Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It?

Key Takeaways
Pregnancy pillows are more than just fluff – they’re engineered for comfort, supporting every curve and cranny of your changing body.
Wedge or full-bodied? It’s not a competition. Each has its unique charm, and sometimes, combining them hits the sleep jackpot.
Always pick what tickles your fancy and ensures you and your baby get the restful night’s sleep you both deserve.

Hello, dear sleep enthusiasts, this is Lewis from Dream HQ, your one-stop destination for all things mattresses, bedding, and sleep! Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, filled with joy and anticipation, but let’s face it – it can be a bit uncomfortable at times. That’s where pregnancy pillows come into play, but are they truly worth it? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are specially designed wonders that can alleviate common pregnancy discomforts. Here’s what they bring to the (night)table:

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.
  1. Alleviates Aches and Pains: They fit into your body’s contours to reduce strain on changing pressure points, preventing and reducing pain in key areas. Learn more about how to use a pregnancy pillow for maximum comfort.
  2. Improves Sleep Quality: Especially during the later stages of pregnancy, these pillows can help you find a comfortable sleeping position. Here’s how to sleep with a pregnancy pillow.
  3. Supports Various Sleeping Positions: Much longer than regular pillows, pregnancy pillows are suitable for various sleeping positions. Wondering when you need a pregnancy pillow? Read on!
  4. Promotes Better Blood Circulation: These pillows can improve circulation for your baby and reduce pressure on your hips and back.

Are Pregnancy Pillows a Universal Solution?

Here’s a comparison table highlighting some essential factors to consider:

Size and SpaceSupports Entire BodyTakes Up Bed Space
CostWorth the ComfortCan Be Expensive
MaintenanceWashableCovers Can Be Difficult to Remove

But Wait, There’s More!

Feather vs. Polyester Pillows

Now, since we’re on the topic of pillows, here’s a little detour into feather and polyester pillows. What’s best for you?

Allergen Factor🚫
Environmental Impact🚫

Are feather pillows bad for allergies? Read more. Are they good for side sleepers? Find out here.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using A Wedge Pillow During Pregnancy?

Ah, the mysterious wedge pillow! It’s like the Swiss Army knife of the pillow world, offering some unique benefits, especially during pregnancy. But as with everything, there are two sides to this comfy coin. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of using a wedge pillow during pregnancy, shall we?

Pros: The Upsides of the Wedge

Here’s what makes the wedge pillow a go-to for some expecting mums:

  1. Targeted Support: These nifty little pillows can be placed right where you need them most, like under your burgeoning belly or behind your weary back. They’re all about localized pressure relief.
  2. Heartburn and Acid Reflux Relief: Pregnant and plagued by the fiery hell of heartburn? A wedge pillow can elevate your upper body, cooling those flames.
  3. Versatility: Oh, the many roles of a wedge pillow! It’s not just a pregnancy prop; it’s also a post-pregnancy pal. Use it as a nursing pillow or a support buddy in various positions.

Cons: The Downsides of the Wedge

Before you rush to wedge a wedge pillow into your life, consider these points:

  • Limited Support: Unlike the all-hugging full-body pillows, wedge pillows are a bit stingy with their support, focusing on one specific area at a time.
  • Size and Space: They might be smaller, but they still need room. Sharing a bed with a partner? You might end up playing a nightly game of pillow Tetris.
  • Lack of Adjustability: Wedge pillows come with a one-size-fits-all attitude, sporting a fixed shape and angle. Not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you fancy a change during pregnancy.

To Wedge or Not to Wedge: That’s the Question

Wedge pillows can be like that perfect cuppa on a cold morning, or they might leave you longing for more. It all boils down to your specific needs and preferences. Here’s a handy table to help you weigh your options:

SupportTargeted SupportLimited Overall Support
Size and SpaceSmaller than Full-Body PillowsTakes Up Bed Space
VersatilityMultipurpose UseLack of Adjustability

How Does a Wedge Pillow Compare to Other Types of Pregnancy Pillows?

