Are Body Pillows Good For Side Sleepers?

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Key TakeawaysPoints
Body Pillow TypesC-shaped, U-shaped, J-shaped, each with unique benefits
Benefits of Body Pillows for Side SleepersProvides full-body support, improves spinal alignment, reduces snoring
Choosing the Right Body PillowConsider shape, size, fill material, and firmness
Side Sleeping FAQsPillow is essential for proper alignment, body pillows can help alleviate discomfort

Side sleepers, lend me your ears. Let’s talk about an unsung hero of the sleep world – the body pillow! A superb bedding upgrade, especially for those who enjoy a good side snooze. But why? Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Body Pillows for Side Sleepers

Reduced Shoulder and Arm Pressure

One thing’s for sure: shoulder discomfort is a side sleeper’s worst enemy.

Did you know? During the Middle Ages in Europe, pillows were deemed a luxury item and were banned. Only pregnant women were exempt from this rule under King Henry VIII's reign.

Body pillows to the rescue! By hugging a body pillow, the bottom shoulder and arm can catch a break. No more waking up with pins and needles!

Neutral Pelvis Position

Ever heard of the pelvis? It’s that thing that feels misaligned every morning.

By tucking a body pillow between the knees, the pelvis gets a golden ticket to neutrality. Happy pelvis, happy sleeper!

Proper Support

Think of a body pillow as your own personal sleep support system.

A side sleeper’s dream, it offers that just-right level of support, and no, not just for your head! We’re talking full-length cuddles here.

Improved Spinal Alignment

Suffering from hip, shoulder, or spine discomfort? I’ve got two words for you: body pillow.

With this elongated wonder, your spine can finally enjoy the sweet relief of proper alignment. No more waking up feeling like a question mark!

Pressure Relief

Knees pressing together during sleep? Say hello to your new best friend – the body pillow!

With this handy buffer, you can wake up without that “I’ve been wrestling my bedding all night” feeling.

BenefitHow It Helps
Reduced PressureTakes the pressure off the shoulder and arm
Neutral Pelvis PositionKeeps pelvis neutral by being tucked between knees
Proper SupportProvides overall body support, not just head
Improved Spinal AlignmentPromotes proper spinal alignment, reducing discomfort
Pressure ReliefRelieves knee pressure by acting as a buffer

Before you go grabbing any old body pillow off the shelf, remember, not all pillows are created equal. Here’s a quick look at feather and polyester filled body pillows. The filling could affect your quality of sleep, especially if you’re a side sleeper.

For a deeper dive into these benefits, why not head over to Land of Sleep or check out the Wirecutter’s review on the best body pillows.

Pillow Talk: Navigating Your Way To The Perfect Body Pillow For Side Sleepers

1. Shape: Your Pillow’s First Impression

Shapes matter in the pillow world, chaps. C-shaped and U-shaped body pillows top the charts for side sleepers. They’re like all-inclusive resorts for your head, neck, back, and legs!

2. Size: It’s All About Proportions

A body pillow should mirror your body’s proportions. From your noggin to your knees, it’s got to cover the whole shebang. Remember, size does matter in this game!

3. Fill Material: The Heart of Your Pillow

What’s stuffed inside your pillow is like its secret sauce. From memory foam and down alternatives to shredded memory foam, choose what makes you say “Ah, this feels right”.

4. Firmness: A Soft or Firm Embrace?

Pillows come in various degrees of squishiness. Some like it plush, others like it firm. Don’t be shy; go for what feels right under your head and between your arms.

5. Adjustable Options: Because One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Look out for adjustable fills to customise your pillow’s loft or thickness. After all, we’re all unique sleepers with different comfort zones.

6. Reviews and Recommendations: The Pillow Gospel

Finally, don’t forget to read reviews and recommendations. Remember, every side sleeper’s insight is worth its weight in feathers!

Finding your perfect body pillow might feel like dating – there might be a few misses before you find ‘the one’.

Just for you, I’ve jotted down a summary:

Tips for Choosing the Right Body PillowWhat to Do
Consider the ShapeOpt for C-shaped or U-shaped pillows.
Evaluate the SizeChoose a size that matches your body proportions.
Check the Fill MaterialSelect a fill material that feels comfortable to you.
Consider the FirmnessChoose a firmness level that matches your comfort preferences.
Look for Adjustable OptionsPick a pillow with adjustable loft or thickness.
Read Reviews and RecommendationsUse other side sleepers’ experiences to guide your choice.

