The UK Bedding Sizes Guide: Don’t get Lost Among Sheets!

Article by Lewis Hugh

I understand the importance of having appropriate bedding sizes and have put together an exhaustive guide of UK bedding sizes if you are shopping for or updating your bed. I hope it can assist with finding your dream bed!

UK Mattress Sizes

Let’s first review the most frequently sought-after mattress sizes here in the UK: Single, double, super king and king are four standard mattress sizes that make up this list.

  • Single mattresses are 90 cm wide by 190 cm long.

  • Double mattresses are 135 cm wide by 190 cm long. 

  • King-size mattresses are 150 cm wide by 200 cm long.

  • Super king mattresses are 180 cm wide by 200 cm long.

There may be variations between manufacturers when it comes to mattress sizes; always double-check before making your purchase decision. If upgrading from a small bed, measure your room before buying to ensure a proper fit.

Understanding Mattress Dimensions

When choosing a mattress, three dimensions should be taken into account: depth, width and length. A mattress’s measurements are determined by its length and width while bedding choices should also consider depth when making decisions.

Most mattresses range between 25cm and 30cm in depth, so when choosing your fitted sheet it must fit snuggly around the mattress. To ensure this happens properly look for sheets marked “deep” or extra deep; additionally, mattress protectors or toppers may add depth.

Bedding Sizes For UK Duvets And Comforters

As we have covered mattress sizes, let’s now discuss comforters and duvets used in the UK. Comforters and duvets are measured according to bed size when sold here.

  • Single duvet is 135cm by 200cm.

  • Double duvet is 200cm by 200cm.

  • King size duvet is 230cm by 220cm.

  • Super King duvet is 260cm by 220cm.

When selecting a super king-size duvet, keep weight, filling density and size in mind when making your selection. A duvet that is too heavy or light could disrupt sleep while some individuals may have allergies to certain materials used in making duvets.

Bedding sizes for UK sheets and pillowcases

Let’s now discuss sheets and pillowcases. As was noted previously, when choosing sheets that will best fit your mattress it is crucial that they consider both width and depth measurements when making their decision.

  • Single sheets are typically 180cm by 260cm.

  • Double sheets are 230cm by 260cm.

  • King-size sheets are 275cm by 275cm.

  • Super king size sheet is 305cm by 275cm.

Pillowcases are usually 50cm by 75cm, but some bedding sets may include larger or smaller pillowcases to accommodate different pillow sizes.

How To Select Bedding That Fits Your Mattress

Finding bedding of an unusual shape or size may prove difficult, so here are a few tricks and tips that may help you select bedding with ease.

Measure your mattress carefully so you can purchase appropriate bedding. When purchasing bedding, keep the depth of your mattress in mind; for mattresses that are particularly deep or with extra-deep cushioning systems such as protectors or toppers, look for “deep” or extra-deep bedding options.

If you can’t find an appropriate complete set, don’t be discouraged from mixing and matching various sets. 

Where Can You Purchase Bedding In the UK

Now that you know your sizes, shopping options in both stores and online are plentiful; consider these retailers:

John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Dunelm and Next are among your options, while Ikea UK can also be explored here. Before making an online purchase, read reviews carefully and understand their return policies – some bedding materials might feel different once in your hands!

Bedding Sizes FAQ

There are often numerous inquiries regarding UK bedding sizes. Here is our FAQ page dedicated solely to these inquiries.

What are the dimensions of a double bed in Britain? 

A typical double bed measures 135cm by 190cm in the UK.

What are the most commonly seen mattress sizes in the UK? 

Single, double, super king and king mattress sizes are among the most in-demand in this region.


By now you should have an understanding of UK bedding sizes and how to select one that is ideal for you. Don’t forget to measure, take note of mattress depth and experiment with various bedding combinations in order to find your ideal match; only then can you ensure a restful and comfy night’s rest with just the right bedding!

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