Best 7 Mattresses For Side Sleepers In The UK – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best mattress for side sleepers uk

Article by Lewis Hugh

Would you believe that most people prefer to sleep on their side? Indeed, 74% of the world’s population are side sleepers! 

However, if you are a side sleeper, finding a mattress that offers pressure relief, optimal spinal alignment and back support can pose a major challenge.

That’s where Dream HQ comes in! Our comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in finding the best mattress for side sleepers in the UK.

We’ll delve into the various types of mattresses that are suitable for side sleeping, and explain the benefits of choosing one that is specifically tailored to your needs. Additionally, we’ll offer tips on selecting the best firmness levels and delve into other critical factors to contemplate, such as lifespan and durability. 

All that’s left for you to do is unwind and sink into the comfort of our guide that will steer you towards waking up energised and invigorated every day!

Importance Of Finding the Right Mattress For Side Sleepers

Don’t you agree that selecting the perfect mattress for side sleepers necessitates utmost consideration? Absolutely! A wrong choice could invariably spell disaster in the form of discomfort and assorted health complications. 

As a side sleeper, it’s essential to strike an optimal equilibrium between support and softness, given that your hips and shoulders exert a considerable force on the mattress.

Fortunately, a suitable mattress is capable of preserving proper spinal alignment, reducing the incidence of pressure points, and enriching the quality and quantity of your sleep. 

How marvelous is that?

If a sound slumber is top of your mind, then the Novilla Mattress is your go-to choice. It scores high on three critical factors – comfortable slumber that relaxes your body, support that helps you keep a steady posture and safety that puts all worries at rest. 

The pocket sprung support system, with individually wrapped pocket springs, accentuates supportive layers and reduces motion transfer – making it a splendid partner for couples. 

The skin-friendly, breathable fabric is OEKO-TEX certified, assimilates with your body, keeping body temperature under check and eventually leads to a paradisal sleeping experience.

However, its thickness of 17 cm serves as its Achilles’ heel, as it may not be potent enough to provide ample support for people on the heavier side. Furthermore, some customers reported a fleeting chemical smell upon unboxing, which tends to diminish in the days that follow. Lastly, some sleepers have reported the sensation of feeling the springs while sleeping.

Overall, the Novilla Single Mattress is an affordable option that stands at the confluence of comfort, support, and safety – making it a conscious investment to attain a night of much-coveted luxury beneath the sheets.

Key Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 190L x 90W x 17Th cm (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Safety standards: Meets UK safety standards and is fire-retardant certified
  • Trial and warranty: Comes with a 100-night trial and a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • Item firmness: Firm
  • Top style: Euro Top
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil
  • Weight: 17 kg (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)



  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Individually wrapped pocket springs reduce motion transfer
  • The skin-friendly, breathable fabric
  • OEKO-TEX certified for safety
  • moderates body temperature
  • UK safety standards and is fire-retardant certified
  • 100-night trial and a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  •  May not provide enough support for heavier sleepers
  • Reports of a smell when first opened
  • Some sleepers have reported feeling springs when sleeping

The Wowtrrelax Mattress is a true trailblazer, boasting unrivaled and unique features that eclipse its competitors. It comprises memory foam that provides a moderate firmness, which expertly caters to all sleeping positions, promising optimum comfort.

Apropos of comfort, this mattress’ 9-zone orthopaedic support system is nothing but the best, releasing all kinds of pressure points and providing exceptional lumbar support. 

The mattress’ 3D surface design ensures a serene massage effect, invigorating your body and mind, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to conquer the day.

Notably, the mattress’ breathable, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly fabric made of natural bamboo fibres is perfect for filtering out all sweat and steam from your contact surface, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the night. 

It’s worth mentioning that the mattress comes with a risk-free 100-night trial policy and an easy returns system, a testament of its manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

Furthermore, the built-in pocketed springs effectively reject any noise or vibration, promoting noise-free slumber, free of distractions, and it comes in different weights, depending on the size. 

