portable gaming device

We are now going to talk about a topic that’s both modern and controversial: “Is it recommended to bring a tablet or laptop for entertainment during childbirth?” Grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into the digital age of delivery rooms!

The Digital Dilemma: Tablets and Laptops in the Birthing Room

In the age of technology, it’s no wonder that some mums-to-be might consider packing a tablet or laptop to keep them entertained during labour. But, as with most things in life, it’s not as simple as it seems.

The Pros: Entertainment at Your Fingertips

  • Movies and TV Shows: Ready to binge your favourite series during early labour?
  • Books and Magazines: Why carry physical copies when you can have them on one device?
  • Music and Playlists: Your personal DJ, ready to spin some calming tunes.

The Cons: Every Rose Has Its Thorn

  • Hospital Policies: Some birthing centres might frown upon electronic devices, so be sure to check!
  • WiFi and Connectivity: Not all hospitals offer WiFi, so plan accordingly.
  • Distraction Factor: You might be so engrossed in a movie that you miss a contraction! (Just kidding, but focus is key).

Packing Smart: What to Bring

If you decide to go the tech-savvy route, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Tablet or Laptop: Your choice of device.
  • Power Cords and Chargers: Don’t let a dead battery ruin the fun.
  • Pre-Downloaded Content: Movies, shows, or books – have them ready for offline viewing.

Summary Table: Tablets and Laptops During Childbirth
Still not sure? Here’s a quick summary to help you make up your mind:

Entertainment options (movies, music, books)Hospital policies may restrict use
Convenient and portableLimited WiFi and connectivity
Personalised contentPotential distraction

This time, we’re venturing into the treacherous territory of “What NOT to pack in your hospital bag for childbirth.” Brace yourselves; it’s going to be an enlightening journey!

Underwear: Leave the Lacies at Home

Hospitals have this magical invention called disposable stretchy underwear. Trust me, they’re your new best friends postpartum.

Diapering Products: Let the Hospital Handle It

Wipes? Diapers? The hospital has got you covered. No need to cram your bag with baby’s nappy essentials.

Pre-Pregnancy Clothes: Hold Off on the Skinny Jeans

Comfort is the name of the game. Pack clothes that love your postpartum body as much as you do.

Full Beauty Bag: Less is More

Ladies, the full beauty routine can wait. Pack the essentials, and embrace the natural glow of motherhood.

Feminine Pads: The Hospital Knows Best

They’ve got sizes and types you didn’t even know existed. Leave your stash at home.

Your Bed Pillow: Keep It Safe

A comfort pillow? Sure! Your beloved bed pillow? Best to leave it resting peacefully at home.

Bulky Entertainment Items: Size Matters

Gaming consoles and bulky books might just clutter your room. Stick to the compact entertainment options.

Baby Toys: Too Soon, My Friend

Your newborn is more interested in sleep and food than toys. Leave the playthings for later.

Summary Table: What NOT to Pack for Childbirth
Still worried you might overpack? Here’s a quick table to set things straight:

ItemReason to Leave Behind
UnderwearHospital provides disposable ones
Diapering ProductsProvided by the hospital
Pre-Pregnancy ClothesNot suitable postpartum
Full Beauty BagOnly essential toiletries needed
Feminine PadsHospital provides various sizes
Bed PillowCan get lost or dirty
Bulky Entertainment ItemsTakes up too much space
Baby ToysNot needed for newborns


Can I bring my pillow to the hospital?

Certainly! If it’s comfort you’re after, bringing your own pillow to the hospital is like having a snuggly friend by your side. But leave the fancy ones at home; hospitals can be messy.

Can I bring a nursing pillow to the hospital?

Absolutely! A nursing pillow is the breastfeeding hero you didn’t know you needed. It supports both mum and baby, making those precious feeding moments a breeze.

What should you not bring in your hospital bag?

Leave behind the pre-pregnancy clothes, personal undies, an entire beauty parlour, and the baby’s toy chest. Hospitals have most things covered, so pack light!

Should I bring my own pillow and blanket to the hospital?

Pillow? Yes. Blanket? Not so much. While your pillow might provide a touch of home, a blanket might end up on an unintended adventure in the hospital.

Why do doctors ask if you sleep with 2 pillows?

It’s not pillow envy, I promise. Doctors ask this to check for conditions like sleep apnea. The way you prop your head at night can reveal quite a bit about your health.


Well, dear readers, it seems our journey through the cosy world of hospital bags for childbirth has come to a serene slumber. From the wisdom of pillows (both regular and nursing) to the dos and don’ts of packing your maternity suitcase, we’ve unfolded every layer of this intriguing topic. With the elegance of Egyptian cotton, we’ve woven together:

  • Packing Essentials: From clothes to toiletries, we’ve covered what makes the perfect hospital ensemble.
  • Entertainment Choices: Books, puzzles, or even a trusty tablet – we’ve tackled it all.
  • Not-to-Pack Items: A fascinating list of what you can confidently leave behind.
  • FAQs: Got questions? We’ve served up the answers with a side of wit.

Here’s to your packing success and a joyful journey into motherhood. Dream HQ is always here to support your slumbers and beyond. Sweet dreams!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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