Saviour for Side Sleepers: The Body Pillow

Are body pillows good for side sleepers? You bet! According to savvyrest, here are the five reasons why:

  1. Pressure Relief: Our lovely body pillows take the pressure off your bottom shoulder and arm, leaving you free to dream about anything but discomfort.

  2. Neutral Position: Keep your pelvis neutral by tucking one of these pillows between your knees. This alignment trick can also keep your knees from pressing together, as noted by Land of Sleep.

  3. Solid Support: They offer proper support for side sleepers, right where they need it. That’s some pillow-talk I can get behind!

  4. Spinal Alignment: For the straight-up facts, they promote better spinal alignment. This can limit the strain and discomfort that many side sleepers experience in their hips, shoulders, and spines.

  5. Upgraded Comfort: Body pillows are a great upgrade for anyone who desires more support and comfort than a mattress and regular pillow alone provide.

Can’t get enough of this comforting knowledge? Get more pillow facts here. Or maybe you’re curious about our furry friends and their pillow habits? We have that covered too. Find out why dogs bite pillows and whether pillow beds are good for dogs on our website.

Types of Body Pillows: It’s a Shape Thing!

Alright, time to dive a bit deeper. We know body pillows are good for side sleepers, but what kind of body pillows are we talking about? You see, not all body pillows are created equal. Let’s explore the main types:

  • Contoured Body Pillows: Think of these as your very own sleep sculptor. With an ergonomic shape and inner curvature, they provide ideal support for side sleepers.

  • Rectangular Body Pillows: Essentially elongated bed pillows, ranging 4 to 6 feet in length. They double up as head pillows for back sleepers and a snuggle buddy for side sleepers.

  • C-shaped, J-shaped, or U-shaped Body Pillows: These alphabet-inspired shapes are designed to support specific areas of the body or both front and back at the same time. Those with sleep apnea or a snoring issue might find U-shaped pillows handy for maintaining side sleep.

  • Full-body Pillows: From head to toe, these pillows have got you covered. They’re a dream come true for side sleepers needing extra support.

Each pillow type has its unique benefits and features, which one you pick depends on your individual needs and preferences. Here’s a quick comparison table to make your choice easier:

TypeIdeal ForBenefits
Contoured Body PillowsSide SleepersErgonomic shape provides support and comfort
Rectangular Body PillowsSide Sleepers and Back SleepersVersatile design can be used for hugging or as a head pillow
C, J, U-shaped Body PillowsSide Sleepers, Snorers, and Sleep Apnea SufferersSupports specific areas or both sides of the body
Full-body PillowsSide Sleepers needing extra supportProvides full-body support and comfort

C-Shaped Body Pillows: Curve Your Way to Better Sleep

Ahoy, side sleepers! It’s Lewis again, your friendly neighbourhood sleep expert. You’re here to know about the famous C-shaped body pillows, aren’t you? Good news, it’s all coming your way.

So, why should you, a dedicated side sleeper, consider using a C-shaped body pillow? Take a gander:

1. Front and Back Support

C-shaped pillows are like a hug from your bed – they’ve got your front, your back, and even between your legs. They offer support in all the right places, much like their U-shaped cousins.

2. Space-saving

Got a bit of a tight squeeze in bed? C-shaped pillows offer front and back support like U-shaped pillows but without hogging all your bed space.

3. Spinal Alignment

The key to a good night’s sleep is alignment – from the stars in the sky to the spine in your back. And guess what? C-shaped pillows help with the latter, reducing the strain on your hips, shoulders, and spine.

4. Say Bye to Snoring

Tired of sounding like a chainsaw at night? Body pillows can encourage you to sleep on your side, reducing that log-sawing snore and keeping peace with your bedmate.

5. Pregnancy Support

Hey there, mums-to-be! C-shaped and U-shaped body pillows are excellent at supporting both the front and back of your growing body.

In summary, C-shaped body pillows are a fantastic option for side sleepers, snorers, expectant mothers, or anyone in need of full-body support and improved spinal alignment. To make things easier, here’s a handy table that wraps it all up:

Benefits of C-Shaped Body PillowsDescriptions
Front and Back SupportOffers support in all necessary places: front, back, and between the legs.
Space-savingGives all-round support without eating up your bed space.
Spinal AlignmentPromotes better spinal alignment, reducing strain on hips, shoulders, and spine.
Reduced SnoringEncourages side sleeping, which may help cut down on snoring.
Pregnancy SupportProvides essential support around the front and back of the body for pregnant sleepers.