It’s crucial to note that some sleepers have reported different preferences regarding the mattress’ firmness, with some deem it too soft while others regard it too firm. Ultimately, it all boils down to personal preference.

To wrap it up, the Wowttrelax Mattress is an investment worth every penny, especially if you are searching for exceptional features that include noise-less slumber, eco-friendliness, and trailblazing comfort, which is a hallmark of this mattress.

Key Specifications:

  • Item firmness: Medium
  • Fill material: Memory Foam
  • Dimensions: 190L x 90W x 20.5 cm (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Top style: Euro Top
  • Colour: Blue and white
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil
  • Weight: 19.1kg (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)



  • 9-zone orthopaedic support system for optimal pressure release and lumbar support
  • Breathable
  • hypoallergenic
  • environmentally friendly fabric
  • Suitable for all sleep positions
  • 3D surface design that provides a gentle massage effect
  • Built-in individually pocketed springs for noise-free sleep
  • 100-night trial period and easy return policy
  • Some sleepers have reported that the mattress is not firm enough
  • Some sleepers have reported that the mattress is too firm

Finding a comfortable place to sleep can be overwhelming, but the Vesgantti Mattress has everything you need for a good night’s rest. Its design includes individually wrapped pocket springs and memory foam, which work together to give you great support and limit any movement throughout the night. 

The mattress is medium-firm and is comfortable no matter how you sleep. You’ll enjoy a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty, which guarantee your peace of mind before and after you purchase the mattress. 

The lavender-stretch knit cover enhances the appearance of your bedroom, and the pocket-coil technology makes it great for light sleepers. Any smells that come from the mattress when you first open it will disappear quickly.

The only downsides are that the cover can’t come off for cleaning, and some people find the mattress to be either too hard or too soft. But Vesgantti is committed to making sure everyone gets the best quality and comfort possible. 

The Vesgantti Single Mattress is an excellent investment that will provide you with style, comfort, and quality, and it will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Key Specifications:

  • Top style: Euro top
  • Item firmness: Medium
  • Product dimensions: 190L x 90W x 25Th cm (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Weight : 19kg  (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)
    Top style: Euro Top
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil
  • Colour: White and blue



  • Breathable 
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent support
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • The 100-night trial period
  • 10-year warranty
  • Suitable for different sleeping positions
  • Reports of smell when first opened
  • The cover is non-removable, so it cannot be washed or replaced on its own
  • Sleepers have reported the mattress being too firm
  • Reports the mattress being too soft

Searching for a mattress that guarantees both luxurious comfort and robust support without annihilating your budget? Behold the Linenspa Memory Foam and Coil Spring Hybrid Mattress! 

This mattress masterfully blends the exquisite softness of gel-infused memory foam with the unwavering strength of tempered steel coils, resulting in a sleep experience of unparalleled quality. 

Distinguished by its medium-firm degree of body support, this mattress caters to most sleep positions with ease, providing you a refreshing nocturnal rest. The exceptional knit cover confers added plushness, and because it arrives compressed in a box, it’s super easy to set up. 

Verified safe and certified by a 10-year warranty, purchasing this mattress is wise. It must be noted, though, that certain clients have reported a temporary chemical odour, and it may not correspond to those inclined to prefer a softer surface. In the long run, this hybrid mattress represents an excellent investment encompassing top-notch quality sleep sensations.

Key Specifications:

  • Item firmness: Firm
  • Fill material: Memory Foam
  • Dimensions: 74.8L x 35.4W x 7.9Th cm  (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Weight: 17.4 kg
  • Top style: Gel Top
  • Colour: White
  • Coil type: Encased Coil



  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Gel-infused memory foam helps distribute weight evenly
  • keeps sleepers cool
  • Suitable for most sleepers and sleeping positions
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Some sleepers have reported a chemical smell
  • May be too firm for some sleepers who prefer a softer mattress
  • No mentioned of a trial period anywhere

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of the DuraTribe Golden Sleep Memory Foam Mattress. This mattress offers firm orthopaedic support with a 15cm thickness, promising a serene sleep experience. The micro-quilted cover, which can be zipped off and washed easily, keeps you cool and provides a breathable surface to rest upon. 