The world of pregnancy pillows is as diverse as a British garden in full bloom. Among the blossoms, you’ll find the humble wedge pillow, with its unique charm and quirks. But how does it stack up against the other flowers in the garden, the other pregnancy pillows, that is? Let’s put on our gardening gloves and dig into this topic, shall we?

The Beauty of the Wedge: Pros

The wedge pillow might seem like the shy cousin in the family of pregnancy pillows, but it’s got a few tricks up its sleeve:

  1. Compact Size: Smaller and more compact than other types of pregnancy pillows, the wedge is perfect for those with limited bed space. It won’t sprawl across the bed like a lazy cat on a Sunday afternoon.
  2. Targeted Support: If your midsection or back is crying out for attention, the wedge pillow is there with a comforting hug. It’s all about giving love to those specific areas that need it most.
  3. Versatility: From pregnancy to nursing and beyond, the wedge pillow is like your favourite scarf – it’s got a multitude of uses. It can even help with heartburn and acid reflux by elevating the upper body.

The Thorny Bits: Cons

But, alas, every rose has its thorns, and the wedge pillow is no exception:

  • Limited Comprehensive Support: The wedge pillow might be a great listener, but it’s not great at multitasking. It only provides support to one area at a time, unlike the more generous full-body pillows.
  • Fixed Shape and Angle: It’s not a one-size-fits-all world, and the wedge pillow’s fixed shape and angle might not suit everyone’s tastes or changing needs during pregnancy.

A Blooming Comparison: Wedge vs. Full-Body Pillows

If you’re standing at the garden gate, trying to choose between a wedge pillow and other types of pregnancy pillows, here’s a table that might help you decide:

AspectWedge PillowFull-Body Pillow
SupportTargeted to Specific AreasComprehensive
VersatilityHighly VersatileMore Specific to Pregnancy
AdjustabilityFixed Shape and AnglePotentially More Adjustable

What Are the Advantages of Using a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Compared to a Wedge Pillow?

It’s the ultimate pillow showdown! In one corner, we have the full-body pregnancy pillow, the big hugger, the all-in-one comforter. In the other corner, we have the wedge pillow, the targeted specialist, the compact companion. Who will win this fluffy duel? Let’s explore the advantages of both contenders and find out!

Full Body Pregnancy Pillow: The Complete Comfort Package

Imagine if your favourite blanket decided to give you a hug. That’s what a full body pregnancy pillow feels like. Here’s why it’s a knockout:

  1. Comprehensive Support: Head, neck, back, hips, knees – this pillow’s got you covered. It’s like a warm embrace for your entire body.
  2. Aches and Pains? What Aches and Pains?: It’s a spa day every night with a full body pregnancy pillow. Say goodbye to discomfort in multiple areas.
  3. Sleep Like a Baby Before the Baby: Improve your sleep quality with a comfortable sleeping position tailored to your body’s needs.
  4. A Health Boost: Promote better blood circulation for your baby and reduce pressure on those hips and back. It’s wellness in pillow form.

Wedge Pillow: The Targeted Tactician

Now, don’t underestimate the wedge pillow. It’s like a secret agent on a mission to target specific areas:

  • Precision Support: Need support for your midsection or back? The wedge pillow zooms in on the target like a heat-seeking missile.
  • Heartburn Hero: Elevate the upper body and watch heartburn and acid reflux flee the scene.
  • Compact and Cool: Limited bed space? No problem. The wedge pillow’s got a slim profile that fits right in.
  • Post-Pregnancy Pal: From nursing to Netflix bingeing, it’s there for you even after pregnancy.

The Pillow Playoffs: A Comparative Table

Still wavering between the full body pregnancy pillow and the wedge pillow? Here’s a handy table to help you make your choice:

AspectFull Body Pregnancy PillowWedge Pillow
SupportComprehensive to Entire BodyTargeted to Specific Areas
Special FeaturesAlleviates Aches, Improves SleepReduces Heartburn, Post-Pregnancy Use

Can a Wedge Pillow Be Used in Conjunction with a Full Body Pregnancy Pillow for Added Support?