J-Shaped Body Pillows: A Dreamy Hook for Side Sleepers

Well hello there, side sleepers! It’s your pal Lewis, back again with more bedtime banter. Today, we’re diving into the J-shaped body pillow – your potential sleep partner. Let’s hook you up with some top reasons to consider one.

1. Head and Ear Support

Ever fancied having your head cradled while you sleep? J-shaped pillows do just that! The top loop keeps your head and spine in a perfect line, making backaches a distant nightmare.

2. Less Pressure on Shoulder and Arm

Who enjoys a numb arm after a night’s sleep? Not me. If you’re the same, a J-shaped pillow is your hero. Hug one tonight and feel the pressure on your bottom shoulder and arm simply fade away.

3. Spinal Alignment

You’ve heard it from me before – spine alignment is key for a good night’s sleep. Guess what? J-shaped pillows deliver just that, reducing the strain on your hips, shoulders, and spine.

4. Reduced Snoring

Say ‘ta-ra’ to your snoring orchestra! J-shaped pillows help you sleep on your side, potentially reducing those thunderous snores that keep everyone awake.

5. Pregnancy Support

To all the expectant mothers out there, a J-shaped pillow is your sidekick. It provides the support your body needs around the front and back.

To summarise, J-shaped body pillows offer a ton of benefits for side sleepers, pregnant folks, and snorers. If you need a quick recap, here’s a neat table:

Benefits of J-Shaped Body PillowsDescriptions
Head and Ear SupportThe top loop cradles your head and ear, promoting spine alignment.
Reduced Pressure on Shoulder and ArmHugging the pillow can ease pressure on the bottom shoulder and arm.
Spinal AlignmentHelps in maintaining a healthy spine alignment.
Reduced SnoringEncourages side sleeping, potentially reducing snoring.
Pregnancy SupportProvides essential support to the body during pregnancy.

Embrace the U: Unveiling the Perks of U-Shaped Body Pillows

Hello, sleep enthusiasts! It’s Lewis, back with another gem from the pillow world. Today, we’re forming a ‘U’ – for ‘Unbeatable’ sleep, that is. Let’s explore the wonders of U-shaped body pillows for side sleepers.

1. Full-Body Support

Imagine being enveloped in a comfy hug all night – that’s a U-shaped pillow for you! These big ‘U’s support your head, neck, back, belly, and even legs. Talk about total body love!

2. Spinal Alignment

Remember my mantra, ‘A well-aligned spine makes sleep divine’? U-shaped pillows uphold it, reducing strain on your hips, shoulders, and spine.

3. Snore No More

Make the nightly noise a thing of the past. U-shaped pillows train you to sleep on your side, which can help cut the snoring concert short.

4. Pregnancy Support

Calling all mums-to-be! U-shaped pillows offer dual support – to your front and back. They’re like a soft, supportive cradle for your growing belly.

5. Sleep Apnea Relief

If you snore or have sleep apnea, sleeping on your side can be beneficial. U-shaped pillows ensure you do just that.

In summary, U-shaped body pillows are fantastic for side sleepers, pregnant women, snorers, and folks with sleep apnea. Need a quick reminder? Here’s a handy table for you:

Benefits of U-Shaped Body PillowsDescriptions
Full-Body SupportWraps around the body for all-around support.
Spinal AlignmentPromotes healthy spine alignment.
Snore No MoreEncourages side sleeping, potentially reducing snoring.
Pregnancy SupportProvides comprehensive support during pregnancy.
Sleep Apnea ReliefAssists side sleepers with snoring or sleep apnea.

Pillow Showdown: C-Shaped vs U-Shaped Body Pillows

Hey there, pillow pals! It’s Lewis, your go-to guru for all things sleep-related. Let’s dive into the riveting world of C-shaped and U-shaped body pillows.

C-Shaped Body Pillows: The Curvaceous Comforter

Our first contestant in this pillow face-off is the C-shaped body pillow. Its design? Two welcoming curves, just like a C, ready to embrace you. Let’s talk features:

  • Distinctive Design: Two open arms, ready to cradle your head, side, and between your legs. Quite the charmer, this one.
  • Size-Savvy: Perfect for side sleepers lacking space for the fuller U-shaped pillows.
  • Pregnancy Pal: Often the first choice for expecting mums needing that extra support.

U-Shaped Body Pillows: The Universal Hugger

In the opposite corner, we have the U-shaped body pillow. What’s its game?

  • Cuddly Contour: Wraps around your backside more than its C-shaped cousin.
  • Full-Support Star: Offers complete and consistent support to both belly and back.
  • Pregnancy Partner: Just like the C-shaped pillow, it’s a hit with pregnant folks.