Engineered to meet the needs of all sleepers, the mattress caters to back, side, front, and stomach sleepers alike. 

It’s the perfect fit for bunk beds and is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite, thereby ensuring it’s safe for allergy sufferers.

Experience the tranquility of this silent, no-turn mattress that guarantees no motion transfer to your partner. The mattress is vacuum roll packed, which makes it smart shipping and easy to unwrap and expand. 

It provides support for a prolonged period with a 5-year warranty. The mattress meets the British Fire and Safety Standard BS7117 and the Oeko-Tek 100 standard, proving to be a reliable and safe investment.

A minority of users may find the mattress too firm for their liking, albeit this is subjective. There were occasional reports of an odor when first opened, which usually dissipates after a few days. Similarly, minor reports existed regarding the need to return the mattress under a year of use, though rare and unlikely to impact most users.

Key Specifications:

  • Item Firmness: Firm
  • Product Dimensions: 74.8L x 35.4W x 5.9Th cm (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Weight: 10.5kg  (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)
  • Top Style: Micro-Quilted
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil
  • Colour: White
  • Material: Polyester, Memory Foam, Cotton, Polyurethane Foam
  • British Fire and Safety Standard BS7117 
  • Oeko-Tek 100 standard



  • Comfortable
  • Full Body Support
  • Helps reduce stress and back pain
  • Breathable
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 5-year support 
  • Made in the UK
  • Meets British Fire and Safety Standard BS7117
  • Oeko-Tek 100 standard
  • Some users may find it too firm for their liking
  • Reports of smell when first opened
  • Some reports of the mattress needing to be returned under a year of use
  • No mention of trial period anywhere

Allow us to delve into the wondrous advantages that the Newentor medium firm memory foam mattress offers, catering to individuals suffering from back pain.

The 7-zone system expertly coordinates healthy spinal alignment and comprehensive relief, offering comfort to the upper body while granting supplementary support to the lower back, waist, and hips. A peaceful slumber is ensured with the mattress’s medium-firm sensation.

The exceptional bamboo charcoal fabric cover encased within the mattress is a remarkable feature. It has the capacity to eliminate any unpleasant odours, absorb excessive moisture, and regulate temperature, producing a complete and tranquil sleeping sanctuary, enhancing overall sleep quality. 

The Newentor’s foam layers are considerably thicker than those of ordinary foam mattresses, providing advanced pressure relief and motion isolation without disturbing the gentle support springs beneath. The inclusion of innerspring coils boosts spinal alignment assistance.

However, a few sleepers have disclosed that the mattress may be too rigid for their liking. In addition, some users have reported the emergence of sagging after regular use over several months. This is something to contemplate for those who prefer softer or firmer mattresses, or who expect a more extended lifespan.

In conclusion, the Newentor medium firm memory foam mattress is an applaudable and versatile option. The 100-night trial period grants the opportunity for testing at home without any financial risks. The impeccable construction of the mattress guarantees a satisfactory and supportive sleeping experience for most.

Key Specifications:

  • Item Firmness: Plush
  • Fill Material: Memory Foam
  • Product Dimensions: 190L x 135W x 23Th centimetres (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
  • Top Style: Euro Top
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil
    Weight: 22kg  (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)



  • Comfortable
  • Supportive
  • Bamboo charcoal fabric cover eliminates odours
  • absorbs excess moisture
  • regulates temperature
  • Advanced pressure relief
  • motion isolation
  • Trial Period: 100-night trial period
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • May not be suitable for those who prefer very firm mattresses
  • Reports of the mattress being too firm
  • Some sleepers have said that the mattress sags after a few months

The Inofia Mattress is a blend of comfort and strength that speaks to individuals who appreciate rejuvenating slumber.