Oh, the wedge pillow and the full body pregnancy pillow are back, but this time, they’re teaming up! That’s right, these pillow pals can join forces to create a dream team of comfort. Here’s how they can add a sprinkle of sleep magic to your nights.

Targeted Support: The Dynamic Duo

The wedge pillow is like a sniper, targeting specific areas like your belly or back. The full body pregnancy pillow is the blanket of support for your entire body. Together, they make a fantastic team:

  • Wedge Pillow: Providing that extra oomph to the spots that need it most.
  • Full Body Pregnancy Pillow: Wrapping you in a cocoon of comfort.

Customizable Comfort: The Perfect Blend

Imagine being able to build your pillow fortress just the way you like it. With both these pillows, you get:

  • Adjustability: Move them around to find the sweet spot for your sleep.
  • Individuality: Tailor the support to your unique needs and preferences.

Versatility: The Multi-Tasking Marvels

Who says you can’t have it all? These pillows are like the Swiss army knives of the sleep world:

  • Wedge Pillow: Need extra support for a particular area? The wedge has got your back (literally!).
  • Full Body Pregnancy Pillow: Want overall body support? The full body pillow is your all-in-one friend.

Flexibility: The Perfect Pairing

No need to worry about these pillows hogging the bed. They’re the polite kind:

  • Compact Wedge: It’s small enough to fit in without causing a space crisis.
  • Comprehensive Full Body: It’s there to provide full-body support without overwhelming the wedge.

Putting It All Together: A Summarising Table

Still pondering the pillow possibilities? Here’s a table to lay it all out:

FeatureWedge PillowFull Body Pregnancy Pillow
Targeted SupportSpecific AreasEntire Body
CustomizabilityHighly AdjustableComprehensive Comfort
VersatilityFor Specific DiscomfortsOverall Support


Do you really need a pregnancy pillow?

Need? Maybe not. Want? Quite possibly! Pregnancy pillows provide that extra hug to your body, alleviating discomforts like back pain. Not a must-have, but a “nice-to-have” for many expectant mums seeking comfy sleep.

Do doctors recommend pregnancy pillows?

Absolutely, doc gives the nod! Many healthcare providers give a thumbs up to pregnancy pillows if you’re wrestling with aches and restless nights. A little cushioned support can go a long way.

When should I start using a pregnancy pillow?

Ah, the timing game! Some might jump on the pregnancy pillow train as early as the first trimester. Others might wait for the discomfort express to arrive later in the journey. It’s all about what feels right for you.

Which is better, a U-shaped or C-shaped pregnancy pillow?

U or C? That’s the alphabet soup of comfort. U-shaped pillows cuddle you from both sides, while C-shaped ones play it cool on one side. Both have their charm, so pick what tickles your fancy.

Why can’t I sleep on my right side while pregnant?

Right or left? It’s not a political debate but a sleep position preference. Right side’s alright, but left’s often best. It’s all about pampering the baby with better blood flow and easing the pressure on your vital bits.

Parting Thoughts

Navigating the world of sleep during pregnancy can feel like hopping between different types of cloud – which one’s the fluffiest? Which one supports just right? Lucky for you, this article floated through the very essence of pregnancy pillows – from the cushy comforts of full-bodied ones to the precise perks of wedge pillows.

In this bedtime story, we’ve covered:

  • The undoubted benefits of pregnancy pillows.
  • How a wedge pillow stands up (or lays down) against other pillows.
  • Combining different pillow types for that dreamy sleep experience.
  • And, answering those niggling questions every expectant mum’s got in her sleep diary.

Remember, at the end of the day (literally!), it’s all about nesting in that cosy corner of comfort. Nighty-night and keep those dreams buoyant!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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