Both these pillows have their strengths. C-shaped pillows are smaller and sneak into spaces that U-shaped ones might not. On the flip side, U-shaped pillows offer full-body hugs that C-shaped pillows simply can’t. But remember, it all boils down to your personal preference and needs.

Here’s a nifty little table to help you out:

 C-Shaped PillowsU-Shaped Pillows
DesignTwo open arms in a C shape.Wraps around the sleeper’s backside.
Best forSide sleepers with limited space.People desiring complete belly and back support.
Pregnancy FriendlyYesYes

Pillow Showdown: C-Shaped vs J-Shaped Body Pillows

And we’re back for another round of the grand pillow debate! It’s Lewis here, your resident sleep and comfort enthusiast. Ready for a face-off between C-shaped and J-shaped body pillows? I thought so!

C-Shaped Body Pillows: The Cunning Contourer

First up, it’s the C-shaped body pillow, known for its cunning contours. Here’s what it brings to the bedside:

  • Double Cradle: Tucks under your head and knees, a two-way comfort giver.
  • The Embrace: Wraps around you, offering head, leg, and back support.
  • Pregnancy Perks: A welcome companion for expecting mums, just like its U-shaped buddy.

J-Shaped Body Pillows: The Nimble Navigator

Next, meet the J-shaped body pillow, a nimble navigator for those nocturnal hours:

  • Parallel Power: Runs alongside your body with a curve ready for your head or knees.
  • Size-Smart: It’s smaller than a U-shaped pillow – a compact choice.
  • Select Support: Can support your front or back – not both together though.

So, in the pillow world, C-shaped champions cradle your body, while J-shaped geniuses give focused support. Both aim to reduce discomfort and improve sleep quality, but the choice is up to you.

Here’s a handy table for a quick glance:

 C-Shaped PillowsJ-Shaped Pillows
DesignCurves to cradle your head and knees.Runs parallel to your body, with one curve for your head or knees.
SupportOffers support for your head, legs, and back.Supports either your front or back, but not both at once.
Pregnancy FriendlyYesNo


Will a body pillow help me sleep on my side?

Absolutely, chum! A body pillow is like a friendly arm around you. It offers support and eases pressure on your lower back, hips, and spine. Plus, it spruces up shoulder, hip, and spinal alignment, making side sleeping a doddle.

Why are body pillows good for side sleepers?

Simple! Body pillows fill that awkward gap between neck and shoulders, helping keep your spine in line. They’re ace for relieving pressure on your lower back, hips, and spine. Bonus: they might even shush your snoring. Sweet dreams, indeed!

What pillow should a side sleeper have?

As a side sleeper, go for a firm, thick pillow – your neck and shoulders will thank you. The Saatva Latex Pillow, Sweet Zzz Plant-Based Pillow, and Boll & Branch Down Chamber Pillow are crowd favourites.

Is it better to sleep without a pillow for side sleepers?

Hold on there, pillow ditchers! Side sleepers need a pillow to keep their spine in line and avoid nasty neck and shoulder pain. Without one, you’re risking some seriously misaligned snoozing.

What is the downside of sleeping on side?

Aye, side sleeping can be a bit of a pest for your shoulder and might cause muscle imbalance. It can also be a pain in the neck, literally! But fear not, proper pillow support and body alignment can keep the bugs at bay.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, mate! We’ve had a jolly good natter about body pillows, haven’t we? C-shaped, U-shaped, J-shaped – we’ve looked at them all. Your choice of pillow is as unique as you. The key is to find the right pillow that gives you support, comfort, and keeps your body in alignment like a row of perfectly lined-up dominoes!

We’ve got you covered on the benefits of body pillows for side sleepers, how to choose the right one, and how the different shapes differ. We’ve even popped the lid on frequently asked questions around side sleeping and body pillows. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep!

  • How body pillows benefit side sleepers: Full-body support, improved spinal alignment, reduced snoring, and even sleep apnea relief.
  • How to pick the right body pillow: Consider the shape, size, fill material, and firmness. Don’t forget to check out reviews!
  • How C-shaped, U-shaped, and J-shaped pillows differ: It’s all about the shape, size, and the support they provide.
  • FAQs around side sleeping: Body pillows are a side sleeper’s best friend. But remember, ditching the pillow isn’t an option if you’re a side sleeper.

It’s time to say cheerio, but remember, your body pillow is more than a bedtime companion – it’s a ticket to a comfortable and restful night’s sleep!

– Article by Lewis Hugh

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