With pocketed spring technology that wraps every spring individually for endurance and support, this mattress could potentially reduce motion transfer during rest. 

Accompanied by pressure-relieving comfort memory foam that enhances rest efficiency and may help alleviate discomfort, and a 7-zone spring system that supports proper spine alignment and can ease back pain, this mattress offers ideal slumber.

With regard to this mattress, its breathable fabric sustains a pleasant sleep temperature and a 100-night trial and 10-year guarantee give customers a worry-free purchase experience.

Nonetheless, there are some potential issues to consider before purchasing. Some sleepers have noted that this mattress is firmer than they assumed and it may become warm to sleep on due to its materials. 

Additionally, reports indicate that the mattress’ quality may decrease after six months and that indentation may occur after a few months.

All in all, the Inofia Double Mattress has potential as an option for individuals who value comfort and support during rest and can look over minor shortcomings. It’s important to take note of the possible problems listed before making a buy.

Key Specifications:

  • Firmness: Medium Firm
  • Dimensions: 190L x 135W x 22Th cm (size will vary depending on type of mattress)
    Weight: 25.6kg  (weight will vary depending on size of mattress)
  • Top style: Euro Top
  • Colour: White and Grey 
  • Coil type: Pocketed Coil



  • Provides Support
  • Provides Pain Relief
  • Reduces motion transfer
  • Breathable 
  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Some sleepers have reported that it is firmer than they expected
  • May retain some heat 
  • Some sleepers have reported that the mattress losing its quality after 6 months
  • Some reports of a dent formed after months

The Importance Of Spinal Alignment And Pressure Relief For Side Sleepers

Is it not remarkable how spinal alignment is fundamental in preserving a healthy posture and forestalling spine-related ailments? Yes, it is! Nevertheless, if you’re a side sleeper, procuring such alignment can be an onerous task. 

Since the side sleeping position tends to create openings between the mattress and the body’s natural shape, that can cause significant discomfort and put undue strain on the neck, shoulders, and hips. 

But behold! The critical panacea comes in the form of discovering the perfect mattress that delivers the best balance between reinforcement and softness, thereby providing support and pressure relief to prevent these issues.

Spinal Alignment and its Connection to Hips and Shoulders

Can you even fathom settling for anything less than a mattress that intuitively envelops and cradles you? It’s unfathomable! As a side sleeper, you undoubtedly recognise that attaining the perfect alignment of hips and shoulders with the rest of the body is the key to reducing tension in the neck and lower back, as well as preventing the creation of pesky pressure points. 

But what is the solution? A mattress that effortlessly moulds to the shape of your individual body is the ultimate answer to this crucial dilemma. Say hello to sweet dreams and goodbye to restless nights.

Understanding Pressure Relief in Mattresses

Oh, the blissful joys of uninterrupted sleep! Achieving it starts with procuring a mattress that deftly distributes weight across the surface of the body, shielding the hips, shoulders, and lower back from undue strain. Navigating the labyrinth of mattresses’ appealing jargon, “pressure relief,” remains pivotal in guaranteeing the highest possible level of comfort. 

An optimal pressure relief mattress effectively determines and eliminates crevasses created between the body and the mattress, leading to the eradication of pressure points, relaxed muscles and joints, and of course, better circulation and lessened stress – music to everyone’s ears!

Evaluating Mattress Support And Comfort

One cannot overstate the fundamental components of side sleepers’ dreamy mattress: support and comfort. These features may seem commensurate or ambiguous, but understanding their discrepancy is quintessential in registering a well-informed resolution.

 Indeed, at the crux of the matter, selecting a side sleeper’s mattress requires balancing the provision of support to maintain spinal alignment with the attainment of softness to eliminate

tension and pressure points. Thus, ascertainment of the ideal mattress is paramount in fulfilling your ‘wanted’ and ‘needed’ sensations.

Mattress Support: Foundation and Firmness

What do the terms ‘support’ and ‘firmness’ conjure up to you? Presumably, they trigger images of you being in a well made bed that supports you through your journey in lalaland. When it comes to mattresses, that sublime balance between maintaining the intended spinal alignment and tender supportiveness is centralised in the provision of support. 

As a side sleeper, this is precisely what you require to experience that the ultimate snooze. You are searching for something in between sturdiness and plushness, right? Without further ado, a medium-firm mattress is the solution to your conundrum – impeccable for sideward voyagers!

Comfort: Softness, Cushioning, and Pressure Relief

When we hear the term ‘comfort,’ what springs into the mind? Likely a plenty of descriptions, from snug to soft, and lavish to lush! In the world of mattresses, comfort encompasses the sensation of softness, cushioning, and the bestowal of relief from pressure points, the epitome of satisfying sleep. 

Granted, individual comfort levels may vary considerably. But for side sleepers, it’s crucial to opt for a mattress that adds an extra layer of cushioning, particularly for the oft-stressed hips and shoulders. Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the pinnacle of bedded bliss?

Ideal Mattress Size For Side Sleepers

What is the perfect mattress size for a side sleeper? Well, that’s a question with so many answers that requires taking several factors into account, including personal preferences, sleeping habits, available bedroom space, and of course, budgetary considerations. 

If you sleep alone, a single or small double mattress may be the way to go. However, if you share your bed, a double, king, or even a super king-sized mattress is the optimal choice to accommodate both you and your bedfellow. 

Remember, you want to ensure ample room to shift comfortably throughout the night without encroaching on your partner’s territory or grappling with awkward sleep postures. Indulge in a perfect night’s retreat with enough breathing space!


What are the different types of mattresses suited to side sleepers?

What is the ultimate recipe for the best beauty sleep? Why, a mattress that features soft and cosy medium-firmness, explicitly crafted for side sleepers. Ideal options include memory foam or hybrid mattresses, equipped with plush top layers that deliver maximum cradling and the dreamiest sleeping experience.

What is the best firmness level for a side sleeper?

Achieving the perfect balance of softness and firmness when selecting a mattress is pivotal for side sleepers. You have to factor in body weight and personal preference. Generally, a medium to medium-soft mattress comes up trumps as the optimal choice.

How does a mattress ensure proper spinal alignment for side sleepers?

Is there anything more vital than preserving a healthy spine? For side sleepers, achieving this requires investing in a mattress that eagerly embraces and supports the body’s natural curves and contours, affording ideal back and hip alignment. The result? Minimal discomfort, lifted body weight, and the soundest sleep ever!

What are the benefits of having a mattress tailored for side sleepers?

When side sleeping, a perfect mattress can be a lifesaver. Roll on plushness, good-bye aches and stiffness! Say ‘hello world’ fresh and invigorated with better sleep quality to boot!

What is the average lifespan of a mattress?

Have you ever wondered how long your mattress will last? Or have you recently had a sleepy epiphany and decided to switch things up? 7-10 years is the magic bullet, but don’t forget the significance of the maintenance regime in extending that.

In Conclusion

Ah, the everlasting quest for the perfect mattress that caters to side sleepers! Assessing crucial factors like sleeping habits, preferred materials, and budget range is key to unearthing that utopian match constructed with your needs in mind. 

Are you plagued by back pain or sciatica? No problem, specialised mattress varieties aptly engineered to alleviate pesky tension points are readily available. Or are you the type to relish the irresistible cooling comfort of a hybrid mattress? Go ahead, conquer your slumber paradise. 

By placing great thought and consideration into elements like temperature regulation, firmness, and pillows preference, you can curate that dreamy and peaceful nocturnal environment you’ve been yearning for – sweet dreams, indeed!

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Now, onto the age-old debate of firm vs. soft mattresses. Want to know if A Hard Mattress Is Good For Side Sleepers? Dive into the pros and cons with our informative articles. If you’re considering memory foam, learn whether it’s good for side sleepers in our analysis. And if you need convincing on the benefits of side sleeping, we have a study on Do Side Sleepers Sleep Better?.

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